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Andrew Brown Jr. Died From Gunshot To The Back Of The Head, Family Says Autopsy Shows

Andrew Brown Jr. died from a gunshot to the back of the head, family says autopsy shows

4/27/2021 7:44:00 PM

Andrew Brown Jr . died from a gunshot to the back of the head, family says autopsy shows

Lawyers representing Brown’s family said he was shot five times and “executed” by law enforcement.

ToplineAn independent autopsy commissioned by the family of Andrew Brown Jr., the Black man fatally shot by sheriff’s deputies in North Carolina last week, shows he died from a gunshot wound to the back of the head that his lawyers described at a Tuesday morning press conference as a “kill shot,” saying he was “executed” by law enforcement.

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Andrew Brown Jr.'s family holds a press conference on April 27, 2021.Getty ImagesKey FactsBrown’s attorneys said a pathologist hired by the family found he was shot a total of five times by Pasquotank County Sheriff’s deputies while they were serving drug-related search and arrest warrants last Wednesday. 

The independent autopsy found the shot that killed him, which attorney Wayne Kendall described as a “kill shot,” was fired at the back of his head as he “was leaving the site trying to evade being shot at by these particular law enforcement officers.”

The other four shots left wounds on his right arm, the report from North Carolina pathologist Dr. Brent Hall found, with two penetrating his skin and two grazing his arm.Brown’s family members wereshown just20 seconds of body camera footage from the fatal shooting on Monday after Pasquotank County Attorney Michael Cox said parts of the video had to be redacted “to protect an active internal investigation.” 

Attorneys representing the family said that based on the footage Brown appeared to pose no threat to the deputies who were deployed to execute a search warrant after investigators recorded Brown selling a small amount of cocaine and methamphetamine to an informant.

“Andrew had his hands on his steering wheel … He was not reaching for anything, he was not touching anything,” family attorney Chanel Cherry-Lassiter said, counting eight different deputies in the video who she said Brown was not threatening “in any kind of fashion.” 

At the Tuesday press conference, Brown’s son Khalil Ferebee emphasized that his father posed no threat and questioned why officers shot him multiple times.Crucial Quote “Yesterday I said he was executed,” Ferebee said. “This autopsy report shows me that was correct.”

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Key Background Protesters have gathered in Elizabeth City, where Brown was shot, for six consecutive nights, as Brown’s family continues to demand more transparency about the circumstances of the shooting. Authorities have released very few details and have not made public the body camera footage from the deputies on the scene that day. The sheriff’s office has placed seven of the department’s 55 full-time deputies on paid administrative leave due to the shooting.

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Andrew Brown Jr. shooting: Elizabeth City, NC declares state of emergency ahead of bodycam video releaseElizabeth City, N.C. officials declared a state of emergency Monday ahead of the possible public release of body camera footage of the fatal shooting of Andrew Brown Jr . during a drug-related warrant executed by sheriff’s deputies last week. “Stop killing black people”? You want the police to stop but it’s ok for thugs? Another PARENTING FAILURE is responsible for this criminal’s death. If his PARENTS had raised him to 1) OBEY LAWS; 2) DONT BE A COWARD. ACCEPT CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR STUPID ACTIONS...he’d be fine.

Bakari Sellers Demands Release of Andrew Brown Jr. Police Killing VideoAttorney Bakari Sellers is demanding the release of the full video showing the fatal police shooting of Andrew Brown Jr . last week. its disturbing. and continues to be. gotta edit a video of a firing line before the family see's it huh? 🛑Stop breeding thugs🛑 181 deaths by cop since the Chauvin verdict coincidence?

Vdeo showed Andrew Brown Jr. with hands on wheel before N.C. deputies shot him, family says'The family should not have to be subject to redactions,' attorney Harry Daniels told reporters outside the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office.

Andrew Brown Jr.'s Family Sees 'Snippet' of Body Cam Video from Fatal Shooting Andrew Brown Jr .'s Family Sees 'Snippet' of Body Cam from Fatal Shooting another excuse to protest/riot. funny how we never hear or see of the hundreds of white people shot by police yearly. Its like media only wanna push one narrative as if thats all that happens. . L E M A Î T R E M E S S I E R ASTRONAUT CLUB UNIVERSE by Mark Anthony Gonzales Evangelista GOD CREATION Finish by Prince Harry Charles Like holister Aero Fitch american eagle In have tribal and petrol to polo club !

Video showed Andrew Brown Jr. with hands on wheel before N.C. deputies shot him, family says Andrew Brown Jr .'s family and lawyers said they were allowed to see just 20 seconds of body-cam footage of deadly encounter. Okay so show us the footage. You have form on editing videos and sound recordings so show us all the video please. Was he trying to run over the cops? If he did that’s a whole different story then. His 'hands were on the wheel' could mean the car was moving and he was using it as a weapon. Just do what you are told and you will be okay. Our leaders need to preach that to our youth.

Andrew Brown Jr. family attorney says prosecutor swore at him: 'Never been talked to' like that'Mr. Cox told me, a grown Black man, that he was not f***ing going to be bullied. And so I walked out,' said civil rights attorney Bakari Sellers. White supremacy is a helluva drug. The withdrawal symptoms are strong n violent