Weather, Bahamas Weather: Another Tropical System Could Soon Hammer İslands Slammed By Hurricane Dorian - Cn

Weather, Bahamas Weather: Another Tropical System Could Soon Hammer İslands Slammed By Hurricane Dorian - Cn

Another tropical system could soon hammer the Bahamas islands that got slammed by Hurricane Dorian

Heavy rain could be headed within days to islands in the northern Bahamas where teams are still searching for thousands of people missing since Hurricane Dorian.


There's a 70% probability that a tropical depression or a tropical storm could form by Saturday that would bring heavy rain to areas of the Bahamas hit hard by Hurricane Dorian

Heavy rain could be headed within days to islands in the northern Bahamas where teams are still searching for thousands of people missing since Hurricane Dorian.

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Play for Alabama 😞 “We Japanese living near Tokyo also had the hardest attack during this 40 years, please keep yourself safe it coming much earlier than you guess. Free, I want everything for Free! IF I can't get it for free, I'll blame the Russians. Living on an island in that part of the oceanIs just asking for it. BUT, I'm not getting that feeling, unless those neighbor kids of the white house are over+ playing with the HARPs joystick again.

What does the POTUS' map show? N they still hav to recover bodies, they really don’t need this This is CNN US attorney recommends proceeding with charges against McCabe, as DOJ rejects last-ditch appeal Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at And it could threaten Alabama...again!! BREAKING NEWS: Sources say if Hillary Clinton runs for POTUS, Hillary will win the nomination.

Waiting for our GOPHERs to blame Bahamians for living on an island in the middle of the Caribbean a la the victims of Katrina being faulted for living in New Orleans. CNN is the enemy. Fresh oxygenated water flush and fill. This will become a diseased infested swill very quickly. Air flow may go right over Mar-a-logo. G'x' meeting?

Dorian's death toll in Bahamas rises to 50 - officialHurricane Dorian's rampage through the Bahamas last week killed at least 50... Very sad. And now Trump is impeding survivors entrance to the US because “there are so very bad guys trying to cone in.” Trump is paranoid delusional. Survivors with only the shirt on their back left. Who are they going to hurt.?

There is a 100% chance That CNN will make it bigger deal than it is then try to make a story out of the nothing it turns into... with a sharpie I sure hope not for the Bahamas sake. JohnWilkinson2 I believe we should grab up mr. Trump & drop him right in the mix of the Bahamas disaster!!!! And leave him there & let him feel how it is to be stranded with nothing & hopeless!!!!! mr. Trump is Shameless 😡

The big blow comes eventually, but unfortunately a large group of people do not believe in their sins and do not change themselves, pray that they will find their true selves. Get your map out and learn geography before you get hot and heavy here. 'Minnesota is going to get hit pretty hard. Believe me, I've seen the weather maps. It's going to be a bad storm. Probably the biggest we've seen in history.'


Michael Jordan pledges $1 million to help the battered BahamasNBA legend Michael Jordan has jumped into the Bahamas relief effort by announcing he will give $1 million to help the islands impacted by Hurricane Dorian. belikeMike Thank you Micheal Jordan has always given to needed causes but he just never publicized it all the time.But since people criticize him for not doing enough when it comes to given back he now feels the need to do things out in the open.

All Trump joking aside, I agree, The Bahamas can't seem to catch a break. God be with them. cnni Get ready Alabama you may or may not get rain at some point in the future. There is 100 percent chance that trump is the biggest shit storm ever! 🙏🏻 WHEN Y NAMED them Y DIDNT EVEN KNOW ABOUT CODES & Y DIDNT EVEN KNOW THIS AREA IS BLOOM AND Y NAMED them ON MY OWN Y JUST TOLD G ABOUT THILOSE NAMES she REALLY DIDNT HELP EXCEPT she DIDNT LIKE Megan THAT WAS A NAME ALMOST ON LIST

Alabama get ready Trump could draw a line so it'll come hit you again.. Better evacuate now God bless them Nuke it. Man... trump is going to be so angry if those Puerto Ricans invite another storm... trump

The Latest: Thousands in shelters near Bahamas capitalThe spokesman for the Bahamas' emergency management agency says that 2,043 people displaced by Hurricane Dorian are in shelters on the country's most populous island, New Providence realDonaldTrump ActOnClimate BahamasStrong If only trump had been allowed to drop the nuke on that island during the hurricane they could have been saved.

prayforAlabama realDonaldTrump Sir Would you Please stop This from Happening. You Need to Use Your SharpieTrump 🥴 Sharpie I'll wait til the president verifies.. But what about Alabama climatechange will ruin most states , all states must double their wind power capacity each year, to help reduce pollution soon

“Probability” “could” “would” Oh crap, everyone hide your sharpies!! I think God is talking and just a few are listening Really terrifying. We hope things get better and no more lives will be lost. PrayingforBahamas dorianhurricane What does meteorologist Trump have to say about that? 😆😆😆😆

Death toll from Hurricane Dorian rises to at least 50 in BahamasThe death toll increased to 50 in the Bahamas, where Hurricane Dorian pummeled 320 km/h winds, according to a spokesman for the islands' National Emergency Management Agency.

Oh nature pls kill Govt workers, politicians There is a 100% possibility that a senior Cabinet member will ask the National Weather Service to draw lines from the Caribbean to California and Maine to indicate possible paths of the storm. But in 11 years they KNOW FOR SURE the planet won't support life from climate change.

Superb D world is going to end Make sure trump knows exactly where it’s going for goodness sakes! I don’t need another week of stupidity about a hurricane!!! Yeah its called hurricane season. Let the people of the Bahamas come here for safety it’s our duty to help them. Love thy neighbor, right? Look out, Alabama.

There's a 100% probability my wife will cheat on me by Saturday.

In Abaco Islands, the letter D marks the site of a grim recovery effortMore than a week after Hurricane Dorian slammed the Abaco Islands, the search and rescue efforts have shifted to recovering the remains of those killed by storm. 😥 😢😢😢😢

What about Alabama?! Will they survive?! And yet the trump administration will not do one thing to help the Bahamians OMG!

HuffPost is now a part of OathDianej209 Wow that’s a lot. They probably will never find all of them. That’s sad.😢 Amazing how quickly this story seems to be fading - final death toll could approach that on 9/11. 😢😢😢😢😢

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