Analysis | Trump once again misleads with bogus claims of voter fraud

Fact Checker: Trump once again misleads with bogus claims of voter fraud

4/10/2020 3:01:00 PM

Fact Checker: Trump once again misleads with bogus claims of voter fraud

Over and over, the president grasps at straws to claim voter fraud. Here's another Four-Pinocchio claim.

ADHere’s how he previously characterized what happened in California:June 23, 2019:“Take a look at Judicial Watch. Take a look at their settlement. California admitted to a million votes. They admitted to a million votes.”ADAug. 15:“I think you have voter fraud all over the country. If you look at California if you look at so many other states, in California, they settled — they had a million people that they found through Judicial Watch, and plenty of other places too. So, we have to stop voter fraud. Voter fraud is a big problem in this country. There’s no question about it.”

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Aug. 18:"So when people show up to vote — because, if you look, Judicial Watch made a settlement with California, I guess, or Los Angeles, where they found over a million names that was very problematic — a problem. And you just take a look at that settlement; that’s a lot of names. You had people that were well over 100 years old that were voting, but we know they’re not around any longer. So, you have a lot of voter fraud.”

ADBut this is completely wrong. The lawsuit had nothing to do with people who had voted — but people who hadnotvoted. Judicial Watch, a conservative group, in 2017 sued the state and Los Angeles County to meet requirements under the National Voter Registration Act to clean up its voter registration files. The group said that the state had not done so for at least two decades and that there were more than 1.5 million registrations on the county’s file of inactive registered voters

AD“State election officials and a conservative legal group have reached a settlement over how California handles records of inactive voters,”when the lawsuit was settled in early 2019. “At issue was how election officials were handling records of voters who hadn’t voted in repeated elections and were not part of active voter rolls in the state.”

Thetext of settlementdid not say there was fraudulent voting or any type voter fraud. There was also no admission of wrongdoing. It simply set up a process for notices to be sent to people found to be inactive; their names would be removed if they did not vote in the next two federal general elections.

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realDonaldTrump Your headline is tiptoeing around the unvarnished description of the President’s remarks. He lied. Denying Democrats their rights to vote is the only way the GOP can win. Fake news He lied. Trump once again lied. He lied. You know it was a lie. Why mislead people by not calling it a lie?

How do you know the claims are bogus? Reality evades you! There is no perfect system or law! Abuse in all areas will always be there. Just how pervasive is the question. WPO MUST PROVE THERE WASN'T VOTER FRAUD! Trump and the GOP are in a war against truth and they are winning. It’s time for truth to fight back and eradicate the enemy.

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