Andrew Cuomo Sexually Harassed Women, According to New Investigation

A new report by State Attorney General Letitia James’s office details misconduct allegations from 11 women.

8/3/2021 8:16:00 PM

On Tuesday, New York State Attorney General Letitia James’s office confirmed, following a months-long investigation into misconduct allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo, that Cuomo’s behavior violated state and federal law

A new report by State Attorney General Letitia James’s office details misconduct allegations from 11 women.

The Executive Chamber’s culture — one filled with fear and intimidation, while at the same time normalizing the Governor’s frequent flirtations and gender-based comments — contributed to the conditions that allowed the sexual harassment to occur and persist.

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According to investigators, Cuomo’s transgressions include “unwelcome and nonconsensual touching,” including butt-grabbing and out-of-the-blue kisses; making sexually “suggestive” comments; and generally creating a “hostile work environment for women.” He allegedly targeted not only the people who worked in his office but also a State Trooper assigned to his security detail and members of the general public. Investigators reportedly questioned 179 people — including Cuomo himself — and reviewed 74,000 pieces of evidence in compiling their 165-page report, ultimately coming to “a deeply disturbing yet clear picture” of Cuomo’s practices, James said.

The allegations against Cuomo started to snowball in February, when former adviser Lindsey Boylan posted an essay to Medium detailing a professional culture in which “sexual harassment and bullying is so pervasive that it is not only condoned but expected.” Boylan had alluded to harassment before, this time writing that Cuomo used to touch her on her lower back and legs, make comments about female staffers’ looks, and once kissed her against her will. The governor’s press secretary called Boylan’s statements “untrue,” but more and more women came forward: Multiple aides recalled their boss repeatedly hitting on them, using terms of endearment like “honey” and “sweetheart,” and touching them inappropriately; a woman he met at a wedding said the governor grabbed her face and tried to kiss her on the mouth; another staffer said he reached under her shirt and grabbed her breast. Cuomo denied all of it but apologized for doing anything that could have been misconstrued as inappropriate. He also called for “an outside, independent review that looks at these allegations.”

In March, James appointed Joon H. Kim, formerly an acting U.S. attorney for New York’s Southern District in Manhattan, and employment discrimination attorney Anne L. Clark to lead her office’s investigation. James did not charge Cuomo, leaving legal action up to individual complainants and police departments. “We have issued a report and all throughout the process we put our heads down, we’ve done our job,” she

said. “And at this point … we’re going to allow the chips to call where they may.”The Cut has contacted Cuomo’s office for comment. We will update if we hear back. Read more: The Cut »

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Cuomo isn’t going to resign even if Biden says he should. Governor Cuomo will fight those charges with a trail before he steps down.Apparently, another man appointed by GOP to be governor.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, state attorney general report saysThe New York attorney general's investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo found that Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, Attorney General Letitia James announced Tuesday. Maybe he can become the next President of the United States like trump if he adds a little White Supremacy to his agenda Y siguen con eso His brother likes that

Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, New York attorney general finds in reportAttorney General Letitia James said that Cuomo and his senior staff took actions to retaliate against at least one former employee who accused him of inappropriate behavior. The AG's findings were confirmed after a months-long probe into sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo, with investigators speaking to 179 individuals and reviewing more than 74,000 pieces of evidence. Follow our live blog for updates: Civil I can't to see what Cuomo discusses tonight? 😆🤣 This report is very, very Trump-like. Omg!! 😳

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