Another Day of Severe Weather for the Midwest - Videos from The Weather Channel |

Meteorologist Domenica Davis is timing out the threat. - Videos from The Weather Channel |

6/25/2021 2:33:00 PM

Strong to severe thunderstorms are possible today into this weekend in parts of the Plains, Midwest and flash flooding will also be a concern:

Meteorologist Domenica Davis is timing out the threat. - Videos from The Weather Channel |

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Another Round of Severe Storms for the Midwest Thursday - Videos from The Weather Channel | Severe thunderstorms with strong wind gusts, hail and isolated tornadoes are expected across parts of the Plains, Midwest today: Wait, the USA is Shazam?

Looks like it’s going to go in hard in the Midwest, maybe just as deep in the plains. But of course be safe all. With flash flooding like this coming around, expect it to make thing around there quite moist. 🍆 LindaSN0228WI This is a high school level sex Ed diagram if I ever saw one. Stay safe people.

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Installing The Weather Channel Widgets on iOS - Videos from The Weather Channel | weather.comWe’ve got widgets! See radar snapshots, current conditions and more...all from your home screen. Ready to upgrade your home screen? Here are the step-by-step instructions 📲 iOS ▶️ Android ▶️ Not available on my Android. Why is that? It's an S20 so, new model. Only this widget is available to me. This one & 4 more which are only smaller versions of it. Does it display humidity and dew point?

Texas Hailstone, Over 6 Inches in Diameter, Confirmed as New State Record | The Weather Channel - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.comAfter examination by a committee of scientists, a late April hailstone set a state record. - Articles from The Weather Channel | Looks deadly Hail yes! I get those in my ice bin.

Historic Northwest Heat Wave Could Shatter All-Time Records in Washington, Oregon, Including Seattle, Portland | The Weather Channel - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.comIt's increasingly likely this heat wave will rewrite the record books in places not accustomed to such extreme heat. - Articles from The Weather Channel | marioistluigist In case you missed it, here's what I had to say about that. Taal, Asteroid pass clear cov Sorry about that, Canada.

Potentially Historic Northwest Heat Wave Likely to Bring Dangerous, Record-Breaking Temperatures | The Weather Channel - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.comThis could be the strongest Northwest heat wave in 12 years. Here's what you need to know. - Articles from The Weather Channel | pmagn Holy crap. My weather app says Portland will hit 113 F this Sunday. According to Wikipedia, it’s highest ever June temperature was 102 and the highest ever was 107 in July. Beam me up Scotty 😩

Virtually the Entire West Could Be in Drought This Summer, NOAA's Latest Outlook Says | The Weather Channel - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.comIt could become the most widespread western drought this century. Here's why. - Articles from The Weather Channel | No bueno. This is very sad