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An Interview With Caroline Calloway’s Ghostwriter, Natalie Beach

“There’s many layers of fictionalization within this true story.”


“I’m not mad at her for not talking about me, I actually very explicitly told her not to but I suddenly felt like, ‘Wait a minute, I have a story to tell, and I can tell it,’” said Natalie Beach of her essay about being Caroline Calloway’s ghostwriter

“There’s many layers of fictionalization within this true story.”

I’m interested in the essay’s conception. It’s so crafted. It reads like it could be in a novel or at least in a memoir written by a novelist.

How did the essay come into being? Did you pitch The Cut?

But in January when the creativity tour happened, she started becoming a bigger and bigger public figure

She was back in the news telling the story of her life, and I’m not mad at her for not talking about me, I actually very explicitly told her not to but I suddenly felt like, “Wait a minute, I have a story to tell, and I can tell it.”

I studied screenwriting at N.Y.U., and I prefer that kind of writing because I like the collaborative process. I worked really hard at memoir, and I went to a great creative writing arts school called the Educational Center for the arts in New Haven and I loved writing memoir.

It’s an ongoing process for sure. I am very aware of movements like Gamergate and the hatred that women of color, especially, face, so I by no means am feeling like I’m the true victim of the internet right now.

And I felt that by being raw personally it sort of creates this understanding that we’re all dealing with our own problems and that’s not a dirty secret.

with your account. How do you address people questioning you on the facts? Did you not set out to write something that was purely journalistic, or is there some other explanation of those things?

As for the pencil controversy, I worked at Shorthand, which is a letterpress/stationery store in Los Angeles. I love Shorthand and they were great for me. Everything with Caroline fell apart and I needed a job, and they hired me off the street.

I by no means was trying to fictionalize my life. I just made a word choice that I thought conveyed my emotional state of mind, which is a disbelief that I was going back to work behind a counter as opposed to being a professional writer.

We were talking about Amy Hempel and Lena Dunham and Zadie Smith. When we approached writing together, it was from a place of literary ambition. There are lots of factors that degrade that from a frayed working relationship to trying to type out nice sentence on a keyboard on your phone to the demands of the algorithm. All sorts of things.

Yeah, I think so. Writing with Caroline and for Caroline was an incredible crash course in character creation and honesty and confessional writing. Caroline is a fantastic writer and I think the roadblocks to her creating great literary work have nothing to do with her talent. Her voice is really singular, and I think that’s the reason why she’s a figure who has over the years persisted in our culture.

It’s a small thing, but Caroline was the one who introduced me to the man who did me the great honor of relieving me of my virginity. Which was very nice of her. And I’ll be eternally grateful.

But I also don’t know — Caroline and I haven’t interacted in two years and now suddenly we are in various ways crashing against each other, in front of everyone. I really care about her a lot and I know that she is going through a lot and this might sound disingenuous given that I’m one of the people who is contributing to the tough times.

My favorite book, maybe, is “Grendel” by John Gardner. Its great. It’s about Beowulf but from the perspective of the monster. He is not of nature, but he is not of man and he’s wandering around with this wildly profane internal monologue asking existential questions and eating townspeople.

Read more: The New York Times

Interview me next Two dipshits Make it stop In other news, the Trump administration on Thursday announced the repeal of a major Obama-era clean water regulation that had placed limits on polluting chemicals that could be used near streams, wetlands and other bodies of water. I don’t know what to believe anymore, and I don’t care.

Aka 'I'm a jealous ho' Beach is worse than Calloway man. Hopefully Calloway learned her lesson, which is 'never befriend a nerd unless you're tryin to get stabbed in the back'. These nerds are not loyal Unfollow , do you really think your readers give a crap about this garbage? You’re getting worse all the time, and I hate that!

I've read TheCut article and have worked my way through the two NYT pieces on this phenom, including their many text-links, which is fun though a bit disorienting. At some point I'll make my way through all the posts by CC, NB, and Kayleigh. betterthananovel How is ghostwriting a thing? Hiring someone to do something that you then take credit for?

Are You A Caroline Or A Natalie?Who are you more like — Instagram influencer and self-proclaimed scammer Caroline Calloway, or her former friend and ghostwriter Natalie Beach? a shameless, cheap ploy for clicks - i’m a natalie. wut Caroline 🥶

I simply can't believe this is a topic that is getting any play; I am, however, grateful for the sentence ' . . . who I knew through the pencil community' Who gives a fuck? Who? They both have daddy issues. Who is Caroline Calloway, an explainer:

The Story of Caroline Calloway & Her Ghostwriter Natalie“Caroline first took an interest in me after I wrote an essay about growing up in New Haven. Yale was an obsession of hers; she’d been rejected and never got over it. The fact that I was a Yale townie won me an invitation to her West Village apartment” Love you 🙏🏻♥️ BecomingAmytee have you read this?! I have never heard of Caroline Calloway before in my life and I could have done without

Who is Caroline Calloway? The Instagram influencer Twitter can't stop talking aboutCaroline Calloway has been the hottest topic on Twitter since an article written by her ghostwriter was published by New York Magazine's The Cut. KEEP HER AWAY FROM THE CLINTONS! ClintonBodyCount I can't start talking about her 🤷‍♂️ Stop making people that do nothing into something...

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