Analysis: Have China and India shifted stance on Russia war?

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China and India, after months of refusing to condemn Russia’s war in Ukraine, did not stand in the way of a G-20 statement in Indonesia by the world’s leading economies that harshly criticized Moscow. Are they shifting their policy? Analysis by APklug

Figuring out what exactly happened in Bali matters because there’s growing worry that without political and diplomatic pressure by China and India, Russia will be far less likely to end its war.

“Most members strongly condemned the war in Ukraine and stressed it is causing immense human suffering and exacerbating existing fragilities in the global economy,” the statement said. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said the G-20 summit’s “surprisingly clear words” on Ukraine “wouldn’t have been possible if important countries hadn’t helped us to come together this way — that includes India and it also includes, for example, South Africa.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping may have simply made a decision to not be seen as a spoiler or outlier during face-to-face meetings with other leaders in Bali. The statement also allows China to avoid going all-in with a Russia that is looking more and more isolated as it increases attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure.

Just weeks before Moscow’s invasion, the Russian and Chinese leaders met in Beijing, where they signed a joint statement affirming that their bilateral relationship had “no” limits. Navdeep Suri, a retired Indian diplomat, said he sees a subtle shift in India’s position in dealing with Russia.


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klug No, it's merely convenient for them.

IuliiaMendel klug No.

klug not shifting policy just playing the other 18 . they fighting a border war but still sitting in the BRICS(Brazil,russia,India,China and South Africa) together. and on the other hand India joined the QUAD with Japan, USA and Australia.

klug They're getting tired of being associated with a nasty loser.

klug no, their policy has always been to side with the apparent winner. i'm sure that policy has not since changed.

IuliiaMendel klug just hiding their true faces

klug China should not be trusted!

klug During G20, Putin was busy talking with Iran on planning how to kill more Ukrainians.

klug Maybe Putin fooled China and India the same way Russia fooled US and UK to sign Budapest Memorandum?. Even Russian propagandists may come to different thinking now...

klug No, they are shifting their asses to where it is more comfortable to sit.

Biz_Ukraine_Mag klug 🇨🇳's trade with the West is far more worth than the HC it gets from 🇷🇺, 🇨🇳 will not jeopardice this trade. India's main driver is HC & 🇷🇺 mil. equipm., the latter falling apart. The US has given some promises wrt. arms supply & India, thinking of India is probably rethinking!

IuliiaMendel klug Yes - pivoting away. You know the people see the news. Seeing planes by the dozens attack civilians and that one powerful image of a crater beside a playground really show everyone who russia really is. Thats not who China or India are. It is who Iran is, though.

klug Elon, can you buy AP too?

klug They only care about the money.

klug No

klug Does this mean Putin's 'war' is done with?

klug They didn’t stay in the way before or condemn now, nothing has changed in China’s view toward Russia, everyone can keep thinking that it is but it’s not

IuliiaMendel klug Shame on India. We know who russian communists are so there is actually no surprise.

klug Nobody likes countries invading their neighbors, but to step in is pretty tough.

klug Propaganda

klug A globalist is inhaling copium while his whole world, his belief system, is going down in flames around him.

klug Certainly hope so.

klug keep dreaming

klug 👆🏼👆🏼straight up propaganda👆🏼👆🏼

klug G-20 declaration is basically Indian policy on Ukraine i.e 'Not an era of war.....' and exactly taken from what PM Modi told President Putin during the SCO summit!!

klug China is waking up I hope. They can and need to shut Russia down.


klug they not shifting they just watching. maybe realizing its a new world and not 1950 anymore. if trump hadn't started a trade war with china trying to distract from what Russia was doing in the Ukraine. I bet the world would be in a different place

klug Why West believes that their enemy should be considered enemy by all?

klug China is our enemy. China is slowly but surely moving towards world domination economically & militarily. Western countries must institute severe tariffs & move towards minimal trade with China before they complete their rapid naval warship expansion & advanced weapons production

klug Shut up and take the W

klug The same evil, in another way of 'expression'. Ukraine China CCP India Russia


klug I heard Winnie the Pooh gave ol blackface a stern spanking...

klug They are accomplices if they don’t shift their stance. History being written

klug They just like seeing two other super powers fight. Weakens both of them. They’ll do just enough to make russia feel emboldened but not enough to make the entire west (who they have their hands in all their economies & governments) go against them

klug They understand that they’re irrelevant without the support of the United States of America. USA

klug No. They are diplomats simply appeasing undiplomatic whiney G7 leaders.

klug No, they are getting ready for their next milestone.

klug Hello, why haven't you called the colorado house race yet, Lauren Won, Adam conceded yesterday, and you still haven't changed the results, just like you haven't changed the Senate results to show the Alaska race is over and the Republicans won, we all know you are left-wing rag

klug The war threatens their economy and growth

klug China allowed Putler to start 'Special Military Operation'. They did not expect Ukrainians to beat Russia so badly.

klug China and India do what's good for China and India. Now that Russia is losing, they're jumping ship

klug Betteridge's law of headlines is an adage that states: 'Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.' You got taught this in journalism school ! AP do better.


klug Errr no

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