An unexpected emotion arises for some who are catching this wave of Covid: Relief

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1/16/2022 3:21:00 AM

Some with recent Covid diagnoses are finding that contracting the illness they worked so hard to dodge for so long has brought them an unexpected reprieve from anxiety — instead of compounding it further.

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.record number of infectionsMakie Fuse.“For the past two years, we’ve been so stressed with lockdowns, but also with the symptoms. Every headache, every sore throat, every feeling of being tired could be a symptom,” she said.“It was that relief of ‘I’m not crazy. I am feeling this, and I tested positive, and I’m going through something that a lot of other people have gone through as well’”

“I was waiting for this. You’ve been in this scary movie, and you’ve been running so long that you know that the bad guy is going to show up and get you,” she said.There are signs that the omicron-driven surge might soon peak nationwide, and it has already started to in

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People who had to play Russian roulette are relieved after the gun didn’t shoot... SATIRE: In financial news today, has been acquired in a private sale by Thanos, who spoke to reporters only briefly, stating 'most of my work here is already done, thanks to the cooperation of those folks in the red hats...'

SATIRE: On the financial page today, it was announced with little fanfare that has been acquired by Thanos, who purports to have big plans for the news outlet. In a brief interview, the arch enemy of the Avengers claimed that 'most of my work here is already done...' No. No. No. Do better. Yes, and some get Long Covid and some die. Not sure what your point is.

Don’t worry, if you die it’s just like sleeping! After 2 years I finally caught the Omicron coronavirus. Am I relieved? Fuck no! Now I have pneumonia and struggling for breath, hooked to an oxygen concentrator. And if I get better, IF, I have long Covid to look forward to. Do people know they can catch it more than once?

But you won’t know how bad or easy time you’ll have until you have it. Don’t go looking for trouble stupid people not paying attention to long term effects & the media trying to normalize getting sick intentionally. 1 in 3 adults gets shingles, a condition they’d never have to suffer from if they never had chickenpox it will be 30 years before we know the full damage of covid

My god is this irresponsible. It can kill the wrong person. Do not try and get it. Shame

Covid-19: No further Covid-related deaths and 2,668 casesThe total number of deaths linked to the virus reported by the Department of Health is 3,035.

will be funny when they catch it again. wipe those smug smiles off Less anxiety only because mainstream media hasn't been reporting on the fact that LongCovid is Penn State est 50% of all infected & has no testing/treatment as all postviral=lack of research=lack of supports. I'm 40yrs+ due to mono at age 12 facing end of life cuz of abdication

So does the 800,000 who died from it justify some anxiety? Imagine the relief of contracting something that will likely have long term health effects that will certainly be considered pre existing conditions by your advertisers selectedwisdom Sounds like incredibly irresponsible reporting. Strong 'Get the peons back to work' vibe here.

You ever hear of ABLEISM ? Look it up ffs. This la la la it’s a relief to get Covid is ABLEIST, sociopathic even, like Kavanaugh. My daughter has long Covid. MILLIONS of Ppl born w/immunodeficiency disorders & other disabilities can DIE from Covid, inc Justice Sotamayor. selectedwisdom I'd imagine their anxiety pales in comparison to the anxiety of disabled and immunocompromised people - some of whom have been shielding for 2 years - who are at high risk of dying from COVID and who worry they might be denied treatment, but God forbid you interview any of them.

Long-covid can still happen to asymptomatic, vaccinated cases. Post-covid, like post-polio, is also a concern. Covid is a vascular disease, not a respiratory disease. This is a horribly irresponsible piece.

An unexpected emotion arises for some who are catching this wave of Covid: ReliefAs the pandemic enters its third year, some with recent Covid diagnoses are finding that contracting the illness they worked so hard to dodge for so long has brought them an unexpected reprieve from anxiety — instead of compounding it further.

Seriously? This is what you're going with when the ICUs are full? yes the possibility of my children having life-long complications from this disease would be relieving........ Reported this as misinformation. selectedwisdom Irresponsible article! Until they find out they can catch it again. So no mention of Long Covid? You think devastating chronic illness doesn't matter?

DID COVID WRITE THIS You working from the Russia bureau? I know FOX is Russian propaganda but you too NBC? How irresponsible at the very least.

Baltimore prosecutor allegedly lied to get COVID relief funds, loans to buy Florida homesThe indictment states Mosby made two different withdrawals, one of $40,000 and the other for $50,000 claiming financial hardship due to the pandemic.

This is an irresponsible article. People who get Covid once can get it again. Any 'relief of anxiety' is a complete illusion. Your article might well cause some readers to give up on masking and other protections, which is terrible. Even that relief was short-lived. DontLookUp Fuuuuucccccckkkkk yyyyyyooooouuuuu!!!! Reported.

So, knowing almost no reads the articles, NBC is going with “why resist? enjoy that alleviation of suspense. Maybe brunch with the girls is a good idea, even tho you have a too young to vax toddler.” you are all indecent. this is shameful.

How ’Bout This Jazz newsletter: Joe Ingles details his and his family’s bout with COVID-19In this installment of the 'How ’Bout This Jazz' newsletter, Joe Ingles gives some details on being in the health and safety protocol. Plus, some quickie interviews with three of the players signed to 10-day contracts.

Here's to a false sense of security, and long covid for NBC and it's big pharma shareholders This is wildly irresponsible and dangerous gaslighting. Nah would you look at that ratio.. No it didn’t That's called resignation. It's not a good thing. KyleKulinski krystalball daviddoel I’m surprised this isn’t MSNBC top story every show pushing this trash.

Are you guys really that hard up for a new take that you would concoct bullsh*t like this? Are you fking high?! Post chemo brain is relaxing to you?!!! And how fun is the drug lottery? Yeah the ones who don't die or end up chronically ill lmao

Insurers aren't ready to pay for Americans' home COVID-19 testsInsurers are scrambling to set up systems that reimburse Americans for rapid tests by Saturday deadline. I'm not ready to pay my premiums.... so there Who forgot to submit their pre-authorization? 😂 Tests should arrive in the mail every week. No questions asked. This is total bullsh!t. Most insurance plans already have established networks of preferred pharmacies. They are counting on confusion and red tape to discourage people from filing claims.

It shouldn’t. They are starting to understand that reinfection happens commonly, and is a disaster for the immune system, as well as for major organs, the heart in particular. Do you all have any idea the magnitude of this if even 1% of the infected get significant autoimmune issues down the line? It will be massive.

I literally know so many people that have Omicron right now. Not one of them feels relived. In fact several are super anxious bc they feel terrible which is scaring them as the media says Omicron is mild. Do better! Delete this nonsense. Getting sick and at risk for chronic lifelong illness isn’t good or less anxiety inducing

This is incredibly irresponsible reporting. 'Fuck 'em all, let God sort 'em out!' --NBC 'News'

Utah leaders have surrendered to COVID pandemic, the Editorial Board writesEditorial: 'For more than two years now, officials at all levels and in all branches of our government have missed chance after chance to get a handle on this rapidly spreading and evolving virus.' SCOTUS decision about individual rights not workplace safety. FreeDumb extraordinaire Patbagley That’s what happens when you follow an authoritarian madman for your public health advice.

And some people began a health nightmare and others died. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. This is fucking propaganda NBC? WTF NBC? COVID is great and we love it. Huge fans. reporting for misinformation. Please do better NBC. has ignored the severity and significance of LongCovid from the beginning. It’s more than an inconvenient truth now- it’s a crisis. Please cover it accordingly.

🖕🏽 I’ve heard some fools say this. “Enjoy your immunity” they tell each other or “your pandemic is over”. Until long Covid kicks in of course.

So irresponsible. Corporate media is changing the narrative again cause the vaccines are not working. Jesus fuck this is irresponsible. In NO WAY, no matter how obliquely, should you be hinting that getting Covid had an upside. Also, how many newly-diabled/long covid patients did you talk to and quote? Not giving your assinine article clicks, but I bet it was zero.

Anybody who feels 'relieved' after getting COVID is a fool as long as it keeps circulating and virulent evasive mutations remain a high probability. Giving a non judgemental voice to that insanity makes us all less safe. Shitpost I just got over Covid and this headline is bullshit. I was so scared for myself and my husband who has diabetes and high blood pressure that I had a major panic attack after 5 days of sickness and no sleep. It was awful. We are 3X vaxxed and still caught it. Stressful.

Over 851,000 US Covid deaths and this is the article you run? I can confirm. But my perspective is skewed by the fact that I am triple vaxxed, four days in, and this is one of the mildest colds I've ever had. This is bullshit. LongCovid is not something anyone wants!!! Shame on this slanted article, show “compassion” to all the families that are losing loved ones or suffering long covid from Omicron -it isn’t always mild. Especially when it overwhelms Healthcare Workers & the system! Do an article from inside a covid ward!WTHnbcnews

Hey NBC, I just reported this tweet for disinformation. Have a great evening! WHAT THE ACTUAL Jfc. Are you trying to beat NY times for shittiest takes? This is blatantly irresponsible. Which advertiser wanted this story? wtf is this “How mild can a variant be?” Did Covid write this? read 'GET BACK TO WORK'

Here's an update I got on my unvaccinated cousin today. Doesn't sound like he's experiencing a 'reprieve from anxiety'. Delete this post & fire the journalist who wrote it. It's irresponsible as fuck. My whole family got it, because i work in a school with worthless state regulations and no enforcement. No it doesn't.

And some are on ventilators. You’re just talkin survivorship bias. Everyone who survives thinks they’re exceptional in some way… they’re not. Just fooled by randomness. NBC News: Catch a virus for the economy (everyone is doing it) Yeah the ones who don't get hospitalized (owing tens of thousands of dollars and being subject to potential lifelong health problems) or just plain die

'Get back to work peasants! You're gonna get the plague anyway, so might as well fluff up the economy before you expire!' 😒 Can't wait to see how all of our cardiovascular and nervous systems fare in the much longer term after COVID... God, to think i used to respect journalists once

This is extremely irresponsible 'journalism' and will only exacerbate our situation with COVID19 as others jump on the bandwagon and just 'let it rip'. Shame on NBC News. yeah, absolutely not Please show some info about l.c. in a vaccinated population. Maybe start with the study from Israel today showing it ain't a thing.

wow. just wow. normalize pandemic. Sickness is Health. Did coronavirus write this I hear a sense of warm and relaxing calmness overcomes people when they freeze to death 👍 Did a pandemic write this? The dead are seldom anxious. 👎

So what you're saying is the dead sleep sound. Got it. Weird take during a pandemic but hey, you do you as they say... This. 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 Just goes to show that no matter how insane and irresponsible GOP positions are, wait 6 months and the MSM will start parroting it. We have a right-wing narrative problem and a complicit press.

10 weeks: People waiting in front of child urgent cares would disagree There's a special place in hell for every person involved in this article. Cowriters of this article are Covid and Capitalism. You can get it more than once! hacks I fixed it. -- Disclaimer: This is satire. This image is edited. So now you are in the business of promoting Covid? This is dangerous on so many levels, shameful!

This is an irresponsible attempt at journalism Its.marvelous that most comments to the article prove people aren't easily swayed by such idiocracy. No, catching covid is not alright nor a relief. It is a danger to the human race as a whole and to be avoided at all cost. NBC is not the only outlet trying to normalize it.

As more evidence of viral persistence will anxiety. Can SARSCoV2 establish latent reservoir from which to cause impact weeks, months, years later? EBV causes MS...we still haven't located where HIV hides? LongCOVID is only ONE future. If you’re vaccinated maybe. Might be a different story if you’re not. Ugh.

And I thought the mainstream media propagandizing for the Iraq War was bad. Now this is some *REAL* platinum-grade bullshit. Someone battling long Covid certainly didn’t write this. When you run out of things to both-sides in politics, turn to playing down Covid infection. “But the CDC guidelines…”🤦🏼‍♂️

Shame on you Media working overtime to try to convince you that you should go ahead and get infected. They also worked overtime to convince you that we should go to war in Iraq and that we need more cops because of an imaginary crime wave.

...white others are suffering in ambulances, waiting to be seen in emergency rooms that are packed to the rafters because there are no hospital rooms for the patients that need to be admitted. NBC News is sick. Bullshit More ridiculous propaganda trying to spin our government's disastrous covid response

Lmao Manufacturing consent, much? Fixed it for you. Others are dead. Soooo anyway 🖕... What the actual fuck? Irresponsible 'reporting'

Is this the Onion? Where this tweet should have gone: If you’re vaxxed why would you be any less anxious about it after getting it than when you already had immunity from the vaccine? Im boosted and not worried about getting it but just trying to understand how anyone who was worried about getting it would now feel better getting it

How I stopped worrying and loved the virus 1 year later: “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” Are you FUCKING kidding me huh lol

Covid is the only mental healthcare Biden will fight to provide Whoever wrote this better form up so we can all take turns spitting in their mouth. For their mental health you understand Propaganda Disgusting. This tidbit of “news” I find to be terribly misleading - the implication being quit worrying about trying to prevent getting covid - ignorance and hubris makes a bad combination

Look Patrick capitalist propaganda! Wtf?! You will die for capital so you should not spend time worrying about it. There at least write what you mean and stop trying to fool people...

“Go catch mild SARS, it’s so relaxing”. Meanwhile Goldman Sachs, Jeffries, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Google, Facebook etc all work form home. You are fooling nobody . We see you. We refuse to be “herd” in an experiment that will not succeed. This is irresponsible reporting. well this is dark Pure garbage. This is some outrageous corporate propaganda that Mussolini would have envied for subtlety.

In a related story those who dodged the Black Death were relieved to contract it and die. Yeah, death will tend to relieve the anxieties of life Is this a joke? People who are infected with a deadly virus that breaches the blood-brain barrier and may cause untold symptoms for years feel...relief? This is propaganda and you are killing people

Covid is causing strokes in people in their 20s, lesions on lungs and brains, and irreversible neurological damage. This is such evil and terrifying propaganda.

It's been 13 hours, how have you not deleted this yet? I wonder how the 850K Americans who died from Covid feel about this? I made it all the way to “You might be comfortable one week going out to a restaurant, and then cases go up and you step it back. “ 😂😂😂 yes what could POSSIBLY have caused those cases to go back up 🤦🏼‍♀️

Is this the Onion’s eugenics edition? MyDisabledLifeIsWorthy echuckles do you think the families of the ~14,000 people who have died from Covid in the last week feel relief?What about families with small children, elderly, and immune-compromised? I’m sure they feel a sense of reprieve from anxiety while isolating in their basement ethics

Damn just straight up manufacturing consent in the open now. Will no longer look to you as a reputable news source. 2022 'some' is doing a fuckton of work in this headline. How many newly-disabled long covid sufferers did you talk to? How many people newly high risk for stroke? What is wrong with all of you?

Why is presenting this article as fact instead of paid propaganda? FATWO 🏴 Rich people really are missing there workers huh Does NBC even report news any longer as this is BS. Consent machine go brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Muera la inteligencia! Viva la Muerte! Hey kids! Do you fear an airborne virus that can disable you for life, cause brain damage & may even destroy your immune system? Get infected & your silly fears will melt away. The beautiful people in this article did it. And you can too! 😳 This is some serious bullshit.

nobody ever catches covid twice! Nope! No way! People are attacking this because of the lede but if you read it, it is nuanced. As someone who just got covid after 2 yrs of not getting it, not getting any rlly bad symptoms or felt ill, I understand the sentiment psychologically speaking. Still wary of reinvention, long covid.

Some with recent zombie bites are finding that meeting the ghouls they worked so hard to dodge for so long has brought them an unexpected reprieve from anxiety — instead of compounding it further. So we should all get some relief? Is that the message? '10 reasons it's actually GOOD to catch covid, 8 will amaze you'

2000 dying per day This is dangerous and you should delete the entire article. We don't understand the effects of king covid yet and you are risking people to it by implying it's OK. Are any of the kids in the picture that accompanies the NBC tweet under 5? 'Cause hoping they aren't killed or disabled for life when they're infected by their parents or others is probably a bit anxiety inducing...... JFC, NBC.

Reported for covid misinformation. NBC should be censured. STAY AT WORK. SICKNESS IS STRENGTH. WTF This is absolute bullshit.

Survivorship bias Not me. Covid is bad for your organs and is neurologically active. Catching a given variant zero times is best and catching any multiple variants zero times is best. this is incredibly irresponsible viewing covid as a quirky romantic comedy. It is incredibly irresponsible to not address that people can catch covid more than once and you aren't 'safe' just because you survive getting it.

And some are ending up with a lifelong disability. So why don’t our politicians go get it and show us this like the leaders they were elected to be? I expect Joe to have it by week’s end. This should help him with such a stressful job.

Consent manufacturing machine go brrrrrrrrr This trash misinformation will get people killed. nothing could be further from the truth Report tweet for COVID misinformation. You first, NBC ghouls. putting out some major 'enemy of the people' vibes with this one fam I've heard similar things about terminal diagnoses and drowning.

7 of 10 people polled feared being kicked in the crotch - but now are glad it's over and done with!?! Source: Plus if you die you won’t feel any anxiety at all!

Long term side effects absolutely psychotic reporting this is some 'resistance is futile' shit Oh FFS 😡🖕🏽 Nope Just do it! Just get it! Everyone else is doing it! Don’t you want to feel good! What are you, chicken? Ah yes, a reprieve from anxiety I’ll get by catching a disease that will likely bring on early onset Alzheimers or other neurological disorders. Such reprieve, much relax 🙃 Irresponsable and dangerous media!

Meanwhile, some others with recent Covid diagnoses are saying they'd like to be able to breathe again.

? How much did the author make selling their soul writing this? Just wanna get an idea of what the market value of a journalist is . right now: 'just get covid already for the economy' Is it because they died? Nah, I'm more anxious now that my partner and I have caught it. Quarantining to keep others safe means we both miss 2 weeks of pay. That's a whole paycheck each. The other alternative was going to work and spreading the virus more - not happening. This is manufactured consent.

Sickening and murderous 'And I for one welcome our new insect overlords.' Wtf

Not one person has felt an unexpected reprieve. Stupid propaganda BS. What the fuck is this bullshit Some sound like fucking morons. I haven't gotten it, and I don't want it. If I get it, I'm going to be miserable and pissed. Wow. Just wow. This is incredible journalism (corporate propaganda). 'Omikron! Better than Xanax' - Some NBC News pitch guy, probably.

Stunningly evil thing to post Slow day for the propaganda machine, huh?

DeSantis is that you? I know your work when I see it. Ah yes, the sweet release of death And some have long Covid, and some are dead. RIP to them but I'm different Me when I finally get chosen by the Covid gods Propaganda this is the kind of brainwashing that Americans love to claim happens in china I call bullshit. People are dying and suffering lifelong debilitating conditions. This is just trying to trick people into caring more about going back to work and making money for their bosses over their health and their families.

“The people who caught omicron and lived are relieved, and the people that died can’t contradict us because they’re dead, so clearly yall should embrace your inevitable infection❤️” .DrEricDing check out this absolutely insane piece more or less encouraging people to get covid to reduce their anxiety about covid.

Some. Even vaccinated people can catch COVID-19 multiple times. Reporting for health misinformation. ahhhhh propaganda You know what would relieve stress? If people just took the vaccine and we wouldn’t have to keep living like this (As well as did everything possible so that people who haven’t been able to be vaccinated can be) (And maybe universal health care in general)

I don’t think the families of people who died from Covid find any relief. honestly i wasnt that scared of me getting it until more recently learning about the long covid symptoms especially parosmia. i'm currently covid positive as of 5 days ago (symptoms stopped yesterday pretty much) but like i'm more anxious about those symptoms now.

This is a straight up lie Total mind f uck Did omnicron write this? Crazy.

Yeah, totally happy & relieved to be a wounded person that makes it out of a horror movie 🖕 Reported for encouraging self harm I'd feel like a massive failure if I actively avoided covid for 2 years, got a vaccine if not multiple, and still got covid. My family went about living, taking some simple precautions. But dude it’s 3 years now. I dodged it until our community got hit hard and I ended up getting it. It was no more than a sniffle and now with 3 doses and having it I’m ready to rock the world again.

Sure is nice to have a free press. This headline could have been pulled from a Paul Verhoeven satirical movie about a deadly pandemic. NBC news is more than useless they’re the active enemy Heres the truth ,Covid does long term damage to your organs. The government only says they don't want 'the system' to be overloaded. But yeah there is a kicker. You may need a transplant.

“This is wonderful news!” said the Pi variant. DanielRAlonso Some of us never feared COVD as much as we dreaded the reaction to it. We just lived our lives as best we could hoping the rest of you would see the madness and decide to stop it.

Stop you can keep getting it, you know, and it gets worse each time Not only is reinfection a concern, but in many cases doctors have found lifelong damage in some cases. And considering that this is a new and unknown disease, I don't see any relief from it. The only possible relief is to do what is recommended by doctors and scientists.

Oh my word. This is terrible that they don't know they're going to catch it again. 😳🤦‍♀️ This is rediculous. Every chain of transmission ends in a death. Or hospitalization. Just because they got through it doesn't mean other people will. And we have no idea what long-term effects it will cause, or what a second or third infection will cause. Unpredictable.

“There’s no need for hate now—or love.” You don't get long term immunity after contracting covid, anymore than you do the flu. Oh the idiocy.... 1. now they can look forward to worrying about long covid 2. they can catch it again and there's no way to predict if it will be less or more severe. This story is in NYT realm of ridiculous stories. This story is an insult to those who were hospitalized or are now dealing with long term covid. Yes, there are people who have received 2 shots+ booster who are getting 'mild' cases, but this is not to be promoted as desirable .

Lol. Maybe that's why gillibrand defied the mask mandate and thinks an apology fixes it Wait till they find they can catch it more than once. They realized 99.7% of people survive it That’s because of FakeNews Fauci This is EXACTLY how I feel. I'm actually relieved my house had covid. Well, it’s taken NBC 2 years to figure this out… Is fear porn over?

reinfections with the arrival of omicron in patients who caught earlier strains. Reinfections are happening in both vaccinated as well as unvaccinated people, he said, although the protection afterward is . Still, the relief upon catching Covid can be about more than just feeling protected. Makie Fuse, 30, lives in Melbourne, Australia, a nation that used strict lockdowns to contain the pandemic earlier and now is seeing a record number of infections amid the spread of omicron and a loosening of restrictions. Fuse is not yet eligible for her booster in Australia, but she has received her first two Covid vaccinations. She tested positive last week after developing a sore throat that kept getting worse to the point of being “unbearable,” she said. Makie Fuse. Courtesy Makie Fuse She felt scared when she found out she had Covid, but after so long thinking she might have it, she said there was also something relieving in knowing she finally did. “For the past two years, we’ve been so stressed with lockdowns, but also with the symptoms. Every headache, every sore throat, every feeling of being tired could be a symptom,” she said. It felt like the first time she didn’t have to question herself. “It was that relief of ‘I’m not crazy. I am feeling this, and I tested positive, and I’m going through something that a lot of other people have gone through as well,’” she said. “It was that relief of ‘I’m not crazy. I am feeling this, and I tested positive, and I’m going through something that a lot of other people have gone through as well’” In Rhode Island, Moon’s daughter got a mild case of Covid, but Moon, her husband and her 6-year-old son, all of whom are vaccinated, initially tested negative. By the end of the week, Moon had developed symptoms. She likened the arrival of Covid in her household to a horror film. “I was waiting for this. You’ve been in this scary movie, and you’ve been running so long that you know that the bad guy is going to show up and get you,” she said. Catching Covid is not inevitable While experts agree it may feel as though Covid is inescapable, they say it’s not inevitable that everyone will get it. There are signs that the omicron-driven surge might soon peak nationwide, and it has already started to in parts of the country . As we move through the peak, Havey said, it’s important to take the same precautions that have been recommended throughout the pandemic: wearing masks, washing hands and getting vaccinated and boosted, if you haven’t already. And there are ways to feel less anxious without having to go through Covid to get there, Wright said. You might be comfortable one week going out to a restaurant, and then cases go up and you step it back. It’s about allowing yourself that flexibility without judgment.” “It really depends on focusing on what’s in your control, making sure you are still doing the protective things you need to do and avoiding high-risk situations, particularly if you have a vulnerable person in your life,” she said. “Once I’ve done all these things, how can I continue to live my life in a way that I am protecting myself but doesn’t make me feel stuck?” Everyone’s risk tolerance will be different, she said, and might vary by the day based on factors such as changing infection rates in a community or simply someone’s mood. “Give yourself permission to have that fluctuate a little, because you might be comfortable one week going out to a restaurant, and then cases go up and you step it back,” Wright said. “It’s about allowing yourself that flexibility without judgment.” For Storm, being vaccinated, boosted and now cleared of his asymptomatic infection makes him feel comfortable enough to go see a local band outdoors, something he likely wouldn’t have done before getting sick. He is not ready to go to someplace like a movie theater and sit next to a stranger whose vaccination status he doesn’t know. But because Covid-19 is likely going to become an endemic illness , like the flu, he hopes to find a way to safely resume more of his pre-pandemic activities. “I’m not going to be bottled up in my house,” he said. “I’m just going to do the best I can.”