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Dunk And Egg Tv Series, Dunk And Egg Hbo

Another ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spinoff Is In The Works At HBO

Another ‘Game Of Thrones’ spinoff is in the works at HBO

1/24/2021 7:19:00 AM

Another ‘Game Of Thrones’ spinoff is in the works at HBO

The Tales Of Dunk And Egg is being adapted for the screen at HBO according to a new report.

Credit: HBOThe Tales Of Dunk And Eggis being adapted for the screen by HBO according to a new report.The new series would follow the events of the novellas by George R.R. Martin, author ofA Song Of Ice And Fire,the novels that became the ill-fatedGame Of Thrones

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HBO hit fantasy drama.The story—which you can read in novella form or in a set of gorgeous graphic novels—follows Ser Duncan the Tall (Dunk) and a very young Aegon V Targaryen (Egg—the younger brother of Maester Aemon of the Night’s Watch). It’s set nearly a century before the events of

Game Of Thrones.That’s still recent history compared to HBO’s other spinoff,House Of The Dragon,which takes place hundreds of years before the War of the Five Kings.These prequel stories are made up of three novellas:The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Swordand headtopics.com

all of which were later combined into one volume,A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms.If anything, they’re even more centered around all things knightly and chivalrous, full of tournies and jousting and chivalric deeds. Nor are they quite as epic or grimdark as

ASOIAF.It’s also a story of Westeros, leaving out grand journeys to exotic lands to the East.It would make a fantastic TV series, especially since HBO would have all the source material—from beginning to end!—to draw on, unlike either the flagship series or

House of the Dragon.report from Varietynotes that no writers or talent have been signed onto the project. It’s very early in development and may not make it to the screen. However, sources tell the publication that it’s a “high priority for HBO” as the company looks to build off of the success of

Game Of Thrones—something more difficult than ever thanks to that show’s lackluster final season and the general capsizing of hype among fans. Read more: Forbes »

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Where's Bernie? Milk that cow. Can’t wait! This is the best series ever. back_the_BBC Another? What was the first spin off? When something kind of works, repeat it until people get sick of it... I don’t trust HBO anymore If you really want to do something, cancel the last two seasons and redo them properly. You let us down big time. No one's interested in lousy spin-offs.

Another schooling of how to wrack your neighborhood. Ok, then try itt.😃 Enough! We know what happens in season 8 episode 6..... what would be the point to watch another good sho go horribly bad no ❤️ D&D left us with enough disappointment to last a lifetime. Pass but it will not be Game of thrones. until and unless the director is same.

i am expecting. I can't wait to watch 👍 that sucks. Nah...they can keep that!!! They did us an injustice with GOT! Please 🙏❤️ Bring it on. I canceled hulu Disney bc they sponsor Fox Lies. But can someone tell me if netflix hbomax are safe to subscribe, sedition-free? Eeeeyyyeaaaah...I’m kinda over it...meh

FCO11 With the way it ended, GOT needed a new network. HOB squandered what was the greatest show. The ending was a disaster. GOOD NEWS!!! 'The eyes of the Lord are in EVERY PLACE, beholding the evil and the good.' I just realized for some this might not be GOOD NEWS... So what does HE see, when HE sees you? It's time for a SELF-CHECK. (I do them quite often)

Can we not these show are called PROGRAMMING and contribute to the violence we see in real life. I’m still upset with HBO for what they did to GameOfThrones. It was shaping up to be the show of a lifetime. I invested years watching it, and then it was squandered. I still don’t fully understand why they did it. I’m not sure I can trust again.

We not going thru that again Heard a plague ravages the seven kingdoms... HBO shit the bed. GoT is trash 🗑 Fook the king and fook HBO Nice hopefully it won’t be like GOT season 8 this is terrible news Let's go