Anthony Mackie Says Marvel Movies Need to Do Better About Diversity

Anthony Mackie Says Marvel Movies Need to Do Better About Diversity

6/28/2020 4:16:00 PM

Anthony Mackie Says Marvel Movies Need to Do Better About Diversity

Anthony Mackie has played Falcon seven times in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting with 2014’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” In an interview for Variety’s Acto…

Variety‘s Actors on Actors issue, Mackie talked to Daveed Diggs about the need for more diversity in Disney’s Marvel movies.The conversation started out with both actors talking about their most recent projects on TV. Diggs is the star of the TNT drama “Snowpiercer.” Mackie appeared in two Netflix TV shows in the last year: The second season of the sci-fi series “Altered Carbon” and in a stand-alone episode of “Black Mirror,” called “Striking Vipers.”

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“What are the ways that you find yourself interacting with the moment?” Diggs asked Mackie about Black Lives Matter. “I find a lot of my interactions are just trying to make things better in the gigs I have in front of me — how can I affect different kinds of representation? What is the thing you feel compelled to do? What is your participation in this moment?”

Mackie responded by mentioning the new Marvel TV series for Disney Plus that he’s starring in. “When ‘TheFalcon and the Winter Soldier’ comes out, I’m the lead,” Mackie said. “When ‘Snowpiercer’ came out, you’re the lead. We have the power and the ability to ask those questions. It really bothered me that I’ve done seven Marvel movies where every producer, every director, every stunt person, every costume designer, every PA, every single person has been white.”

Related StoriesActors on Actors: Anthony Mackie & Daveed Diggs (Full Conversation)“We’ve had one Black producer; his name was Nate Moore,” Mackie continued. “He produced ‘Black Panther.’ But then when you do ‘Black Panther,’ you have a Black director, Black producer, a Black costume designer, a Black stunt choreographer. And I’m like, that’s more racist than anything else. Because if you only can hire the Black people for the Black movie, are you saying they’re not good enough when you have a mostly white cast?”

Mackie spoke about what changes he’d like to see in hiring practices. “My big push with Marvel is hire the best person for the job,” Mackie said. “Even if it means we’re going to get the best two women, we’re going to get the best two men. Fine. I’m cool with those numbers for the next 10 years. Because it starts to build a new generation of people who can put something on their résumé to get them other jobs. If we’ve got to divvy out as a percentage, divvy it out. And that’s something as leading men that we can go in and push for.”

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If he’s so offended why he doesn’t give back all the money they paid him fuck him Then why he doesn’t fucking creates his own studios and companies where all the ppl are black They shoot their movies in Atlanta and their sets are still all white. WTF. Didn’t he have an African American stunt man? What am I seeing here?

If you have more than 13% Blacks on the set you haven't got diversity you've got superiority. How about hiring based on talent and not based on genetics? How about if they just hire the best person for the job & not based on their skin color I encourage Anthony Mackie to put in a ticket with HR. NonWhite NoPower ProveOtherwise SOPWhiteSupremacy

U got the skills/talent you’ll get work. Maybe there wasn’t enough people of colour who qualified for the jobs in the Marvel set. I mean I personally don’t know if it’s a race thing or maybe a bunch of white people just so happen to have qualified got the job. You were good in my book up till now... not that my opinion matters but skin color really isn't who you are so don't judge others until you know yourself. Get past the looks and feel the other people out without touching. Then you'll see!

This is either a lie or at the very least a misinterpretation of what Mr. Mackie actually said. Guess he'd have the same problem with any other race group then 🤷‍♂️ Like it's their fault for being white or other races😐 If he's so into Diversity and had such thoughts why work with these white folk and get a paycheck from whites with whose presence he is so bothered by 🤔

He needs a check that’s why it took him 7 years to speak up foh! FilmGob Cauze Mr. Anthony you have never been in a Marvel movie. Those are DISNEY movies! What about nba? Why like 95% of them are black? Idiot statement And only now he's speaking? Hmmm. Well, I guess better late than never. Btw if you pay attention beyond the jokes, most of the POC characters in MCU movies are sidekicks!.

FilmGob We are entering into the reverse version of a Apartheid society. You have done seven marvel movies ? Were you in them? Did you direct or produce them ? my gosh, they are only 13 percent of the population... if it is their movie, shouldnt it be their choice.. why are blacks so whiney and so demanding? Sheesh, there are others in this country that isnt crying for attention all the time..

upset at lack of diversity but then says he just wants the best people for the job. Well which is it? You want the best people for the job as long as they're not white? Hahaha. Even the Marvel actors are fuckin tired of the Disney/MCU racist shit. Welcome to Hollywood darling. Racism, sexism, homophobia are always okay until we complain about it. Then ? They just throw us their positive discrimination in the face and they continue.

If Falcon ain't the new Captain America at the end, we all know why. Wow this shit is getting ridiculous people. Nothing stopping him and other actors etc following people like brielarson and michaelb4jordan and having inclusion riders. Agree about it being wrong with just black crew, director etc for black films.

Pushing lies now. This is a flat out lie Im Behind You Bro But I Want You To Continue As Sam/Falcon And Nowa Days Words Can Be Flipped Hey buddy, white people are the majority population in this country. Try not to get too offended there. It’s really fuckin hard to even make it as a PA in this town if you don’t have a support system helping when times are tough. This town rewards you if you come from wealth and most who have that advantage are white well-off kids. Same goes for other high paying industries.

I get why he would like to see more black people on these crews, but why make a statement that is demonstrably false? When you look under “stunt performers” on IMDB, these are the first four names that pop up. People responding with ‘but Black Panther!!1111’.... is doing the bare minimum enough? No, sir.

R u unhappy with the 12 million dollars? But you took their money, don't you? AnthonyMackie Anthony looking like a hobo Yea and Netflix cancelled Luke Cage I want it back! It did take 20 white male led MCU movies in a row before we got Black Panther by White Disney👀 While WB and Goyer made Blade in the 90s

Be capable, and get there working not by crying... Defund hollywood and crappy movers for 5 years Well he can always create his own superhero and have that person be black. DC Comics just made a new superhero that is similar to Thor a black guy named what Thunderer or something. Just like the TV commercials, yet they are 98% all Wypipo for the exact same products that we buy too!! This is what you call brainwashing, and programming your mindset!

Right! Ryan coogler and the entire cast of black panther be like '“My big push with Marvel is hire the best person for the job,” Mackie said.' Meritocracy is a myth. The conversation that is ignored is the values the MCU films promote. Their treatment and framing is very telling. Blockbusters that promote the status quo.

Oh please just STFU man!! Here's a magic and ancient word for you to learn: 'competence'. Remember folks, less whites equals diversity. Also Disney Executive Team SEVEN movies after 🙄🙄🙄 Throw em in camps! How dare these white people do their jobs well!! Umm but the comics are used for the movies but I guess you want a black Superman or captain America .But see it don’t happen that way now black panther makes sense .

Another reason for the whites to target BLM 🤦🏾 Glad someone said it. Making one all-black gimmick movie isn't diversity. Take it up with Stan Lee he created all of them. Just remember like any studio/business they do it to make money. What makes Money Isn’t he black? Bollywood or Asia doesn't moan about diversity. Plenty of coloured actors get great work..boring

I agree, there definitely need to be more diversity to show younger generations that they can do anything if they put their mind to it. If black people don’t apply for the jobs or go to school for to train for the jobs then they won’t get the fucking job. Jesus Christ. Better yourself and apply. You fucking think Disney and marvel are racists

no ❤️ How? The characters are the characters. They already made Fury black. Captain Marvel a woman. Thor a woman. Spiderman black and a woman and gay Ironman a woman Who else needs to be black or a woman? I'm all for diversity, but the movement is getting out of hand. Borderlining on madness. Now anything white is bad. Thats called oppresion and theres no gray area. Its bad for everyone.

Ironman, Spider-Man,Thor, Captain America,Black Widow,Dr Strange,, Winter Soldier, Deadpool, Ant-Man,Hawkeye,Hulk What do they have in common😁😁 Do u need some more.. His criticism is fair. “It ain’t what you know, it’s who you know” I get that he's talking about crew and stuff like that and not actors. But this always confused me when it comes to the whole diversity in movies thing. Shouldn't the best people for the job, get the job? Is that weird? No matter POC, white, Asian whatever

Yes and so do the rest of Hollywood. Another celebrity with a flush bank account going stir crazy cause they haven't got attention in a few months. After cashing out money all along, he has grown conscience. True, I mean even having all white PA’s makes no sense. That’s an entry level position for everyone so it should be diverse level easily. From there people can grow and expand into different roles behind the scenes AnthonyMackie

My new favorite hobby is seeing how triggered people get over articles like this. It is so funny. Sad...but sooo funny. He isn’t the greatest spokesperson 🤷🏾‍♂️ He is right. It is weird when you have 2 black guys on set of 50 crew. At the same time crews stick together, usually working alongside one another for years. It’s tough to break into the circle. There is a ton of nepotism as well. Most are not individually hired for every movie.

Yes they can. Hulk is quite offensive to green people He didn't have a problem before this, didn't have a problem cashing the check before. I'm all for more diversity, but this feels like he just wants popularity. Could be wrong though. No no no If you're too lazy to read the article. He's mostly talking about off screen. With the crew and stuff like that.

Tranny she hulk Love love new Cap using his voice to speak out on the lack of diversity in marvel 😍 Yes black panther should be played by someone Asian

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