Asia, As Many Countries Struggle With Covid-19, China Just Set İts Agenda For The Next 15 Years - Cnn

Asia, As Many Countries Struggle With Covid-19

Analysis: As many countries struggle to plan weeks ahead, China just set its agenda for the next 15 years

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10/29/2020 12:15:00 PM

As many countries struggle to plan weeks ahead, China just set its agenda for the next 15 years | Analysis by jgriffiths

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In a series of closed-door meetings in the capital, top Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials hashed out the country's next five-year plan -- and even drew up a"vision" for 2035, a long-term proposal for the year which President Xi Jinping has set as a deadline for China to"basically achieve socialist modernization."Whatever is agreed at the plenum, by a tiny cohort of leaders, will shape policy for the entire country of 1.3 billion people, implemented at all levels by Communist Party bureaucrats, state-controlled enterprises, and the all-powerful security state. While full details of the fresh five-year plan may not be unveiled until China's rubber-stamp parliament meets next year, key goals that have been previewed in state media include a pivot away from GDP growth at all costs, cutting carbon emissions and achieving self-sufficiency in technology and science, amid increasing pressure from the United States on that front. This kind of long-term planning is in contrast to the often flip-flopping nature of democracies, where promises and plans set in place by one government are vulnerable to being undone by the next -- a point often highlighted in Chinese state media to defend the legitimacy of Beijing's authoritarian system. Read MoreFew American presidents have put this into starker relief than Donald Trump, who upon taking office scrapped a major trade deal, withdrew the US from the Paris climate accord, and set about dismantling the Iran nuclear agreement, essentially reversing all the long-term policy established by the Obama administration. "China is a country that keeps its words," state news agency Xinhua said in a commentary Thursday."Once the five-year plan is finalized, the country -- from the central government to local governments -- will ensure its implementation." Of course, the reason China can make such grand plans, and implement them, is that it is ruled by an authoritarian system that brooks no dissent, ensuring leaders are confident of political stability for the next five, if not 15, years. 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jgriffiths 牛逼 jgriffiths 10/29/2020: Trump’s Economy Record Breaking U.S. GDP booms at 33.1% rate in Q3, better than expected. Despite all Democratic States still on Lockdown. jgriffiths Germ warfare... jgriffiths Easy to do in a Communist country. jgriffiths Cnn真的舔共。。。。 jgriffiths Yeah, they need to plan for a new revenue stream since they've lost their biggest customer, We the People. Screw them. Buy American. Can't find it? Start a business making it, you'll be busy.

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China eyes launch of emissions trading scheme over next five years, official saysChina is targeting the launch of a nationwide emissions trading scheme during the period from 2021 to 2025, the top climate official said on Wednesday, signalling another delay to the long-awaited carbon trading platform. Just another Chinese ponzi scheme. Corruption in the form of guanxi system will undermine any benefit. .But hey, nice optics and can always give it a try. So thumbs up for making the attempt. 90% of news about covid and trump China official is member of CCP. CcpLiePeopleDie Who would trust any commitment from a liar?!

Dow falls more than 200 points as coronavirus cases continue to rise, tech shares lift NasdaqStocks fell once again on Tuesday as the coronavirus continues to batter the U.S. ahead of next week’s presidential election. - The Dow fell 221 points. - The S&P 500 lost .3%. - The Nasdaq rose .64%. $btc is up tho I'm thinking this is just the beginning.

Two largest U.S. airline flight attendant unions endorse BidenThe two largest U.S. flight attendant unions, representing more than 75,000 workers, endorsed Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday ahead of the U.S. presidential election next week. WGAF So This is crazy. He wants to keep the lockdown in place.

TikTok to hire 3,000 engineers as it expands globallyTikTok has plans to hire about 3,000 engineers over the next three years, mostly in Europe, Canada and Singapore, the company told Reuters on Tuesday. Get him out, TikTok!!!! Meanwhile it is banned in countries contributing 25% world's population (USA, India & Pakistan). Population without smartphones? 🤷🏻‍♂️ tiktokcreators welcome to Africa, we might be jigger infested but smart 🤣🤣

Venmo, Square Cash, And Paypal Give The QR Code A Second LifeQR codes have been the dominant mobile payment tool in many Asia n countries for nearly a decade but have yet to catch on in the US. It’s time to explore why now Square, Paypal, Venmo, ExxonMobile, and even Apple seem to agree that now may be the time Bitcoin 🔥 🚀 While Bitcoin use QR Code since 10 years. QR code have secret messages in them.. most are racist to say the least!

Brace for a ‘fairly scary time' on Wall Street, Wells Fargo warnsWells Fargo Securities’ Michael Schumacher sees major headwinds over the next week to ten days. TradingNation Why hasn’t NBC news booked Tony Bobukinski as a guest on one of their many news channels? Would be very good to see him on Morning Joe to discuss the validity of his Biden family experiences with China & many other countries. TradingNation How many fraud accounts has Wells Fargo opened in the last few years ? Anyone ? No one should listen to anything Wells Fargo says. TradingNation They said that since March & the only scary thing that’s happened since then is their price action , they should really be speaking for themselves not all of Wall Street , crypto has been spanking them all year along with PayPal & SQ . They should be scared , not us .