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Anti-Kremlin protest in Russia's far east attracts thousands for a fourth weekend

Anti-Kremlin protest in Russia's far east attracts thousands for a fourth weekend

8/1/2020 6:05:00 PM

Anti-Kremlin protest in Russia 's far east attracts thousands for a fourth weekend

Thousands of people marched in the Russia n far eastern city of Khabarovsk on Saturday for a fourth consecutive weekend in protest at President Vladimir Putin's handling of a local political crisis.

2 Min ReadKHABAROVSK/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Thousands of people marched in the Russian far eastern city of Khabarovsk on Saturday for a fourth consecutive weekend in protest at President Vladimir Putin’s handling of a local political crisis.People take part in an anti-Kremlin rally in support of former regional governor Sergei Furgal arrested on murder charges in the far eastern city of Khabarovsk, Russia August 1, 2020. REUTERS/Evgenii Pereverzev

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Residents of Khabarovsk, around 3,800 miles (6,110 km) and seven time zones east of Moscow, are unhappy about the July 9 detention of Sergei Furgal, the wider region’s popular governor, who was arrested on murder charges he denies.His detention, which his supporters say was politically motivated, has triggered weeks of street protests, creating a headache for the Kremlin which is trying to tackle a sharp drop in real incomes as a result of the coronavirus outbreak and keep a lid on unrest as the economy stutters.

Sheltering from sporadic rain beneath umbrellas, protesters chanted “Freedom!”One banner read “Russia without Putin” while protesters chanted “Putin resign!” outside a government building.City authorities estimated around 3,500 people had taken part in the march. Some local media put the number above 10,000, but said the crowds were smaller than previous weeks.

The protests have highlighted anger among some in the far east over what they see as policies emanating from detached Moscow-based authorities who have neglected them for years.“The government doesn’t think of us as people, we’re scum to them,” one female pensioner protester told Reuters.

“We live at the edge of the world. This is the richest country...but we live in poverty and we pensioners have to work.”Supporters of Furgal, who is a member of the nationalist LDPR party, say he is being punished for defeating a candidate from the ruling pro-Putin United Russia party in 2018. The Kremlin says Furgal has serious charges to answer.

Sustained demonstrations are unusual for Russia’s regions, as is a lack of response from the authorities to break them up.Additonal reporting by Vladimir Soldatkin and Peter Scott in Moscow; Editing by Mike Harrison Read more: Reuters Top News »

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Mother Russia in the news--again. That's all. In Khabarovsk live almost 700k. And? What about Portland? Interesting. Maybe, Putin should start paying attention to his own backyard. And this is labeled as a good protest by your Pravda 4.0 ? This is what a peaceful protest looks like. still not like in Portland 😂😂😂

Pagato da Soros Narrator: the following week they all jumped willingly out of high-rise windows. Soros pawns 1SnoozyQ I hope they overthrow his ass Good omens! But, but, Russia found the vaccine for Covid-19. 🤣🤣🤣 He's trying to destroy our country too with Trump, panting at his feet--- like an attention-starved puppy. It's disgusting.

Our curve is a month behind theirs Glad to see it’s possible in Russia! Is this the beginning of the end of the Putin era? drunk people They got a deathwish? Is revolution about to happen in Russia? You think Orange Orca will begin a lend lease with him on little green men? In a free country , people have the right to protest, but they are certainly not protesting against the Kremlin...

FakeNews Too little, too late. This just in...for the fourth straight week, thousands mysteriously fall from windows. Are these protests the beginning of the end of the Putin era? Not to be compared with the protests all over the U.S. :-) Or France... And what?

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Russia says suspected mercenaries detained by Belarus are wrongly accused Russia demanded an explanation from Belarus on Thursday over what it said was Minsk's wrongful arrest of a group of alleged Russia n mercenaries accused of plotting acts of terrorism. Russia you astound me One call from Kremlin and situation will be solved. Uh, russia does know that other countries can generally police themselves how they see fit right? I don't think most countries would tolerate another russian 'liberation' while the most recent one is still ongoing.

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