Another Win For The Plant-Based Movement: Just Salad Replaces Steak With Beyond Meatballs

Just Salad is the latest restaurant brand to add plant-based meat to the menu


Just Salad is the latest restaurant brand to add plant-based meat to the menu

Instead of adding the plant-based meatballs as a separate menu item, the chain is replacing its grilled steak option—a top ten seller.

) believe companies should do more to promote environmental stewardship, adding plant-based alternatives is a good place to start for restaurant companies. Just Salad is no stranger to sustainability-focused efforts, facilitating a wildly popular reusable bowl program, developing a composting program, participating in the NYC Carbon Challenge and so on.

Just Salad and Beyond Meat also worked in tandem to keep the price point in line with what the chain’s customers are used to. In New York City, the Beyond Beef Meatballs are priced at $4.99. This is compared to the grilled steak option, which was $4.29.

“Vegan and vegetarian guests are often underserved at other restaurants, where they’re typically offered one or two dishes,” she said. “By adding this plant-based protein, we expect to attract new vegan and vegetarian guests who are typically underserved at other restaurants, while also convincing our current guests to try a plant-based meal.”

“That’s not a firm commitment just yet, but we see meat consumption trending toward being an occasional treat rather than an everyday option,” Lee said. “We also believe this is part of a new movement in environmental responsibility. We serve over 30,000 people a day, so we have the potential to make a real difference in people’s lives and their overall carbon footprint.”

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