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2020 Presidential Election, Joe Biden

'An existential threat': Catholic group's anti-Biden ad campaign targets swing state voters

'An existential threat': Catholic group's anti-Biden ad campaign targets swing state voters

9/16/2020 6:05:00 AM

'An existential threat': Catholic group's anti-Biden ad campaign targets swing state voters

CatholicVote said it invested $9.7 million in the ad campaign, which aspires to reach more than 5 million voters.

A Catholic voting group said on Tuesday that it is investing $9.7 million in campaign ads to draw attention to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's alleged lack of support for Catholic issues.CatholicVote, a non-profit political group based in Madison, Wisconsin, said it is striving to reach at least 5 million swing state voters with the campaign's messaging before Election Day. The group said on its website that, though it does not belong to any one political party, it is willing to endorse candidates.

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"Joe Biden's record makes clear he will not protect our Catholic values or defend our way of life," CatholicVote President Brian Burch said in a news release."For Catholics who cherish the Faith and their freedom to live it, a Biden presidency represents an existential threat."

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden departs St. Joseph on the Brandywine Roman Catholic Church after attending Sunday service on September 13, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. On Tuesday, CatholicVote announced a $9.7 million ad campaign that it said aims to draw attention to Biden's alleged lack of support for Catholic issues.

Drew Angerer/GettyBiden identifies as a practicing Catholic and said on his campaign website that he believes faith is"a gift."Newsweekreached out to Biden's campaign for comment.CatholicVote said its ad campaign will feature digital advertising, flyers sent to voters by mail and direct communication from more than 2,000 people leading parishes in key swing states. The campaign started this week as the organization spent $350,000 on digital ads in Pennsylvania and Michigan, the release said.

In addition to announcing the campaign, CatholicVote released a 30-second video on the country's debate about abortion. The video included clips from the speech that Sister Dede Byrne delivered at the Republican National Convention last month. In one brief clip, Byrne said that Biden matched with vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris is"the most anti-life presidential ticket ever."

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RLAS19 Shame on them. Not promoting one candidate over another? Not the least bit true. Trump supports one of your positions and disregards the rest. You’re doing more damage than you can imagine. There are no catholic issues when people make the issues Roman Catholic are not a threat , damn liars Catholics really shouldn’t support the devil, yet they somehow are

Why would they do that? I’m Catholic. JoeBiden is Catholic. realDonaldTrump couldn’t find a Catholic Church if you paved the way to the front doors of one with naked porn stars & kfc So I'm confused...what is Biden? Sleepy Joe who hasn't ever achieved anything, or an evil superman who is an existential threat? Why don't the whack jobs make up their minds.

What's good for the goose.... $9.7 million is a fair bit of change for a 'not for profit' organization. This is a catholic extremist group btw This campaign is getting dirty now. I think there is a big hand behind this onslaught on Biden and his perceived value system. Good. Biden is no Catholic. If so, he wouldn't support evil liberal policies, abortion, gay marriage, murderers, corruption. He should be kicked out of the Church

Recommended reading 🤔🏴‍☠️ Trump has aborted the lives of 200,000 Americans with more to come. We must destroy religion once and for all when we regain total power and we will dominate the streets and force these so-called children of god to become children of the internationalist, cultural Marxist movement! It is the one true religion!

Catholics are aligned with the ANTIPOTUS ? They aren't Christians just Catholic? God bless their souls. What way of life are these so called Catholics speaking about, inventing a white Jesus on a cross with Blonde hair and blue eyes and priests transgressing beyond all bounds 🐮💩 catholic but RidinWithBiden

FAKE CATHOLICS Goes to show that religious groups are fraudulent. All the values they say they back thrown out the window to back a vile person like realDonaldTrump Hypocrisy unloaded. Ya I mean if you’re pro-baby killing I’d assume Catholics would be against you

Florida offers key test of Biden team’s pandemic campaign planThe campaign is betting that a targeted, largely virtual effort can turn out core voters while persuading swing groups in a crucial battleground state. The test must have been to see if he was capable of walking up his basement stairs after months of sleeping Trump is the most incompetent President in American history! 🧵

Trump Goes Unmentioned in Most TV Ads for House, Senate CampaignsAnalysis shows Democrats are sticking with a strategy of campaigning on policy promises rather than the president, and Republicans aren’t touting him in ads that could reach swing voters ToxicTrump what do you expect Name on promise that a Democrat politician, or any politician other than Pres. Trump who has kept their campaign promises. I'll be waiting... This is some master level gas-lighting right here. Democrats are running on 'OrangeManBad' and that is all.

A looming milestone: $1B in dark money spendingWe’re going to surpass a major campaign finance milestone this cycle: $1 billion in reported dark money spending since the 2010 Citizens United decision from the Supreme Court that threw the door open for untraceable political spending John McCain would not be happy Corrupt scotus. Bought and paid for. which allows foreign dark money to influence american politics yay!

Biden heads to Florida looking to gain ground with Latino votersFormer Vice President Joe Biden will campaign in Florida on Tuesday, hoping to court Latino voters seen as key to a victory in the state come November. Latinos in Florida can smell the socialism a mile away from the DNC. He's mumbling something about the Atlantic 'losers' story from a week ago. This isn't changing minds. Trump supporters don't believe it, and Biden supporters would believe it if CNN told them Trump ate kittens. Tell us what YOU are gonna do, Joe. He is reading a prompter. Can he just speak from his heart.

Trump trailing Biden in 6 swing states with less than 50 days before electionAt the same point in 2016, Trump trailed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in four of the states but was able to pull out a victory on election night. Pffff silent majority bout to drop a big old deuce on these polls on Election Day We will win. Trump2020

Biden courting Puerto Rican voters in Florida as part of detailed Hispanic campaign plan'We now have not only a Latino strategy. We have a Cuban strategy. We have a Mexican American strategy. We have a Borinquen strategy. We have a Dominican strategy. We have a Venezuelan strategy, a Colombian strategy, an Ecuadorian strategy,' a top Florida Democrat said. Wonder if the Cubans and Venezuelans in Florida, will help Puerto Rican’s understand the cost of Socialism and and value of maintaining an American form of government? By sniffing their kids heads Puerto Rican’s ain’t gonna vote for this joke! No way in hell.