Another Day of Overtime Stimulus Talks Ends With No Deal

Both sides are accusing the other of “moving the goal-posts,” but in the end it’s Trump who needs a pre-election announcement

10/27/2020 2:23:00 AM

Both sides are accusing the other of “moving the goal-posts,” but in the end it’s Trump who needs a pre-election announcement

Both sides are accusing the other of “moving the goal posts,” but in the end, it’s Trump who needs a preelection announcement.

The Speaker and Secretary Mnuchin spoke today at 2:00 p.m. by phone for 52 minutes. As the nation faces record spikes in new COVID cases, we continue to eagerly await the Administration’s acceptance of our health language, which includes a national strategic plan on testing and tracing. We are hopeful their response will be positive as we also await the outcomes of talks between committee chairs. It is clear that our progress depends on Leader McConnell agreeing to bipartisan, comprehensive legislation to crush the virus, honor our heroes — our essential workers — and put money in the pockets of the American people. The Speaker remains optimistic that an agreement can be reached before the election.

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Pelosi indicated yesterday that she was waiting on the administration’s response to the “health language.” As she noted, it was way overdue, The Hill reports:[Pelosi] blasted the Trump administration for declining to sign on to Democrats’ plan for a COVID-19 testing strategy, despite earlier public statements from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin indicating that there was an agreement.

“Today, we are waiting for an important response on several concerns, including on action to crush the virus. Ten days after Secretary Mnuchin went on CNBC to declare that he was accepting our testing plan, the Administration still refuses to do so,” Pelosi wrote.

If that still hasn’t happened, what reason is there to hope that a preelection deal can be struck on areas like state-and-local-government assistance and a COVID-19 liability shield when there’s not an agreement in principle?As of Sunday, both sides (Pelosi and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows) were accusing the other of “moving the goal posts” in the negotiations, which isn’t a good sign either. And as Hammill’s reaction shows, there’s still considerable concern about getting a deal, if there is one, through the Republican-controlled Senate in a timely manner.

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Nope. America knows House Democrats are keeping them from stimulus and small business money for Left wish lists completely unrelated to the virus. Let them block it. Let them lose. Don't sell us out Mnuchin.

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