Andrew Jackson Relatives Split Over Portrait's Removal From Oval Office

Andrew Jackson Relatives Split Over Portrait's Removal From Oval Office

1/22/2021 11:56:00 AM

Andrew Jackson Relatives Split Over Portrait's Removal From Oval Office

Andrew Jackson's descendants are split on Joe Biden's decision to remove the former president's portrait from the Oval Office.

Shutterstock PremierJackson's great, great, great-granddaughter,Barbara Jackson, tells TMZ ... she approves of Biden's big change, because her relative did some really bad things.She says Jackson did some good, but she can't get over the fact he was a slave owner and was a fierce opponent of ending slavery.

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Shutterstock PremierJackson's great, great, great-grandson,Andy Jackson, tells TMZ ... he's unhappy and thinks his great-great-grandpa has a rightful place near the resolute desk.Andy, Barbara's cousin, says President Jackson should be remembered for his accomplishments -- defeating the British in the War of 1812 and increasing suffrage -- even if history doesn't look kindly on his cruel policies on Native Americans.

There's some common ground among Jackson's relatives, who descend from his adopted sonAndrew Jackson II... they both feel the decision was ultimately Biden's to make, and they respect it.Here's a potential tiebreaker -- Andrew Jackson's Hermitage.

Howard Kittel, the President and CEO of Jackson's former plantation turned museum, tells TMZ ... he was disappointed to see the portrait taken down, but not surprised, given Jackson's ties to slavery. Read more: TMZ »

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While he's staying there he should feel free to put up whatever he wants. What .... Don’t care. He was probably more racist than trump. Democrats fought for slavery people Oh, these mf'as..? Kicking up dust who gives a fuck about what picture Well, it is 'All About the Benjamins' not, 'All About the Jacksons.'

Well let them have them if they got a problem with it! I'll take all of his portraits in everyone's wallets since they don't want them. Ill safely dispose for you. Don’t stop there, I’ll take all his $20’s to better the cause Did it occur to anyone that the painting was taken along with the Lincoln bust?

Good. He was a slave owner. Let’s apply some Solomonic wisdom and tear the portrait in two. Pandering Biden. The simpletons that voted for him gonna learn the hard way. Good he is a despised man to the native Americans Take down that portrait!!!! We know what and who he was. So there's that. Ben Franklin may not have been President, but was a founding father, and did more for this country than Jackson. Good change.

too bad He was a slave owner. Terrible move when they become President someone will give a shit They’ll be allright They take out racist painting but then leave the racist in the Whitehouse smdh JoeBiden is a disgrace, enough of the virtue signaling! I’d rather have Jackson’s than Obiden! Very fitting Tell them to open their wallet; I think they’ll live. 🙄

Um but they get to pick how they want to decorate the whole house.... yes, INCLUDING the OO. Dip wits 🙄 RWP He was a horrid person, no denying that. 🙄🙄🙄. It’s his damn office! Cry babies! They can get bent. It’s not really up to them each President gets to decide which pieces of art they have in THEIR office.

Ole Stonewall Jackson was Bad ass dude. At the time he was a true patriot and American. He played an important role in our History. Who Cares.🤷‍♂️ PINK1963DSW Really An absurd post even by lowest of the low TMZ standards. It’s irrelevant that Jacksons “feel” it’s Biden’s decision to make because it IS Biden’s decision to make. And dirt bag Steve Bannon is the reason the portrait of the racist was there in the first place. Do better

It’s been removed. He was one of the worse presidents not Regan bad but pretty dam close Do we care tho Every president redecorates the oval office for christ sake! It was 200 years ago. Lmao You take him down cause he owned slaves only to put someone who owned slaves too. Come on.