And Now, For Some Good News: 'Insecure' Returns in a Month—With Lots of Drama in Tow

Mirror Bitch Gives Issa a Reality Check in New #Insecure Season 4 Trailer

4/9/2020 10:30:00 AM

Mirror Bitch Gives Issa a Reality Check in New Insecure Season 4 Trailer

In the new trailer for Insecure season four, Issa's passion project—and her business partner, who's also dating Lawrence—has her stressed. Meanwhile, what's in store for Molly's new relationship?

Insecure, Issa is without a full-time job and a boyfriend, but she has bigger, more important things to worry about, including the block party she's hosting with her business partner—who's also dating Lawerence, Issa's ex. If the new two-minute trailer for

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season 4 is any indication,Insecureis coming hot with the D-R-A-M-A.Issa may not be off the market, but Lawrence has clearly been fishing around the dating pool for a minute. Of course, she's Issa's new friend and colleague."L.A. is just so small," Condola tells Issa in the new trailer."So small," Issa says with a forced chuckle."Where are all the good men at? Where are your exes? Let me run up on them like you're running up on mine." Add the stress of running a business solo and Issa's new chapter isn't sailing as smooth as she hoped.

Thingsdoseem to being looking up for Molly's new romance with #AsianBae Andrew, but if we've learned anything about the ambitious attorney, it's that her self-sabotaging ways always get in the way of her relationships—and Andrew might just be on the chopping block. Will Molly finally stop blocking her blessings or continue this pattern? Is there a new love interest on the horizon for Issa? Where's Nathan? All your questions and more will be answered when

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