Washington İs Run By Very Old People - Cnnpolitics

Washington İs Run By Very Old People - Cnnpolitics

Analysis: They're 80+. They're in charge. They're not going away.

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9/25/2021 8:16:00 PM

There are currently six senators over the age of 80. Both Sens. Grassley and Feinstein will hit 90 in 2023, when they're likely to still be in office. | Analysis by CNN’s Zachary B. Wolf

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any one have information about humanitarian aid NGOs here in Afghanistan for Afghan people have food 1 dollars can safe lives please contact me at this WhatsApp No 0731 690 683 Time, way past time, for them to go home! How many have dementia? Your country should have term limits on senate They’re what’s wrong with America.

It's time to set at age limit to run or hold office! Sounds like discrimination but no when it comes to running our country we need fresh minds, as you get older your mind does deteriorate Fact There should be a age limit for serving in office. No one over the age of 80. No one nothing can change…. Can’t even change the politicians for new ways of thinking.

Are Gen X ready to take over? It is high time US House brings in a Fossils Act in the Supreme Court, House and Senate to ensure that fossils are remembered the country is run by those who remember what they ate for breakfast yesterday potus will be over 80 soon They will die in office won’t let go of power

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He needs to retire but his ego won't let him 💰💰💰💰💰 Watch out for roots. Yikes! They should take notes from the Ryder Cup this weekend. Younger , healthier , smarter, no chance of arthritis or dementia any time soon to distract from the issues of the day. Let the young ones do the work. Why are they still holding on to power? Pass the baton to the next generation or the one after that or after that… At some point it just becomes incredibly selfish! What is it with this hippie generation that was so antiestablishment but now they can’t let go!

Congress was never supposed to be a career. There is an easy fix for no time limits. Vote. Them. Out 80 sounds like the age to give it up! You pretty much become a 'yes' man at that age. Your energy level, as well as your hunger and motivation to serve has diminished. Time to enjoy your Great, Great, and maybe Great Grandchildren!

Typical baby boomer shit. Though technically those people are older than Boomers who are 75 at the oldest today. That’s so weird. We wouldn’t let them drive cars. Why do they get to be in charge.

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Cognitive testing for all politicians over 70 should be mandated. How can we trust their decision making not knowing. There should be an age limit for all politicians. Including the president. Maybe 75 They need to bow out!! DemNevada They both need to go. Wonder if Las Vegas is running bets on several fronts. Not just the ection results. ha ha!

2stoopid2stop Goodness. In the real world of employment, the elderly aren't highly employable due to their natural mental and physical decline. However, those in power don't live in the real world like the rest of us common folk. As you can see from his experience, they are certainly full of human love, including men. The reality that they are loved by many is what makes it happen.

Ok. No. They are experienced in the war, good or bad. That experience creates and executes kindness that is beyond the reach of God. Perhaps no lawmaker in American history has as much love as Nancy Pelosi.

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VOTE them out. Make them retire. Enough of this old school (same-same). Go away. 🇺🇲 What's the point cnn? There should be an age limit. There should be incentives to primary these has beens. Currently it’s almost impossible. Dumb voters too. Diane doesn’t even know where she is anymore. They don’t live in the real world. Removed so far from what reality is for working people and the poor the decisions reached are molded from lobbyists and them running their next bid.

TERM LIMITS! AGE LIMITS! That is nuts!! 🙈🙈 CA wants Feinstein out We have become polarized but im pretty sure no matter which side your on we can all agree we need term limits. These ppl go to Wash and stay for life,get crazy rich with insider info,out of touch with what america wants and needs. WE MUST HAVE TERM LIMITS!

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Time to replace the with younger blood. JFC, let's get rid of the dinosaurs in the next election. So out of touch and want to bring us backwards instead of forward.

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Pennsylvania A.G. moves to protect voter data from state Republican 'audit' stuntPennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro talks with Rachel Maddow about his new lawsuit to stop state Republicans from collecting the personal data of every Pennsylvania voter and handing it to an unnamed third party, ostensibly to perform another spectacle of election evaluation theater. THATS HOW THEY CHEATED THE LOOKED AT HISTORY OF VOTERS SEEN WHO NEVER VOTES AND VOTED FOR THEM KNOWING NO ONE WOULD KNOW BUT HEY LOOK INTO AND EVERYONE FREAKS OUT CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR 101.