Anderson Cooper reveals how much money he plans to leave his son Wyatt

The decision mirrors what his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, did.

9/27/2021 2:55:00 AM

Anderson Cooper reveals how much money he plans to leave his son Wyatt

The decision mirrors what his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, did.

have all come out to say that they will not be leaving their entire fortunes to their children.Cooper was asked if he was afraid of losing money, to which the broadcaster replied, “No, because I grew up watching money being lost and knowing it was being lost and I from a very young age, I was very aware of, ‘This is not me. This is something my mom has, or this is money that my mom has but it’s not money I’m going to have and I need to forge my own way.’”

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In 2014, Cooper opened up in an interview with Howard Stern about how he knew hewould not receive any inheritance from his mother, explaining, “My mom's made it clear to me that, like, there's no trust fund. There's none of that."On the podcast, Cooper also discussed the Vanderbilt last name and the reaction it would receive from people, explaining that he was “very glad” to have the last name Cooper instead.

Anderson Cooper with Wyatt when he was a newborn.andersoncooper / Instagram“You could see when somebody learned who my mom was or if I met somebody and told them who my mom was, you could see the calculations going on in their mind, even if they hid it very well,” he explained. “And I didn’t like that change in how I was viewed and I realized early on that no good can come of having this Vanderbilt association.”

He added, “I really just felt like I wanted to walk into a room and have people judge me based on anything else other than this notion of what they think my life must be like or what they think my bank account must have been like because that money was not there, what they were imagining.”


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