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Rant, Social Issues

‘And Don’t Screenshot This If I End Up Dying From Covid’ Finishes Anti-Vaxxer Social Media Rant

‘And Don’t Screenshot This If I End Up Dying From Covid’ Finishes Anti-Vaxxer Social Media Rant

3 hours ago

‘And Don’t Screenshot This If I End Up Dying From Covid’ Finishes Anti-Vaxxer Social Media Rant

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how many has it been now? Can we see the 'Jeez, I hope I don't get any of those side effects people are talking about' status updates from one of the 6200 Americans that have died from vaccine-related complications? So we can mock some more dead? chinavirus hypocrisy BidensAmerica More likely to be struck by lightening than die of Covid if 40 or under

Dark, but true. Happens time and time again. They gouge you on your medical insurance. They stiff you on your home owners insurance. They rake you on your auto insurance. And all the time, they make record profits and fat bonuses. Don't you think it is time to make a stand? Let's make 12/1/21 NationalCancelMyInsuranceDay.

lol When there’s a waste, there’s a woke. It was then promptly screenshotted. LMAOOOOO

Anti-Vax QAnon Supporter Whose Demand For Ivermectin Fueled Attacks Against Chicago Hospital Dies Of CovidLin Wood and Michael Flynn encouraged their followers to harass a Chicago hospital after a well-known QAnon supporter said she was denied ivermectin. Lol

Another one bites the dust... Satire so good it’s real

Right-Wing Anti-Vax Radio Host Who Mocked AIDS Victims Dies Of COVID-19Bob Enyart fought mask mandates and refused the vaccine. thanks Very cool Before: Anti-vaxer After: Public service announcement

Covid-19: NI records eight Covid-linked deaths, 1,199 casesThe total number of deaths linked to coronavirus in NI since the start of the pandemic is 2,461.

Kamala Harris questioned after announcing steps for ‘protecting the vaccinated’: ‘Doesn’t the vax do that?’Vice President Kamala Harris raised eyebrows on Sunday with her tweet urging Americans to help protect already vaccinated people in order to end the COVID-19 pandemic. Not when the vaccine can't fight off new varients because of mutations! Kamala’s a little slow! I have to have air bags and seat belts? And anti-lock brakes, rumple zones, collapsing steering columns, break away engine mounts, and laminated glass windshields, end...Don't the seat belts work?!

California couple die of Covid and leave behind 5 kids, including newborn daughter“They were the kindest, most amazing people. They were the ones who got everyone together — for every birthday, every holiday,” one family member said. 😥😥😥 She was a nurse FFS.

California recall election could be a win for vaccine mandatesAll healthcare workers in the state are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by the end of September. Vaccine mandates are completely morally wrong, not to mention unconstitutional. Nope not going to get an experimental Vax. My body my choice. No more exploiting people for profits. Bad science bad vaccines. Why can't Western nations provide any traditional inactivated virus vaccines? Other nations enjoying them. With a vaccination rate like U.S. has doesn't it occur to admin to provide a more conventional alternative? India's Covaxin was at FDA's door and was kicked down the road.