Andrew Cuomo To Receive International Emmy For 'Masterful' COVID-19 Briefings

The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced that New York's governor will be recognized Monday for his 'use of television to inform and calm people around the world.'

11/21/2020 7:12:00 PM

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will receive the International Emmy Founders Award for his daily coronavirus briefings — which 'worked so well because he effectively created television shows, with characters, plot lines, and stories of success and failure.'

The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced that New York's governor will be recognized Monday for his 'use of television to inform and calm people around the world.'

, annually recognizes an individual or group that"crosses cultural boundaries to touch our common humanity." Since its inception in 1980, the award has gone to a slew of superproducers, industry executives and, yes, even a politician. Former Vice President Al Gore won the prize

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, but by then he was out of office.Cuomo himself has not responded publicly to the announcement.The governor earned plaudits for his early, aggressive approach to the coronavirus pandemic, which included a highly visible role as New York's briefer-in-chief. For several months earlier this year, Cuomo stepped in front of the news media each day with new statistics, a new PowerPoint slideshow and the same acerbic delivery. The regular briefings helped

buoy his approval ratingsin New York and make him perhaps the country's most recognizable Democratic leader in the struggle against COVID-19. Read more: NPR »

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This is as flawed as BHO recieving the Nobel Peace Prize. What a damn joke, nauseates me 🤢🤮 LOL. NICE ACTING. Good for him, he deserves it. He's a lifesaver instead of a life Trasher and killer Such a joke!!! Thank you Gov.Cuomo you are great like your Dad🌺 did he portray a governor on tv ... lol ... he sure as hell hasnt demonstrated that in reality

Well anyone that may oppose him getting this would have to oppose after death, caused he MURDERED THEM OMG! Huh? Cuomo doesn't deserve anything but booted out of office for directly responsible for so many deaths from covid at New York nursing homes. Viva Cuomo!!! Great Job!!! Biggest Joke ever. He is the worst in handling the pandemic.

😂 How he handled his state this past yr this is a bit hard to believe. Well it's part of 2020....2021 can't be any where near as bad as this yr. ...not forget the fear and it’s to hide behind face mask We’re they watching the same drama? As full of shit as a Christmas Turkey Cuomo receiving emmy for covid-19 telecasts So much for emmy veracity.

Oh, El Trumpo is not going to like this. 🙄 Let’s give an award to the man responsible for the most COVID deaths in America. Putting sick people in nursing homes to kill who knows how many. NYGovCuomo is the worst governor in this country. Followed by CAgovernor Lmaoooooooo 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 atdavidhoffman ANDREW CRUOMO, WON'T YOU TRY TO BE OUR UNITED NATIONS AMBASSADOR? YOU CERTAINLY QUALIFY!

OMG WHAT A FAKE AWARD , BUT IT MAKES SENSE, HE IS A LOW LIFE $$ % MURDER OF SENIORS & COMMIE ALLOWING DISTRUCTION ACROSS A ONCE BEAUTIFUL STATE !! Certainly calmed me down. It must've been RiGgEd if realDonaldTrump didn't win. Again. Or ever. SurrenderDonald This is beyond poor taste and not only an insult to the entertainment industry, but it flippantly dishonors the thousands of front-line workers and those who lost their lives.

About as meaningful as nobamas peace prize for continuing wars! His daily briefings brought a sense of calm and much needed information. Thank you for being my Governor. 科莫是个好演员,实至名归 Our country is such a clown show. Great way to award disaster And whether anybody knows it or not I thank him for shaming Donald Trump into doing some sort of right thing early on there could have been a lot more dead by now and for rallying the tri-state area 🙏❣️🇺🇸

Good job Governor Cuomo They giving Emmy's out to non actors or is he an actor. Who cares about some trophy you can buy any shop for $1. Really. Somebody please blow up news stations and bullsit people This is a joke right? Certainly a major typo at best. What about all the people who died in the nursing homes because he sent infected patients back there which in turn infected the healthy, over 25% of US deaths occurred in nursing homes due to incompetence by state governments not following Federal guidelines, award my arse!

Notice how Trump isn’t getting it for lying and misinformation; telling the truth matters. Idk if I should laugh or cry But surely that award should go to realDonaldTrump ?! Must be a really low bar to be nominated. Making up awards for those who do their bidding😂 I wish the Covid death rate was around 20-30%

Nice It is a shame for most American people 😵😱 Bet Trump is so jealous... he loves stupid awards that he never wins on TV 😂 AWESOME!! 👍 More people died on his watch, due to his decisions than any other state He deserves to be the next president. This is a joke right? What a crock... endangering All those seniors

😀 Well deserved ❤️ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I think/hope NYGovCuomo gives/dedicates that Emmy to his production people. I’m pretty sure Emmys are widely associated with entertainment, and I’m also pretty sure Andrew doesn’t want to start that trend for elected public officials. dubious The Tyrant award aye Stupid The liberal fake news media and democrats are constantly giving each other Dutch rudders

So he’s getting an award from a bunch of liberal do nothing blowhards for being king of the liberal do nothing blowhards. Free2BeInformed Yeah He did what ? Never heard or saw him present anything to the world. We get a lot of American news in Australia. But only heard he sent old people to die in retirement homes 🤔

He totally deserves it! Laughable if it wasn't so tragic Donald is now going to complain why he didn’t get an Emmy. This is sad, so sad that is even funny. Well done sir.👏🏾 Fake news The circle jerk never ends with you people. I watched too. He was fantastic. And this is going to Drive Trump off the deep end. Andrew Cuomo awarded for his Covid briefings. Well deserved.

You’ve got to be kidding me... worst gov ever! What about the 11,000+ seniors that died under his watch Fuxking disgusting,clueless sheep BullShit This is Disgusting!! Congratulations Murdered 8000+ elderly and the MSM gives him an Emmy? The MSM’s descent into irrelevancy is complete. You have to be kidding me. The Fed Govt. gave the Gov. everything he wanted. Even a Hospital Ship and a Hospital in the Javits Center. The Gov never used them correctly. The Gov did send infected patients back to Nursing Homes. An Emmy for What? Get serious.

Congratulations Andrew!📜🇺🇸 Love, love, love this!!👏👏 I watched him in the early days without fail. I wanted information not the Gaslighting coming from the White House. Well that’s pathetic! Deserved Hahaha. And they wonder why people hate media. How about his use of nursing homes? I'd say this must be satire, but its NPR, so it most definitely isn't. Hey, while we're talking Rona, ask Cuomo how many nursing homes had to take in CV19 patients and how that worked out for those involved. I'm sure those families were very assured and calm...

He needs to be prosecuted for all the unnecessary deaths! Shameful! 😓🙏🏻🇺🇸 This is just a joke... forget about an award how about jail time for killing old ppl... He deserves it. He has been on the frontlines of the media since day 1 of Covid in the US. He has also received backlash and threats of punishment for his response. NYGovCuomo has been a strong voice in attempting to move us into a real recovery.

Emmy? What left winged pinkos made this happen! Cuomo and deblasio have destroyed the most amazing city in the world. Blatant mismanagement. The media should attack. Defund them and fund the police and open the city and schools with fair guidance. Follow the real science! Haha hahahahaha Very nice! I listened everyday!

He deserves this award! I looked forward to each report he gave us. Governor Cuomo kept us informed & updated from early on. I was learning about flattening the curve before a lot in the country knew what a curve was.😷 Trump had his head stuck in a sandpit. Where it still is.😷 Trump is kicking screaming mad I’m sure

realDonaldTrump is going to sulk some more... CONGRATS! NYGovCuomo Leadership Great job Guv Thank you for your leadership n compassion. 🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸 realDonaldTrump Nice eh?! This man should be in jail not getting awards . Only in America disgusting Coumo is the biggest Idiot and being paid Millions to keep people from working.

Award on how to kill grandma and grandpa? What a joke, Had to check and see if this was a TheBabylonBee article marytherese5 Another award that realDonaldTrump will never win! 😂 How does npr continue to get funding? New York is a garbage heap and deserves the Detroit treatment. Shit city and shit governor.

Hey Sean I have a question for you how does crooked Democrats pick crooked Democrats and continue to cheat and steal the American people and lie to them I think the Democrats are all a joke So we just gonna ignore his policy to return COVID recovery patients to assisted living homes leading to the deaths of thousands?

Another leftist group promoting another leftist. New York centrism sucks Lol. The guys a fucking moron!! How!! Makes Trump's blood boil? I'm in. realDonaldTrump you didn't get an EMMY.....again! DemoRATS have created CHAOS and ANARCHY... Congratulations POS Cuomo isn't nothing but a dictator. Its his way or the highway. He killed all those elderly people and should held account for it. What a disgrace. A award for what? He doesn't deserve shit. He is the problem in this country.

Really?!? How sad! Guess they don’t care about all the elderly seniors he killed in nursing homes !!! That award is a joke ! andrewcuomo was particularrly efficient at 'calming' those elders His incompetence killed hundreds of elderly people! This can’t be real! I seriously thought this was a joke when I first heard it.

Absolutely ridiculous when his arbitrary rules have killed more in his state than any other. Plus he and his brother freido have an incredible sense of superiority. Disgusting individuals. Load of bullshit Disgusting that the gov who killed the most people is getting an award from a bullshit liberal org.

Hes a horrible governor OK whom did he bribe ? I thought only actors got emmys....waittt ohh I get it andrewcuomo Wait, you an't authorized to bless anyone yet What a disgusting fraud he is So he was acting the whole time, who would have thought? This is a joke right? Award? 250,000 people are dead. People are getting evicted and no relief has been approved?

He is a joke! What a joke!!! That murderer!! 👎🏿👊🏽 Eewwww! Trump is gonna be green with envy 😅 Will Governor Cuomo share the award with the families of all the old folks he killed? He did what the orange guy couldn’t. Much love NYGovCuomo Jajaja after the disaster that he created in New york? Rwally Has he released those covid stats that tell how many old age home deaths there actually were?

I wonder how all of the elderly would feel about this that died under his watch in his state! NYGovCuomo congratulations Andrew Cuomo for your Emmy! You really did provide a national public service when Trump lied and advised people to inject bleach. It is no laughing matter and we needed your strong rational voice. Thank you from Colorado! ❤️

Hilarious! like getting a 'Participation' Trophy! Except the dark part is People DIED because of his DECISIONS ..all BAD! StellaBeat This will make the idiot in chief jealous. tRump will try to claim he was trying to keep people calm. He is a waste of human flesh and space. unocelestial Emmy Totals: Cuomo 1 Trump 0

You are my favorite Andrew Chris such a disappointment You’ve got to be kidding!?!?! This is hilarious. I guess Trumps pressers weren’t worthy? VOMIT IN MY MOUTH! 🤦 What a shame This is going to piss somebody off. Like I said before. He was like chicken little when I watch him. He was panicking. The hospital will be overrun we don’t have enough of this or that. The sky is falling

“Calm”...? I don’t think 30k+families of all those nursing home patients are feeling “calm” right now. They weren’t even allowed to bury their dead. Some of which are still rotting in freezers all over NY. ChrisCuomo Emmys Congratulations LuvGov NYGovCuomo So many people hate Cuomo. I don’t. He did everything for people in NY while Trump did nothing.

He gets my vote! I never missed his daily press conferences...they were a godsend Especially when NYGovCuomo told the 'world' about sending senior COVID patients to nursing homes, resulting is mass casualties! Stunning, this dictator would receive an award. I guess if you’re a big prick, you get an award. 🤬🖕

Don’t tell the orange infant. He’ll whine about another award he was cheated out of. Whether you’re a fan of his or not, Cuomo’s daily briefings WERE informative, calming & very entertaining in Covid’s early days. Trump’s were inane & an annoying waste of time, much like he is Well deserved! 🤞🏽 👏🏼 😂😂😂😂 sounds like that NOBEL PEACE PRIZE! Whar a joke! He should've gotten the golden Grimm Reaper award!

Bravo! CuomoKilledGrandma This has to be a hoax, his briefings were a joke as a public service. You mean the guy that sent COVID Patients into the nursing homes and ended up killing people’s grandfathers and grandmothers?Hmmmm🤔 Well deserved GOV. Cuomo. Will he get his Emmy on the same day Biden gets his Nobel ?

What a joke-an award for a Covid killer. Well deserved!! Ha-ha-ha-ha What a joke. lorettaslaught1 Congratulations NYGovCuomo You deserve this. I watched your daily briefings because you laid out the facts about the coronavirus. I knew what to expect because you kept me informed. Thank you for doing that.

Emmys for the rich no stimulus for the suffering. What a joke This is a joke right RACZPATT He deserves this so much. I watched him everyday. His talk about mask wearing was clear, in order, for masks to work everyone has to wear a mask I don’t give AF about Trump- he lacks leadership and he needs to take the first plane out of DC. However, saying Cuomo deserves an Emmy award for his soothing words is crazy. NY death numbers are abysmal and are just as much his fault as Trump due to failed policies/politics

Around the world?! Seriously NYGovCuomo receives awarding for his acting ability. He was so good that he was able to convince people to give up their liberty PalmerDriven And cue... I watch television can i get one The man most deserving of a bullet in America gets an award instead 😂😂 Thank you Cuomo I live in Florida and you kept me sane♥️

So whatever happened to Trumps Pulitzer prize? Hmmm? Ours, AndyBeshearKY was way better So very well deserved 🇺🇸😷 Why ? You are celebrating one of the most incompetent people in the entire world. LOOK at the deaths per million. This is a joke that signed sick people to get sicker in nursing homes when the nursing homes protested.

Another reason for Trump the Dump to hate Cuomo. He’s going to cry now that the IMFA didn’t give him sane award for claiming that he got Pfizer to create the virus. Shameless and incompetent pseudo leader. Mass murderer Coumo calmed no one. Nice try though. Of all the leaders in the world, none have done as horrible a job as Coumo with Covid. NY and NJ have the highest deaths per capita in the world. when he was condscending to the reporters & parents, telling them 'theyre confused' Glad hes not my Gov & I have Newsom lol WHAT ABOUT ALL THE PEOPLE HE KILLED IN NURSING HOMES,THIS AWARD IS My Governor 👊 Cuomo stepped up to the plate. He represented himself more Presidential than trump, Kudos💙

Lol, what a joke. Tell that to the elder Americans who got sick and He ordered that they not be allowed to go to the hospital for treatment. Satan led man who wantonly committed murderer. What had happened to this country! Awarding a Governor who basically ordered elderly a death sentence who were being cared for. Knowingly! He should actually be wearing matching bracelets

leahbug56 Oh my god seriously 😳 him,omg As the Governor of New York, the state with 33,676 confirmed Covid-19 deaths, how is he getting an award. Didn't seem to do much for his state, or for the death rates that followed in suit. You got to be joking me he should be in jail So well deserved...I tuned in every day to listen to Facts and truth!! Congratulations to you and your Leadership!!!🥰

He did a KILLER job. OustTrumpNow dawnresist What has Donnie had to say about this development?😠🤬 International Emmy founders, lol. Now you know it’s a big O pile of BS, every single person in the medical field knows that skilled nursing facilities are super spreaders, Commi Cuomo should be charged for involuntary manslaughter. In some cases murder!!!!

This is a 'thing' Maybe if Trump had known he could get an award he would have done a better job! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂What a ___ Wonder how trump will respond to that! Congratulations 🎉🎈🍾🎊 Reliable sources disagree with this post - especially those in nursing homes...

Dumbest BS I’ve heard since last time JoeBiden tried to answer a question He got it for killing over 12,000 in nursing home? Wowww I can't believe it. Seems the media is not bias to me I loved him in Scarface Good for him-and we thank him for that- his briefings really help us. So well deserved. Congratulations!

Sadly, I think some sort a different flavor of the 'Darwin Award' is more apt, especially for the decision to pipe people into nursing homes. Is there something OPPOSITE of the Nobel? 🤮🤮🤮 What a joke...killed thousands of our elderly in NY Well deserved. He kept me sane during the early months of this pandemic even though I don’t live anywhere near NY. Sure couldn’t count on the asshole in chief for leadership or comfort.

Well deserved! That is the information that the people need. We need leaders that don't live in some kind of alternate reality. Thanks for your continued effort Governor! My god. Is there a more evil person than Andrew cuomo. He has destroyed the state financially and now from a public health standpoint. What a joke these award ceremonies are.

Yay! An Emmy award for putting Covid victims in nursing homes and killing countless of old people!! He should not accept this award. Too many lives lost for anyone to be getting a prize. What was his sacrifice in all of this? Why do you keep promoting this ridiculously absurd story? Is this real life? Hhhhhhh! International too? Wow so much BS everyday

❌❌❌💩👎 Ridiculous and sickening! The Governor of Death! Hilarious. King Cuomo 'HEROD' of New York. Scared Stupid and EVIL! What a joke. He acts just like trump amd gets awards. Neither o e should be in office. Two side to the same counterfeit coin Is he getting an Emmy for Murdering everybody’s grandparents in New York?

They must have missed the part where he screamed at Trump for refuting his claim that he needed 40,000 ventilators. Or when he blamed Trump for not telling him the virus strain came from Europe. Outside those pressers, he behaved like crazed man. Thousands are dead by his hand, he should get a giant finger.

😐 Using TV to make people feel better while he forces Covid free rest homes to take communicable Covid patients right out of the hospital, recklessly endangering and killing countless souls. Hey- NPR 'News' should get one of those too! Or at least a daytime Emmy for scripted dramas Yes give him the price when he gets jail time as a criminal

Defund NPR. His calming was Cuomo to the 15,000 senior citizens he murdered in nursing homes? Sick of your bullshit fake news. Yay, “Uncle Cuomo” He deserves a medal the size of frying pan, please run for president 2024 Is this a joke? 😂 😂 😂 He’s a bum This must really burn,right realDonaldTrump? Especially the part “inform and calm people”. Too bad you got that wrong like everything else.

realdonaldtrump POTUS45 TrumpLiedPeopleDied THIS MUST 🔥 fRumps ass There’s so little that people outside of New York State know about this clown What a joke! Shades of Obama’s Nobel. Please tell me this is the onion The nursing home killer getting an award. Only in 2020 Oring, Im more interesting in When he will be indicted

And what award will he receive for being personally responsible for the decisions that resulted in more people dying of COVID-19 than anyone else? Most likely to kill seniors award? Fake News! Fake Governor!! Fake 🏆!!! This is the equivalent of a participation trophy! Wait, I thought he was getting the International Emmy for killing all those old people by throwing them back into nursing homes. I don’t think he calmed many people by killing all those old folks.

Congratulations! What a joke!! Deadass New York State is a model for the world in all thresholds. This man kept my sanity for a few weeks tbh 😓 What a fucking joke. Another lib joke What award will he get for killing all the grandmas and grandpas at the retirement homes and assisted living homes? Do they make an award for wiping out the older population of NY? Best Senior Citzen Killer, perhaps?

His time on TV was a distraction for his real accomplishment. Behind the scenes he masterfully lowered the average age of New Yorkers. Perhaps the cruelest joke I have seen in this mess. Corruption incarnate. The elites backslapping a failed tyrant. We see this down here in The Pit as well. Recognized nursing home death tally, also

What and sick joke Hilarious! Is this a joke? this has to be a joke? What a fucking joke I realize that in America, information about Corona is a novelty, but every admin in every other country than the US did this exact same thing, only better. He well deserves it! US has highest number COVID-19 deaths Trump did a poor job managing this New York has the most deaths of any state Cuomo did a great job and gets an emmy

jaketapper donlemon andersoncooper AOC staceyabrams Word is they are purging black voters in Georgia. Can we please find out if this is true? Some black voters that voted for the election are no longer registered. Please spread awareness No. His early inaction on closing NYC- going against the already slow deBlasio- killed thousands. He may sound good, but his actions are terrible. That, and he puts billionaires before schools, renters and working people. The enemy of your enemy is not your friend.

Cool! Just like realDonaldTrump. Oh never mind... I’m chuckling about how pissed Trump will be over this lol I worked through out this pandemic as essential work. It is a hard time. I can’t sit at home as I also need to feed my family.I was out but what is saving me from last 8-9 months is MASK. Please wear mask and save lives .... someone needs you at home

Lmao so pathetic What a joke. It is wonderful but NYC is going down the toilet. Crime is rampant. Schools are now closed. The subways are unusable because of the attacks by mentally ill and addicted homeless as well as early releases from prisons. Would someone put this man in close quarters with about a dozen covid patients, don’t let him out or see any of his family, and if he gets sick, just give him morphine “to keep him comfortable “ until he dies?

When a politician gets an emmy, you know they are just actors -fake, portraying a character who isn't real. No? As he should Well deserved! NYGovCuomo was the face and voice of reason for America at a time where Leadership was lacking by POTUS Tuned in everyday from here in California. The lifetime stupidity award goes to......

He's Trash. Newson was better. Lightfoot was better. It was a extremely open and effective communications from Governor Coumo and his office in addressing citizens during COVID. He deserves that and much more for his leadership and compassion. Huomo is a serial killer. So that’s what you get for murder now? 🤔

Pretty gross. And the award goes to,the state with the highest death rate. Hahahaha. How many heads on the right just exploded with this info? This dude sucks Welcome to the 😂😂 Wtf You can kill people. If you look good doing it, it's ok Well-deserved! He filled a void left behind by Trump. I tuned into his briefings cuz I felt that he provided me w/ the most honest assessment of what is actually going on with the virus spread. And I don't even live in NY. That says a lot about the coverage I got from national and local levels. Cuomo's was the most informative.

We never watched the Trump Disinformation shows”, we always got our info from Cuomo and we are no New York residents. Another travesty. Cuomo a mass murderer. I don't like you CCC He definitely deserves this reward. For his actions and handling of this crisis. 😂😂😂 Usually the President of the United States does this, but......

I don’t know? I had to stop watching him, made me stressed? But he did inform the facts. So for that I applaud him.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🇺🇸🇺🇸👀🦟 I like him, his annoying CNN brother, not so much. But he needs to do something about NY crime it's starting to look like the days of his dad's era. Good thing millions of New Yorkers didn't die because of his incompetence, they might have given him an Oscar or Nobel prize!

I'm in Colorado and I can say that Gov. Cuomo's calm, rational, truthful response calmed the entire nation. I looked to him for leadership. He was our de-facto president during those months. Thank you NYGovCuomo. Omg. What a JOKE. That man’s instructions resulted in 5000+ people dying from COVID-19 and he gets an Emmy?

Huh NY was a disaster and this guy gets an Emmy? realDonaldTrump Congratulations ! You are a real American hero. Patriot and great example of decency! Well deserved. Boss! This will infuriate trump. 👍👍👍 Lol NYGovCuomo those daily briefings were the much needed information and guidance during a time of uncertainty. God bless you always and all ways. You deserve recognition for your transparency and comfort when we were lost & troubled.

Love him or hate him this is well-deserved. BarackObama bombed 7 countries🇦🇫 🇵🇰 🇱🇾 🇾🇪 🇸🇴 🇮🇶 🇸🇾 but was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Caitlyn_Jenner gets a sex change & is awarded the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. NYGovCuomo led the nation in covid deaths & receives the International Emmy Founders Award.

I looked forward to Governor Cuomo's press conferences. He was honest, straightforward yet empathetic, etc. I live in California. Congrats Governor!! Well deserved. So Cuomo is getting a special award for doing what he was elected to do. Americans honor anybody and anything. When are we suppose to honor our gardner for doing lawnwork?

next will be bronze cuomo turds. Tell that to the NYers, who we lost. Why are you MIA Absolutely obscene & disgusting. Awarding this man when he lost more people in NY than any other US governor. He issued executive orders forcing nursing homes to take Covid positive patients when he knew they were most at risk, instead of using the Javits Center or US Comfort.

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahhahahahahaaaaahhaaahahaaaahhhhhhh ......ahhhhahahahahahahaaaaha Another award tRump realDonaldTrump will never win. My first guess: Babylon Bee. Wrong. My second guess: Satire Day for . Wrong again. The truth (and it should have been my first guess): The usual pro-democrat FakeNews rewriting history on another massive leadership failure from the left.

This is just stupid. If only the president would have taken notes 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 Bwahahaha ! You people are nuts ! 🤣😂🤣 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 “hey i only care ab NYC and didn’t do anything for upstate, gave myself a raise, wrote a book on how to live in a pandemic even though we’re still doing horribly, but i deserve an emmy because i talked in circles on TV and confused a lot of people most of the time”

What a joke this guy is I feel sorry for NY to have such a person running your city is scary CONGRATULATIONS GOVERNOR YOU DESERVE IT!!!👏👏👏👏 He should be arrested for murder of elderly New Yorkers. Just goes to show how biased our country has become. Please talk to families of the dead in NY from his policies of returning covid + people to nursing homes. Oh wait - you won’t because you are totally biased.

Is this the award that Trump wanted? Oh! The Nobel Prize? For what? They don't give awards to dictators. About as deserved as Obama's peace prize Two cheap useless people claiming super status So very well deserved. He kept this country, as well as New York, calm and informed. Take that realDonaldTrump

Don’t like what he did with the seniors oh for gawds sakes. that's a meaningless and undeserved award. 😂😂😂😂😂 ya can't make this shit up..😂😂😂 Well deserve! Please tell me this is a joke !!! 😂 This is what leadership looks like. This is outrageous. This guy killed over a thousand people and he is being rewarded? This country and its thought process is in dire need of and overhaul. Democrats are Satans minions.

Three states decided to pull the plug on CNN within their borders: Mississippi, Alabama, & Louisiana. They have the best quality of living & education in nation. CNN will be out!!!! Payment for CNNs FakeNews & disinformation against 74,000,000 Americans. NPR next 👍 I think it's hilarious that realDonaldTrump is still Not getting Emmys

What a freaking joke, come on. Give us all a break. Stop it already we all know the truth weather you choose to or not. Mr Cuomo You sir inform the people of the United States more so than our own president of the United States! With truthfulness on how bad things truly were. Thank you once again. Ummm.

This dude literally sent thousands of people to their death. Congratulations Mr Cuomo. I don't live in your state, but gained more knowledge from you listening to your interviews on this pandemic. Well done and thank you. 'Great Reset' actors award. If the realdonaldtrump could just grow up ! As a Canadian we picked up his dailies and at a confusing time he was solid in his messaging and tone

Disgusting In a related story, Adolph Hitler will receive the International Emmy Founders Award posthumously for his impassioned speeches in front of 10s of 1000s of people. Congratulations to America's Governor NYGovCuomo. For over 4 months we received more reliable information on how to stay safe during this pandemic from YOU than we did from this shithole administration.

Well deserved. I see this.say it: trump recount - Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta. Do they still get tv in retirement homes after he killed off the residents? The management of the initial wave in NY was disastrous. Lockdown was weeks late, despite the European experience telling us what would happen, and directly led to tens of thousands of avoidable deaths in NY.

Is this is a joke? The only thing he should be receiving is a federal sentence for the elderly people he killed by sending them from hospitals back to nursing homes to transmit the virus. 45 is going to be extremely jealous. No Nobel Peace Prize and now this!😂😂😂 He's been Presidential The most hilarious is trump's brainwashed sheep think those at his nazi rallies were local. They were them in his isis pick up trucks traveling around the country infecting and murdering Americans

realDonaldTrump You mad? He deserves the big balls award too, him and the governors of the North East that had balls to GOVERN and not go quietly into the night, to protect their citizens. The new spike here comes from them treasonous trump cavelry that followed his murder spree using herd immunity Ooooooooo, this is gonna make Trump mad as Hell.

Cuomo should reject the Emmy. It’s absurd. NYGovCuomo what’s next? a nobel prize for thousands of people dying of covid? Is this for real? He deserves it. He needed to have a good performance to go against trump the idiot. Congratulations The presentation will be on the Comedy Channel. Polar opposite of our governor in Florida, GovRonDeSantis! His award is well-deserved.

Wow, the man that sent infected people into nursing homes...yes NPR, please celebrate this crowning achievement This is well- deserved. At the beginning of the Pandemic his voice was the only one I'd listen to, and I live in PA. 🤢🤮🤧 Why hasn’t Cuomo been executed yet for the mass genocide of our elderly? Where is justice!?!?

600K cases 33k+ deaths *highest in the nation 1 Emmy 🤦🏽‍♂️ I watched these briefings daily from NC... New York strong and New York tough! Congrats... well deserved..let us build back better and get back to being smart. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ He did pretend to be a competent governor TV, so yeah, I guess he should win an award for acting.

realDonaldTrump He gets rewarded for killing Grandma's. Emmy awards always go to murderers. Oh, boy, will tRump be pissed. His decision to compel nursing homes to take in Covid patients killed countless elderly residents. NPR’s refusal to acknowledge this tragedy is journalistic negligence. NstyWmnWendy Well, someone's Depends are going to be full of bricks at this...

I’m astounded by how people of NY,NJ & CT worked together to protect each other. True leaders offer facts and science—even when it’s unpopular—so the people can make decisions for the public good. StayHome What a crock Are you f-ing serious? 🤮 Run the names of the nursing homes dead across the screen during his acceptance speech. Just to be fair.

Nobel next. One of the few to stand up to Trump. One of the few Trump fears. So,....the award isn't for most nursing home patients killed? Got it! Don’t care is New York ! Jersey boy Murphy should get one too 😁 This is a sad sad day in human history. Such a joke My Gov. Andrew Cuomo deserves every medal out there for his efforts in leading NYS out of the covid 19 abiss.

That will crack the tRUmp I’m pretty sure trump will love this! Kill em all he mandated to the old Are you kidding Where do you get the idea he was important 'around the world'? Talk about American arrogance. What a joke lol Well he certainly was acting more presidential than the orange clown ever did. He tries very hard. We need to save lives. When things get better nyc will get better

So funny, the governor of the state with more covid death in USA is going to get an award. I wish Andrew Coumo would run for President, he's got my vote. Around the world? Stopppp He really deserves it! Bravo Cuomo was the voice of reason during the carnage, and it helped New York. Fools SecPompeo You are a great person! Everything you do now is very meaningful! You are farsighted! Your previous leaders do not have your strengths! The Chinese people thank you! The CCP will count down from this moment!

Congratulations! 🥇 I watched NYGovCuomo everyday because my GregAbbott_TX DGAF and people living in Texas Rewarding an active politician’s insane obsession with headlines, airtime, and perception sums up 2020 pretty well. Nice to see real leadership recognized by NPR; unfortunately, it's apparent that at least 48% don't recognize what that even is...

So the guy that let thousands of covid patients into NY without any concern. Letting thousands travel on mass transit with no PPE which started the pandemic in the USA. Forcing thousands of covid patients into nursing homes which has killed thousands. Is funny? Do you think this guy sounds like a flat tire wopwopwopwop going down the road ?

awesome. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Andrew Cuomo is personally responsible for tens of thousands of deaths due to coronavirus in NY, but go off I guess Ehh I cant wait to see Trump's baby response In a related story, President Trump will receive a “ ‘lil tough guy truck driver playset” for Christmas even though he hasn’t been a particularly good boy this year. 👀

Cuomo gets an Emmy.....Trump must be having a fit. I was so excited when I purchased my first bitcoin of £20,000 and with the aid of dan_held_ my earnings is on another level I’m from Nigeria. I watched Andy Cuomo every day during the period. I was amazed at the indefatigable positive energy of this man and his determination to keep his people safe. I wish to meet him one day. Well deserved award.

Without his wisdom for all of us, even though his main focus was the state of New York, the way he was following the science and facts gave all of us reassurance that if we did what the scientists said we would be safe. He definitely deserves this award.🥉 The CCP treats the U.S. with asymmetric diplomacy: The U.S. allows the CCP to interview and speak freely in the U.S. However, the U.S. ambassador is subject to many restrictions in China. Such asymmetric relationship is unacceptable!

'...around the world'... I can assure you, nobody outside of the States has heard of him, never mind heard his 'informing and calming' briefings. AmericanBullshit Don’t know if he deserves it, but it’ll really piss of Trump and all, so cool. Well deserved. Thank you, NYGovCuomo Are you kidding me? That’s stupid

The hubris of Americans is astounding. No one 'around the world' has heard of this guy. He lulled/forced sick people into nursing homes where the disease ran rampant and killed thousands. He refused to clean or close public transportation until it was too late. And you’re happy he got an Emmy. Why do libs always proudly give and get the RayNagin award?

The First Minister of Scotland NicolaSturgeon is still giving calming daily televised covid updates, and has done extremely well by her citizens. Where's her Emmy? O yea. Good Job Well that’s going to drive Trump crazy. He will probably say he should have won it but there was fraud in the voting! Demonstrative of the ability of honest communication to affect changes in behavior and provide actionable direction. Shows what we have lacked at the federal level.

Shame I work in a large public school district in NYS. NYGovCuomo daily updates were a God send. Love him or hate him, we got 0 useful info from realDonaldTrump. 3-2-1 cue the nursing home gripes. Congrats NYGovCuomo! 🏆 It’s well deserved. I wish GavinNewsom gave half as hood press conferences as you have. But it sounds like the TheEmmys TelevisionAcad just made up an award to give to Governor Cuomo to spite Emmy-Less Trump 😂

Half time victory lap. 'Masterful'? He was competent, and that was sweet relief from the White House disinfectant-injection-sunlight-up-the-ass circus. But 'Masterful'? He cut Medicaid funding in the middle of this, too. Let's just call him competent, and send him and his stupid book on their merry way

Well deserved. Brilliant crisis management: Frequent and transparent communication. As a New Yorker Cuomo made me feel like somebody was working to make things better -- the exact opposite of trump. tbh, I looked forward to his briefings over the ones that were being done by the 'Coronavirus Task Force'. tRump just wouldn't let the experts speak so that they could do their jobs efficiently, so people had to step up to do the president's job for him.

Trump is so pissed. Take note, Trump I was living in Boston at the time. I tuned in to NYGovCuomo briefings everyday. They were a sense of sanity in a crazy world. Then, when I drove through NY en route home to California, I could hear the Governor’s voice every time I saw three word reminders: It Can Wait

The country's governor. Dewine and Amy Acton deserve ‘honorable mentions’ here in Ohio. Well deserved. He held the tiller of a city in an absolute storm, against the backdrop of fighting DT for resources. I guess Republicans don’t have a monopoly on delusions. LOL Trumps gonna be mad. I thought it was cheesy to write a book and promote it during the pandemic, but I still think he did a great job keeping the public informed and managing the crisis

Around the world? Um... You know that is so... Obnoxious. He was the most sensible voice coming out of America yes but 'around the world' ? Jesus... Bet trumpy’s knickers are in a twist 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I just want to see Trump explode over this. Hopefully his nipple piercings stay hidden for the event. 😂😂😂😂

lellingw I know I appreciated these briefings during the first shutdown, we had no one to listen to in California, they helped a lot! 🤢🤮 💥?Why do all the INSERTS say vaccines cause autism? Sweden proved vitamin C stops Covid making vaccines UNNECESSARY. 🍎Paul Kangasfor Gov. of Ca. Oh, this is going to chafe Donald’s ass...

LOTS OF TRIGGERED SNOWFLAKES! Incompetent to managing COVID pandemia but very effective to use media... And he gets a media prize! Fantastic! The 40K people he killed will be surprised to hear about this. What a joke... Well deserved ! Approve what? no nobel for cuomo? lol Well deserved. Watched every day back then and his briefings were a relief from the confusion and fear of the early pandemic.

I loathe Andrew Cuomo, but this would be the perfect time to bring back EmmylessDonald. An Emmy for acting capable as a governor when in fact his actions killed thousands and decimated the NYS economy? Of course is congratulating Corrupt Cuomo he's had the most ineffective coronavirus plan in the country and the most deaths so let's give NYGovCuomo an award for killing the most Covid_19 patients in the country.

What a load of horseshit..! He is is the reason, NY had the most COVID deaths. DoodieGiuliani get an Emmy for 9/11? NYGovCuomo was so good at his daily COVID briefings, my folks in Canada watched him every day (my dad's not even American 😁) and I caught a lot, too. That's the kind of straight talk and factual info *all* Americans need. Good job, Governor, you deserve this award.

Lol. Nobody who can think for themselves gives a shit. This guy is a total tool !!! When my partner and I were out of work during lockdown we listened every day. He was a beacon of sanity and sense in the midst of all of the disinformation and denial coming out of the Whitehouse . It helped keep us grounded and certain that our sacrifice and lack stability

I agree with that decision. He did what djt should have done. Oh my God, I'm still laughing! Emmy is a complete embarrassment This is not News Cuomo should be held accountable for murder. He ignored everything Trump told him to do. The biggest joke on the planet, and that's saying something in 2020. hence emmy rewards are for acting.

Are you kidding me You can get an Emmy for yelling at reports and killing thousands of old people now? NeverForget Too bad his state, more specifically NYC is a dumpster fire hellhole. I suggest he beg his millionaires back Governor Death. The only ones with more blood on their hands are the Clintons. 🙄

The International Emmy Founders Award committee announced they will give a posthumous humanitarian award to Adolph Hitler. He effectively shared information and listened to his team. Why belittle that by calling it good infotainment? I don’t understand this. The man’s decisions killed thousands of elderly people.

🤦‍♂️ Got rid of that pesky social security collectors in new york too I can't tell if the quote is sarcastic or if it is making fun of Cuomo. Hoping his slide deck preparer gets something too. Unlike Arizona Governor dougducey who can’t get through one without fighting with reporters. He’s been too busy lately traveling out of state celebrating his anniversary. We spent our 45th anniversary at home like we were told.

Sorry but why is he getting this International Emmy? Plenty more people around the world do exactly the same thing, their fucking job, daily without any recognition. Leadership, the opposite of what NYGovCuomo does. Grotesquely inappropriate Second highest deaths in the country That’s cool NYGovCuomo and well deserved💙 you helped not only New York but the entire country. I thank you from Texas!!

This is utterly absurd Why tho what the fuck is the shit? - the entire state of new york Now is 'Time to reward the uninvolved and punish the innocent'. Trump will hate this! Fine example of bias in the msm. Cuomo kills thousands and gets an award. Only in the lefts world. This cannot be for real. Wow. Well, he did a good job, but not a great one. Remember the main reason that NY didn't have enough hospital beds was due to his cuts. Best to be remembered for the image, tho.

What the fuck is this It’s all just entertainment, nothing matters I would love to be a fly on the wall when Trump learns about this! I watched his briefings along side of trumps in the early days before we knew much about the virus. I looked to his briefings for information more than our own president, so yeah, he deserves it.

recognizing failure is always nice 👇🏼 I loved watching those briefings! My Gov. was doing nothing in COVID Health Policy, so I watched Gov. Cuomo's COVID briefings to see how his Health Policy helped mitigate NY's COVID. Cuomo's 'television shows' were a lot more helpful than Trump's. (BTW, I am/was a Republican)

He doesn't know what he is doing...but he talks a good game. Style over substance. Well deserved! Based on this description it sounds like a great work of fiction TheNewRobPinto1 Congratulations to Gov. Cuomo. I bet realDonaldTrump is pissed that he wasn't even a contender. Meanwhile Texas governor is never doing briefings and numbers are Skyrocketing

The Leader U.S.A needed during covid-19 pandemic! Wow... one term, impeached, never won the popular vote, AND no Emmy for his daily campaign events Yet another thorn in the side of realDonaldTrump, aka FakeDonaldTrump. Pitiful Fraud... King David Healing Holy Oil, A miracle healing balm for all disease and illness Dm if interested

I never thought of his briefings as TV shows. They were more like a life-line to sanity during the darkest days of the lockdown. This is ridiculous! COVID-19 is not a TV show!!! If Cuomo is a man of ethics, he will not accept this stupid recognition. The 'idiot-box' has done it's job - we are a country of idiots!

The sheep will follow 😜 Guido Cuomo is the epitome of a mafioso thug. His whole demeanor, body language, verbal intonations are synonymous with the mob! What's his next book(s) going to be about? Three volume set of, 'How I Feed My Ego'? That is really going to piss off non-Emmy winning tRump. Well deserved. We carved out that time every day to become both informed and comforted by his leadership and straightforward sharing of the facts.👏👏👏

Alright now! This feels deeply weird and unnerving. Like, 'sure the disease has killed more than a million people worldwide, but it sure makes for good television!' Taking bets that Trump will mean tweet about this and start whining about how he himself should win the next Nobel Peace Prize. This is why no one takes politics seriously

Well deserved! Thank you NYGovCuomo for your leadership. Way to go 'love gov' 2020 is a sick joke These people are psychopaths. defundNPR I feel like I'm taking crazy pills with such a stupid fucking announcement. I think I can hear Trump crying from here. Don't forget, data visualization and other visual aids, like the wall of masks that people mailed in and that unforgettable letter from the farmer who mailed his last N95 mask for health workers. melissadderosa NYGovCuomo

Who cares? This is news? The pandemic is still raging and people are dying. Something seems really wrong Cuomo should get an Emmy for doing his job. And I like Cuomo, but this doesn’t feel right... He’s actually the only governor to cause MORE deaths by his policies. This is such a joke Trump gonna be like...

He is Also a Racist Good for him. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to be released from “Groundhog Day” purgatory. Same nesssge day, after day, after day. All to save a life and a community. Well deserved! LOL - this is real? This is going to drive realDonaldTrump crazy. Oh, puhleeeeease! The President's, like everything he has done, were the greatest, most watched, and I might add, most beautiful briefings in Presidential History! How can you even contemplate not rewarding him! Your award obviously has nothing to do with words.

That’s what they’re giving out now for killing senior citizens? Good to know. 😑 He wasn't perfect. It was all new to him too. But he calmed a nation when they needed it most. For that I say bravo Gov. Cuomo. What a fraud. Happening at the same time he sent people to nursing homes to die Ohhh realDonaldTrump aka DonLoco (Spanish Communities) is going to flip over the International Emmy Founders Award he is not getting! OhSnap 💥😂🤪🤣

Well deserved! That’s gonna chap Trump’s fragile never-won-an-Emmy ego. 4 freakn years of a reality show-I guess there has to be emmy’s involved 🙄 Hahahaha 🤡 Idk. I think Newsom really nailed the part. I wonder who’s going to win best signer for the hearing impaired? That's.. What is this mess Why? How many died in his state on his inept handling. Maybe less time doing a show and more time learning how to govern and save life’s Just a thought. Absolutely absurd he is being praised for the worst handling in the USA and maybe the world

Who says slapstick is dead? realDonaldTrump did you hear the good news about your close friend NYGovCuomo? NYGovCuomo congratulations. Well deserved. I was impressed with the effective delivery of his communication. Constant, same format, easy to follow in a very didactive manner. Again effective. I wish others would adopt same format. I watch regularly although I am in Miami, FL.

Perfect choice for the Emmy. Cuomo cut medicaid during a pandemic and people still praised him for how he handled the pandemic, so his acting chops must be stellar.