Anderson Cooper Calls 'Bulls**t' On Rod Blagojevich During Live Interview

Blagojevich said he was a political prisoner and now wants to reform the criminal justice system. Cooper shut him down.

2/22/2020 7:35:00 AM

Blagojevich said he was a political prisoner and now wants to reform the criminal justice system. Cooper shut him down.

The former Illinois governor said he was a political prisoner and demanded that Cooper help him reform the criminal justice system. The CNN host shut him...

Blagojevich was the Democratic governor of Illinois from 2003 to 2009, when he was sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption. He attempted to sell the former U.S. Senate seat of newly elected President Barack Obama through his power as governor to appoint someone.

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When Blagojevich’s corruption came to light, the Illinois House of Representatives voted to impeach him and in 2009 voted toban himfrom holding any political office in the state.Blagojevich attempted to use his interview with Cooper to defend his reputation and redirect the attention to corruption in the criminal justice system.

“If you were to ask Nelson Mandela whether he thought the process was fair back in the early ’60s in South Africa, he would say what I’m saying today,” Blagojevich told Cooper.Later, he urged Cooper to take action: “I hope one day maybe you’ll join me in the fight to reform our criminal justice system and actually do something about the problem of over-sentencing Blacks and Latinos. I learned that when I was there [in prison].”

Cooper quickly shot him down: “What’s sad is that you hadn’t actually learned that when you mattered ― when you actually were the governor.” Read more: HuffPost »

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thank you Anderson - you stopped the bull shit and confronted him with the truth. no confusion, no gaslighting, just the facts WISH YOU COULD INTERVIEW-TRUMP Cooper some people are slow learners like Trump or I think Trump is to old to very be a slow learner. You're a big person went you can say I was wrong and went I work if I did anything wrong I said I did it.

What Cooper wanted to do so bad. 👏👏 Anderson! You were awesome All media should treat past criminals like Blagojevich that haven't learned from their criminal acts with contempt as has Cooper. Mostly stop giving these fool corrupt politicians a platform. Who cares what he thinks or says. He was found guilty

I’m in IL... only that small group at Rod’s house cared. Even IL Congress Republicans told Trump not to do it. Rod held millions for a children’s hosp for 50k campaign donation. Remember who else held $ for political gain? Rod’s now a felon. Don’t give him air time. I thought Leftists were about second chances, and not continually judging on a person’s past. Oh, and I thought Leftists were against judging.

No one wants to see him in news reports ever again. Anderson Cooper enjoys tearing down his interviewees to often. That’s the best interview I’ve seen in years. This guy has nothing worthwhile to say but lies. Thanks Anderson andersoncooper for telling it like it is without fluff! What about all the kids dying in cages. They are the epitome of 'political prisoners'

Yes because the criminal justice system is racist against white men. What a buffoon. Anderson Cooper rocks! BRAVO ANDERSON! I'm proud of you for putting it like it is! We have seen so much bullshit from the current administration and people associated with it, that if it weren't so terrible, it would actually serve to prove how moronic & egregious these assholes really are. TRUTH!

Cooper didn't shut Blago down. Liberal BS. I love you AC360 Man Blago get a hair cut! 🤢 Blagojevich! blagojevich is every bit as sleazy and corrupt as trump. Anderson's interviewing a sock puppet? Now put Cooper's Twitter account under 1 week suspension as you did to me when I called him-faggot! You are democratic medium,right Twitter?

Eating your own .Blogo is democrat so corruption is natural Tell him Anderson! 🔥🔥🔥 That's like the devil trying to reform hell given the chance he'd reform it alright, twist it into something totally unrecognizable. Nice job! That man should still be in jail. All the 'crap' coming out of this mans mouth is enough to make me hurl!

Blago is going to just start appearing on fox. A parasite, like his saver. Best interview ever! My tv was smoking from grilling Blago got! andersoncooper you deserve an Emmy for this-hell a profile in courage award! AC360 KilledIt wow Anderson Cooper was pissed! Yeah, I watched that interview, and Anderson was Not Having it....LOL He ripped into him hard, even Blagojevich was stunned. Bahaha

Blago got caught changing history? That was a shutdown. Yeah. That was wierd. He can ask realDonaldTrump to help his work on CriminalJusticeReform and just like that, Blagojevich gets his name out there once again and becomes infamous. yippee 🎩 off to Cooper👍‼️ Why would CNN even bother to give this loser air time

Anderson is a damn HERO. Blagojevich needs to be incarcerated as does joe Arpaio from cons still criming! Everyone trump pardons is criminal! From someone who violates the code of journalism. Hollywood awaits to cast another hypocrite, you're the one they're looking at! - Birkenstock Bernie Socialist is Corportae Millionaire -

Journalism in 2020

Blagojevich declares himself a 'political prisoner' in heated interviewFormer Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Friday declared himself a 'political prisoner' in a contentious interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper over the substantial evidence prosecutors used to convict him on a host of public corruption charges. andersoncooper andersoncooper andersoncooper Blagojevich is going back to prison. Hes like Simpson and other criminals. They have no remorse and habitual criminals

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