Biden's Margin Of Victory Widens As Trump's Subversion Efforts Grow More Frantic - Cnnpolitics

Biden's Margin Of Victory Widens As Trump's Subversion Efforts Grow More Frantic - Cnnpolitics

Analysis: Biden's margin of victory widens as Trump's subversion efforts grow more frantic

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11/22/2020 3:30:00 AM

President Donald Trump's not even trying to hide his effort to subvert the results of the election as President-elect Joe Biden's margin widens to more than 6 million votes, writes Zachary B. Wolf

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There is no president elect, never will be. The whole world know that this was a mafia style elections, Shame on all of you, try to push the fake elections You can not help but express your snake nature by your propaganda. How I wish to be a leader just for one month, I would have all the fake news media locked up

Thank goodness Joe Biden will Make America Great Again. 6 million ? Lol keep dreaming .... u really truly believe that? Take him out in a straight jacket put him in jail He falls on the category of lighter hearted population and for GOP henchmen not to have seen that weakness and immediately caucused with him, in support (not false victory support) is very though to say, you created it, carry the cross alone.

The number of voters in Wayne County Michigan was only 5,000 less than the number of registered voters per their website. That is very strange and should be looked into. Fraudulent! Trump is the true winner. You keep saying 45 is not going away but he knows for Black people on January 20th he is going away. Hopefully he and the whole swamp family will end up in jail and can never run for anything again.

Creepy Joe doesn't have a 6 million vote lead this moron doesn't have a lead period! Faje ballots isn't real! Fake news! Real bright bulb Trump WON! Biden STOKE by altering Votes país by Soros AFTER JANUARY 20, 2021 YOU MUST BE TOTALLY IGNORED. HE HAS NO PLATFORM UNLESS WE GGIVE IT TO HIM. IGNORE TRUMP!!! RADIO,TV,BLOGGERS, ANYONE THAT HAS A PLATFORM HE IS A MEAN VENGEFUL CHILD. WE MUST RID OURSELVES OF THIS PRESIDENCY CORRECT WHAT SATAN HAS DONE AND MOVE UP USA.

In Charlie Hebdo... Fake news you lot are a disgrace and truth will come out This brainless dude, need to go ASAP Trump the worst president ever!! His behavior is at the limete of the infantile. Moreover, it is seriously damaging 'American Democracy'. It should be removed immediately. NoDignity The evening news bulletins in Australia just showed the start of the G20 meeting, Trumps lying speech, and the fact he did a cut and run to play golf. It was UGLY to watch. GOP GOPChairwoman you all must be so proud of the MESS you’re in. Disgusting.

Thank God USA has active democracy if this Tramp was in Uganda he would announce himself a winner instead 🙁🙁 I hate dictators. To infinity and beyond starry eyes! He needs to have credibility FIRST before trying to hide his shameful behaviour. And we all know Credibility is not in the dictionary of Donald.

Lost 30 of 32 election lawsuits... Is tRump going to use the same lawyers to keep him from going to jail...? A note for outgoing president AmericanConstitution Article II sec 4 18 USC United States - CRIMES AND CRIMINAL 18 USC 115 sec 2381 18 USC 1001 18 USC 1512 (b) 18 USC 1519 18 USC 1622 BidenPresident BidenHaris2020

Trump is just playing golf to try get his mind of all the criminal investigations going on with him . Trump needs to have this lady do some serious voodoo prayers to find 6M votes Actually, this story was debunked by professional fact checkers. Fucking landslide! BYE DON!!! Uber Fact: popular vote doesn't matter

Biden had an Electoral landslide! Stop reporting on Trump stop giving him the attention he craves! Without media coverage from CNN he’ll become an unknown identity! Fake news. Screen shots of CNN on election night. In 43 seconds almost 20 k votes swapped right on T.V. Hey CNN how exactly do votes go down on your show? Hey Twitter don’t block me for asking hard questions that 80 million Americans want to know.

At least he’s going out the same way he came in. Liar and con man. Democrats should also want a better system of voting! We have facial recognition and fingerprints that could replace mail in ballots ms . Also why does both sides not want to question why servers of voting machines are in foreign countries?

Real news: Biden has a lead of less than 100,000 in six states, 3 of which Trump needs to prove fraud to overturn the election. Here Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD ORGANIZATION IN HISTORY via YouTube Trimp needs to be exiled. Trump, you are shameful. What the world is witnessing is the quiet part of entitlement being acted out in public. Without restrictions, no logic, or even an ounce of intelligence! The tragedy is republicans known this & are condoning it openly!

Joe is president elected by corrupt media like CNN not by the people of Americans LL=Liar & Loser is trump’s MO GOP SenateGOP senatemajldr Fake news Stop hide the truth mr CNN I wonder how his parler games are going. I know not one single person on that forum. ARE YOU FED UP WITH LEFTY FAKE BIASED NEWS AND MISINFORMATION FROM THE MAINSTREAM NEWS MEDIA? HOW ABOUT TRYING OANN newsmax OR BillOReilly NoSpinNews FOR A MORE BALANCED UNBIASED DAILY NEWSFEED!! CNNfakenews corruptMedia VoterBallotFraud DemocratCorruption

realDonaldTrump is finished, but does not care what harm he causes. Biden appears to be a good man. Supported the UK in 1982 against Argentina. Not the first time the USA had kicked the Argies off. Lexington Raid 1831 His legacy is now how pathetic he can be, he bottomed out a long time ago and yet he keeps trying to dig lower, just sad to watch now

Trump quickly figured out that he can run roughshod over our democracy and there is little that anyone can or will do while he is president. I've never seen such a bunch of spineless wimps. They have a lot of evidence. Surely you don’t want them to ignore the overwhelming firehose of information that is forthcoming.

Thins is to be expected of a wanna be strongman and pretend despot. What’s worse is the silence and enabling behavior of adult GOP party members. WHY? It is Very apparent realDonaldTrump has NO interest in being President. He missed G7 today to golf 🏌️‍♀️ GO AWAY & let JoeBiden 🇺🇸 take over. Shame on SenateGOP for allowing this chaos 🌎 This is Not Who 🇺🇸 is 25thAmendmentNow REMOVE TRUMP NOW SpeakerPelosi HouseDemocrats

He won't give up. He'll be dragged out of the White House, and even then he'll be screaming how everything was all fraud because the votes were all for Biden. Get his straight jacket ready!!!!!! How is that even legal? Biggest coward ever. A bully. Conman. Fraud. Lock him up - and, throw away the key.

73 million strong 💪 Trump is a piece of work. Can’t wait to see him leave the White House for the last time! He can't stand anyone elses success Dump has never tried to hide the fact that he’s a Nazi-fascist, America’s denial did that for him. His efforts to delegitimize the election were criminal from the beginning.

The GOP failed to hold trump accountable for his irresponsible behavior and now he believes he can get away with anything And sadly, if were up to the GOP he would. Trump has been fishing in the bathtub to catch moby dick Ain’t happening! Really?!?!😳🤣