Explosions, Nicholas Figueroa, Maria Hrynenko, East Village Manhattan

Explosions, Nicholas Figueroa

An Illegal Gas Line Killed 2 People. Should the Landlord Go to Prison?

The owner of the East Village building and two others took shortcuts out of greed, setting off a fiery explosion, prosecutors said.


In 2015, an explosion in the East Village in New York City killed 2 people. On Monday, a Manhattan jury is set to begin hearing testimony against a landlord and 2 other people who prosecutors said caused the explosion by setting up an illegal gas line.

The owner of the East Village building and two others took shortcuts out of greed, setting off a fiery explosion, prosecutors said.

The wreckage stunned the neighborhood and left many New Yorkers concerned about the darker side of the city’s housing boom and the fragility of its underpinnings. The blast happened just over a year after

The Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., has said he intended the charges to stand as a warning to building owners willing to cut corners to profit from high rents.

Prosecutors said that the owner of the two buildings,

, 63, illegally tapped into a gas line in one building to service tenants in another in an effort to keep them and their high rents while the building was being renovated. The average rent was $6,000 per month.

That’s when the defendants illegally tapped a gas line, prosecutors said. Two months later, after receiving complaints about the smell of gas, utility workers found that a line from a

Con Edison turned the gas off to that building for nine days and restored service after the tapping apparatus was removed. But prosecutors said the defendants had rigged a series of pipes and valves at 119 Second Avenue, a neighboring building that was also owned by Ms. Hrynenko, to provide gas to the apartments.

During that inspection, Mr. Kukic and Mr. Ioannidis turned off the secret gas line. Afterward, prosecutors said, Mr. Kukic and Ms. Hrynenko’s son, Michael Hrynenko Jr., turned the gas back on, but did not close several valves in the basement of 121 Second Avenue that had been opened for pressure tests by Con Edison.

Read more: The New York Times

Yes Yes, if they are responsible, life in prison. If found guilty, I want everyone involved in setting up the illegal gas line nailed: punished to the fullest extent of the law. uhhh 2 people died so YEAH Hillary and Bill get away with Murder all the time Of course Absolutely! Should have already been in prison according to the article.

Like when Bill Ayers GF and 3 others were building a bomb and were Domestic Terrorists and it went off and killed his Girlfriend? Like that? Related topic: What happens when somebody hacks the gas grid? In MA we had an entire neighborhood blow up after the pressure increased (Not to give anyone ideas). I for one will never get hooked up to city-gas after that!


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Yes. Landlords are responsible for repairs to the exterior and structure of a property including problems with the roof, chimneys, walls, guttering and drains. Landlords must make sure the equipment for supplying water, gas and electricity is kept in safe working order. Undocumented gas line? since its a New York building, the owner has money, so they will hire top lawyers, who will get the charges dropped to a simple violation and pay the value of a parking ticket, around $100. The wealthy do not go to jail if they kill the poor - If they take $ from the rich they do

Yes. Well, hell yeah, Kushner should go to jail over it. 100% Absolutely Yes

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