Biden's Laid-Back Style Helped Him Win The White House But May Be Starting To Wear Thin - Cnnpoliti

Biden's Laid-Back Style Helped Him Win The White House But May Be Starting To Wear Thin - Cnnpoliti

Analysis: Biden's laid-back style helped him win the White House but may be starting to wear thin

President Joe Biden's brand of crisis leadership is becoming rather familiar -- and even a little stale.

10/17/2021 12:00:00 PM

'US President Joe Biden's brand of crisis leadership is becoming rather familiar -- and even a little stale.' Analysis by StCollinson

President Joe Biden's brand of crisis leadership is becoming rather familiar -- and even a little stale.

Whether it's over a grim turn in the coronavirus pandemic, yet another roadblock to his congressional agenda, the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan or a supply chain crunch that's strangling the economy, Biden's public response is often similar -- and it's keeping him out of sight of everyday Americans whose support he needs to muster his agenda through Congress. He has fallen into a pattern of delivering short, televised speeches from one of the state rooms in the White House or elsewhere in the presidential complex.After his $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan and $3.5 trillion spending plan failed to make it through Congress earlier this month, Biden vowed to travel the country to sell Americans on his vision. He has made several recent trips -- to Michigan to tout large-scale investment in the economy and to Illinois to push his spending plans and vaccine mandates -- and he's off to Connecticut on Friday. But there's no sign of a barnstorming coast-to-coast presidential tour or a relentless daily coordinated messaging push to shake Democrats out of the schism over his agenda that is raising doubts about the party's capacity to lead. As he tries to coax two moderate Senate Democrats, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, to deal with frustrated House progressives, the President has failed to do what would help him most: drum up popular support needed to make a deal.Biden White House

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StCollinson This was almost a decent article until it was obvious the writer is biased and promoting the 4.5 trillion spending bill. Why is it that CNN has lost all objectivity and all impartiality in its reporting. Every single article or minute of live TV is used as leftist propaganda.Why? StCollinson Over it

StCollinson Baloney. StCollinson Sorry you find leadership boring. Sad StCollinson Let’s go Brandon!! StCollinson Compared to Trump’s “style”, give me Biden 24-7 StCollinson Dems reel as Supreme Court orders ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy reinstated under Biden🔥 StCollinson And here CNN continues to help the republican party in their campaign to regain power in 2022 and 2024. Yeah, I can see why a calm and thinking man in the Oval Office instead of a raving lunatic would be such a bad thing for the country...and world. Jesus Christ CNN.

StCollinson StCollinson go away CNN owned by qATT StCollinson Joe Biden is a crisis. Just ask the people he left behind in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden Is Not Jimmy Carter, and This Is Not the 1970s'The tensions between Biden’s White House and the progressive and centrist 'wings' of his party are a walk in the park compared to what Carter had to deal with every day of his presidency,' writes ed_kilgore

StCollinson StCollinson Better than the alternative StCollinson J Carter rerun StCollinson StopCommunalAttack SaveBangladeshiHindus BangladeshiHinduWantSafety WeDemandSafety WeDemandJustice SaveHindus SaveHinduTemples SaveOurCommunity SaveHumanity StCollinson As opposed the chaos of just over 9 months ago of Trump? Trying to create news where there aren't any. Same media that enabled the ill equipped, toxic & polarising Trump. Same racist media that consistently referred to Pres. Obama as polarising but never used it to describe Trump

StCollinson The guy these propeganda media worked together hard to elect is the sole reason for all the disaster... StCollinson Don't tell me you miss the asinine antics of the drama queen Daffy Donald Trump? Results are more important than TV ratings (even if that's all Daffy Donald cared about). StCollinson Laid back polarizing

StCollinson Subtext: we were conditioned over the prior four years to cover the whims of a dangerous homunculus, and a president that acts like a rational adult doesn't score the same ratings StCollinson I find it refreshing instead of all the publicized firings

President Biden Says It's Tough Being a Cop, Rejects Defunding PoliceJoe doesn't wants to offer more resources to cops, not less. Did you have a seizure while writing this tweet? defunding the police is a bad idea start to finish Instead there should be funding and mandatory training in tolerance and lowering their aggression towards people in custody or anyone who questions their position of power. Is this a quote

StCollinson Fuk off ATT StCollinson I heard the only way Joe Biden's aids can get him out of bed is to tell him that there's a 9 year old girl with long hair waiting to meet him in the office. StCollinson I know I hate it when a leader is quietly competent and just does the job without rage tweeting from toilet at 3am after a bad Big Mac. You know what’s stale? CNNs bullshit opinion pieces.

StCollinson No, CNN. This is just, good old boring normal. You may lose some audience members, but, that’s ok. Normal is what you need. StCollinson CNN editorial meeting: producers and editors checking out Fox News to see what they’re saying. “That’s what we lead with!” StCollinson Faux contrarian clickbait analyses from cable News channels is becoming stale.

StCollinson the analysis suggests you prefer this...👇🏽To be clear we do not. StCollinson F Joe Biden StCollinson It’s what it is joe StCollinson The only thing STALE here is the writer StCollinson !

U.S. Senator Manchin slams Bernie Sanders in battle over Biden spending planU.S. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia slammed fellow lawmaker Bernie Sanders late Friday over his attempts to garner support for President Joe Biden's multi-trillion-dollar spending package in the latest example of infighting among key lawmakers over the plan. thanks

StCollinson Dear CNN...The office of the president is not a reality tv show. StCollinson Crisis're joking...? StCollinson Let’s go Brandon! StCollinson After 4 years of no leadership? I’ll take it. StCollinson So what you're saying is that you're bored? Shame he's not tap dancing enough for you.

StCollinson CNN: ' We miss the doom-scrolling that we all used to do at 3am with TFG. That was never stale.' MediaIsBroken StCollinson 38 years Wiles of the devil from birth wrestled not against flesh and blood 38 years in a evil day with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that have perished. Help us all our blood body of Jesus our word of God my word of God KJV Bible, Amen. My KJV on my Dash of car.

StCollinson Stopped watching CNN 9 months ago. Stale news entertainment. StCollinson “Stale” = we don’t have reality TV level “drama” for click bait so we’ll help tank Biden’s approval ratings StCollinson Yea well, yall thought Bernie was too spicy so we got president boiled chicken.

DeSantis threatens to sue Biden administration over vaccine mandateFlorida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday threatened to sue the Biden administration over an anticipated coronavirus vaccine mandate. You said DeSantis DeSantis needs to keep his COVID-19 going on as long as Biden is in office — needless deaths are acceptable to DeSantis as they have been since he first allowed them thousands of deaths ago... Lol bring it DeathSantis

Walmart, FedEx, UPS will increase operations to ease supply chain bottlenecks, Biden saysBackups at key U.S. ports in California have doubled the time it takes for some products to arrive from Asia. The Biden administration promises a '90-day sprint.' i blame brexit Let’s go Brandon!!!

Biden: 'Democracy survived' Capitol riot because of policeStanding in front of the Capitol, President Joe Biden paid tribute on Saturday to fallen police officers and honored those who fought off the Jan. 6 insurrection at that very site 1inch 20$soon🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 buildthewallbitch dementedpres DissolvetheUnion At least he recognized those fallen police officers. Better than last administration.