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Another way the pandemic disrupted U.S. employment? More workers are testing positive for marijuana

Another way the pandemic disrupted U.S. employment? More workers are testing positive for marijuana

6/5/2021 9:36:00 PM

Another way the pandemic disrupted U.S. employment? More workers are testing positive for marijuana

The coronavirus pandemic shook up the U.S. employment picture last year, but one trend persisted: a rising share of workers who test positive for marijuana.

Overall, the percentage of working Americans testing positive for any drug was 4.4%, little changed from 2019, when the rate of positive urine-based drug tests hit its highest level in 16 years. Though federal and state data indicate drug overdoses and abuse have risen during the pandemic, Quest officials say that isn’t captured in their data because many overdose victims likely weren’t subject to workplace drug testing last year.

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Drug tests often occur for new-hire candidates, as part of random-testing programs or following an accident or suspicions of drug use.An expanded version of this article appears on Read more: MarketWatch »

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