Analysis: Trump was wrong about the law, Obamacare politics and his judges

Analysis: Fmr. President Trump was wrong about the law, Obamacare politics and his judges.

6/18/2021 12:28:00 PM

Analysis: Fmr. President Trump was wrong about the law, Obamacare politics and his judges.

Analysis: The former president promised that his Supreme Court picks would overturn the Affordable Care Act. He met the court's ruling with the deafening silence of defeat.

scrambled to put out statements in praise of the ruling, most Republicans followed Trump's lead by refusing to give it any extra attention.Rather than speak individually, House Republican leaders put out a joint news release. In a break with Trump's style, they refrained from attacking the court or its decision while highlighting their distaste for Obamacare, which is formally titled the Affordable Care Act.

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"While the Supreme Court ruled today that states do not have standing to challenge the mandate, the ruling does not change the fact that Obamacare failed to meet its promises and is hurting hard-working American families," House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., and Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., said in their statement."Now, Congress must work together to improve American health care."

There was no promise to renew the fight to repeal the law or to mount another court battle over its constitutionality.House Republicans remember Democrats' hammering them over the repeal effort in the 2018 midterms and easily winning control of the House. Now, as they look to take power back, Republicans aren't at all interested in fighting to take health insurance benefits away from millions of Americans.

Former President Barack Obama nodded to the political and legal dynamics Thursday afternoon."This ruling reaffirms what we have long known to be true: the Affordable Care Act is here to stay," he said in a statement.Such an outcome was far from certain last year, when Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to succeed the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Around the same time, he said repeatedly that the court should overturn Obamacare.

"We know what he thinks because he tells us what he thinks, and he made it clear that he wants his Supreme Court and this nominee to join him in eliminating the Affordable Care Act," Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said at Barrett's confirmation hearing."This is his litmus test."

Barrett steadfastly declined to show her hand at the time, following the past practice of nominees in evading senators' questions about ongoing court cases.Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who led off Democratic questioning, asked her directly about the suit that ended up being decided Wednesday.

"It's a case that's on the court's docket, and the canons of judicial conduct would prohibit me from expressing a view," Barrett told Feinstein.June 17, 202101:58At the time, many Republicans and Democrats believed Barrett would be inclined to side with Trump, particularly because she had been critical of Roberts' previous opinion upholding Obamacare in an unrelated case.

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But only two justices — Samuel Alito and Trump appointee Neil Gorsuch — departed from the majority's opinion Wednesday, which essentially held that the states had no standing to sue because they wouldn't be harmed by an insurance mandate that the justices said is unenforceable. It's unenforceable because

Trump and Congress eliminatedthe law's penalty for people who decline to buy health insurance."Unsurprisingly, the States have not demonstrated that an unenforceable mandate will cause their residents to enroll in valuable benefits programs that they would otherwise forgo," Justice Stephen Breyer wrote for the majority. Justice Clarence Thomas, siding with the majority, wrote a separate concurring opinion.

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Analysis from the left? Ok? He was wrong about everything To begin with Trump doesn’t know 💩about anything! Just look at his “Law and Order” ordeal that he is going through right now! Lets just face the facts,, he was a mistake from conception I mean, yeah. We all knew that. Trump makes Me Sick!!!!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

ColeeCharles Former guy was wrong about everything. He’s always wrong, even about his own father “My father is German, right? Born in a very wonderful place in Germany”. 🤦‍♂️ April 2, 2019 Fred Trump was born in New York! And you want this guy in the White House AGAIN.He didn’t do enough damage the first time,HUH.

Could have stopped the headline after the word “wrong”.

Analysis: We now have a good sense of how big the 'Always Trump' caucus is in CongressIn the five months since Donald Trump grudgingly left the White House, one of the central questions kicking around American politics is this: How big, exactly, is the group of pure 'Always Trumpers' in Congress? ChrisCillizza GOPedophile ChrisCillizza So sad that some people still love these folks. ChrisCillizza US aid to israel help oppressing palestinians.

He stuffed the court with right wing radicals, so this must drive him nuts. By the way, whatever happened to the great medical plan that he had........nothing because he never had one. What are you crazy? Trump is always right about everything! Just ask him. My god ! He was wrong?. Trump was wrong. Really? NBCnews just broke the a major news. Trump was wrong! Wow

Dah TRUMP WAS WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING. PREMEDITATED WRONGDOING IS CRIMINAL. can’t find any good news about Biden huh? Lol 😂 No, he thought they would 'do him a favor', what he was wrong about was some peoples dedication to the country and constitution over what they owe him, in his mind

Gavin Newsom attacks Trump Republicans in 'just getting started' ad dampaignThe California governor's campaign released its first TV and digital advertisements two days after the state's official reopening on June 15.

You could have stopped after the word Wrong. Who'd a thunk it ? Trump's policies were driven by his hatred towards everybody who wants to do good things. More MSM TDS. Won’t read it. Trump is out of office. You attacked him before he came in office. Im desensitized from it. Anything from MSM about Trump I take with a grain of salt . He is no longer in office. Just a reminder. You won’t hold Biden accountable for anything

NBCNEWS, you really hate Trump, don't you? Feel something arbitrary from your inside. It’s not about the law, it’s partisan politics. Arguing for the sake of argument. Donald Trump's policy was driven by his hatred for president Obama. And you were wrong about China Russia and many other things. Report that.

Israeli occupation soldiers torture a Palestinian young man pepper spraying him , and severely beat him at Bab al-Amud in Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine . Lol more fakenews

DOJ drops civil lawsuit against former Trump national security adviser John BoltonThe Justice Department on Wednesday dropped its civil lawsuit targeting former national security adviser John Bolton over the publication of his 2020 memoir 'The Room Where It Happened,' halting an effort brought during the Trump administration that had sought to seize all proceeds Bolton received from the book. 'We are very pleased that the Department of Justice has dismissed with prejudice its civil lawsuit against Ambassador Bolton and has terminated grand jury proceedings,' Charles Cooper, an attorney for Bolton, said in a statement. Would like the story on this interaction Hypocrisy much?

Because the SC and is more sensible and constitutional than he is. sooze555 Yes, we know. Nobody cares about the former guy anymore except Republican legislators who are desperately trying to keep his yahoo supporters involved. The rest of us would appreciate it if you stop with the former guy stories. We’re trying to deal with PTSD from the former guy!

It was also wrong for him to become president. What wasn't he wrong about? This person only wants to RULE over the American people. Never again!! He was wrong about almost everything. Including his business failures before his presidency. NBC News = radical lefts 'propaganda ♥️🤲🤲🤲🤲 They need Trump for ratings again.

NBC is wrong on literally everything lmao NBC News aka The National Enquirer.

With Trump Gone, the Country’s Biggest Evangelical Denomination Is Veering Away From the Far RightDebates over critical race theory and women pastors dominated this year’s Southern Baptist Convention meeting, but most votes went for the moderates.

In other news: Water... wet. “analysis” Trump was wrong! No other words required. Wait, the same guy that thinks windmill noise causes cancer and exercise depletes the body of energy was wrong about the law? No!! It can’t be!!!!!!! When has he been right? Shorter list. If your representative continues to oppose the ACA or Medicaid expansion post-pandemic, get new representation as soon as possible. This is a person who is not learning from experience, which makes him relatively worthless.

Workers under attack by some sort of enemy . factory workers legal assistants coders CSRs analysts white and blue collar make econony what it is...not billionaire who hide money offshore Wrong about law ? But he is the .. Lol

Donald Trump, Human Parasite, Is Now Telling People Not to Vaccinate Their Kids Against Coronavirus'Maybe don’t take parenting advice from Donald Trump,' writes besslevin besslevin He’ll be hocking Hydroxychloroquine bottled as a miracle cure soon. Like Alex Jones and his “supplements”. besslevin “Human parasite” or just “parasite’? besslevin I would never let my kids get this vaccine they do not need it. They do not know any long term effects from this.

Does anybody believes that Trump cares or listen to reason? Trump is full of himself and lives disillusioned of his imaginations. It wasn't just Trump who was wrong about his judges. Quite a few Democrats were as well, when it comes to the ACA. But did he know anything about the law? The tangerine was wrong about everything

Hahahahahahahahaha you lost trump,Obama beat you again. He is the past, let’s concentrate in the present and the future. Let’s not make the same mistake again by not electing this CON MAN ever again, or any of his allies in Washington. In order for this Country to move where is supposed to be we need to keep Republicans the minority.

Noel Casler worked on the Apprentice with Trump for eleven years. He says that Trump has done so many drugs that he rotted out his pallete, and has a prosthetic one. He also wears diapers because he poops himself by mistake daily. A true Conservative icon he is. Trump's wrong period Nice, can we please get daily articles about him for the rest of time?

At Long Last, Donald Trump Finally Admits: 'We Didn't Win'But he did add ominously: 'Let's see what happens on that.' NeverForget COVID19 “Trump also boasted that “nobody did as good a job with the pandemic as we did.” Trump predicted early last year that COVID-19 would peter out after 15 cases. The U.S. death toll from the pandemic hit 600,000 this week, the highest total in the world.” …errr-A quick study he ain’t- Jeez The Trump criminal enterprise has increased the emails requesting donations. For what is never included but the cult will continue to kiss the ring by paying him instead of rent!

Actually, Trump was wrong about…well, damn near everything. What a shock! NBC is not news it’s just bias can we remove his pictures from twitter How is this news? Tomorrow’s headline, the Sun came up. ☀️ I am begging the media to please STOP giving the Trumps press. Stop feeding their machine, it makes the problem worse. This was part of the problem to begin with. STOP TRUMP PRESS.

stop reporting on him! ———————Trump was wrong————————— ———————. I fixed the tweet. And just about everything else. Kudos for the vaccine though Still talking about the guy!

Hallelujah hallelujah amen hallelujah hallelujah bless Christ Jesus amen amen hallelujah hallelujah amen amen 🙏 All the best people In American politics it has become customary to take turns blaming one another and finding fault. And Democrats are wrong about the judges on the Supreme Court First, Obama changed the name Obamacare to Affordable Care Act (misnomer) because he didn't want to be associated with what a failure it became. I know lots of people who never had health insurance problems until Obama came along.

Poor baby. You lost the election that meant so much to you, and now you're losing here too. Was he? They arent partial. They actually interpret the law as intended. When did you lose your integrity ? Zero integrity and all propaganda.😘 And the people were wrong for voting him president SENATE DEMOCRATS were wrong about his Justices as well. Where is this 'horrifying' 6-3 conservative majority... Brilliant Justices following the Law. Imagine that.......

No shit. Really? He set the judges he appointed up to be seen as political hacks clickbait 🤡 Ya think? duh Just to correct this. Donald Trump was wrong about everything! Wow a democratic news agency put out another biased story about a former Republican President Sesimbra5 He was wrong about EVERYTHING. ‼️ Fixed it


Trump lives rent-free in your minds 🙄 Dare anyone to find something Trump was right about in his whole presidency Trump wouldn’t recognize the law if it stood in front of him and said hi! Perfect picture of the FormerGuy: his usual pouting posture. The man is an idiot that rubes have turned into a demi-god to go after the people and things they hate.

Easier to report what he got right And trade. He was wrong about trade and spent billions on bail outs no one talks about anymore. Don't you cry baby. The message of the Iranian nation to the world We do not consider the Islamic Republic to be the rulers of our country and it lacks legitimacy. Due to increasing censorship, our voice is not reflected and we tell the world not to compromise with the Islamic Republic. No2IR

“My Apology, But Y’all Were Wrong About Trumpy!!!”…Hi😂Hi🤣Hi😅 GodBlessAmerica ✝️🙏🇺🇸❤️🌍💚 GodBlessPresidentTrump ✝️🙏🇺🇸❤️🌍💚 ‘Cause I Know That You Know That I Know That You Know You Will Need Plenty Of Blessings!!! ✝️🙏🇺🇸❤️🌍💚 JusticeForAll ⚖️👨‍⚖️⚖️👩‍⚖️⚖️🧑‍⚖️⚖️🧟‍♂️⚖️🧟⚖️🧟‍♀️⚖️

Trump wrong? Say it is not so!!!! Imagine that!!! What was Trump 💩ever right or knowledgeable about…Zilch ? Oops ! he was 💯 good at filling up his and Trump family’s bank accounts curtesy of the America citizens. oh really? have you found out NOW that Trump was wrong about something? 🤨 Did all this really need to be analysed?

Stop using Trump as a clickbait, he is no longer the president. Report some real news please. Yes, his wrongness widely known. Wrong is Donnie's main quality Would be a shorter read to list the things he was right about.