An 'eerie' parallel of two knees: George Floyd's death renews debate on Kaepernick protest

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Kaepernick, a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, became the first NFL player to take a knee on the football field during the playing of the national anthem in 2016 to protest police brutality.

Three other officers who were on the scene -- Thomas Lane, J.A. Kueng and Tou Thao -- have not been charged but an investigation is still ongoing, according to Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison.

In an image made from video posted to Facebook, a Minneapolis police officer kneels on the neck of a man identified by a family attorney as George Floyd, May 25, 2020. Floyd died shortly after the incident. Over the past couple of seasons, on-field protests have waned, but Reid -- along with players Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson -- has continued to take a knee.


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Colin Kapernick’s protest has no connection to police improper use of a knee. It was because he refused to stand for a flag showing respect for a nation he see as racist. This blatantly disrespects our military and the brave men and women of all ethnicities that died for us all.

The president, vice president, managers, owners, coaches and some fellow players destroyed his career. Makes me think back to Ali whom paid the price in opposing a war in which america killed 3mil Vietnamese people.leo_shane socialiststeve6 PUGNATION5

Kaepernick donates to black lies matter has done nothing for the liberal inner cities

Racist tropes, instead of reconciliation. realDonaldTrump rhetoric & methods from ‘how to control slaves’, intimidation & punishment. trump used tactics against ColinKaepernick . Trump began negative campaign instead of acknowledging racism at root of Kaepernick protests.

We will not bow to lawlessness.

In all reality the Dems have been kneeling on the necks of Blacks for centuries.

I didn't like what Colin did at the time. When I saw a juxtaposed picture of Colin and George, I finally get it. This situation has galvanized the world.

Just say No to Colin Krappy

Rember trump said Colin should be baned from NFL for neeling? What trump was realy saying was , Black lives don't matter

ABC stole this observation from ScottAdamsSays

The new narrative BLM is going to push is if you don’t kneel for the national anthem you are a racist. Wait for it...

abc is owned by disney. you know why they dont call it the disney news? because then no one would take these assclowns seriously!


thomaskaine5 Santa Cruz Police Chief

of course they do...

Any policeman that accepts being called pigs & kneels with rioters & looters should turn in their badges.


three words... Black Lives Matter

ABC right on top of the issues.... DisneyDoesReporting

mojojaxville No shit! You're just realizing this now?

He suck could hit a receiver ! Lot better black quarterbacks out there

Oh perfect I was wondering when this guys name would be brought up again. Now do a story on all the innocent people that were killed or injured from rioters.


Kaepernick taking a knee should earn him a place the the NFL Hall of Fame.

Apparently, he was pretty prophetic...

Trump and Mike Pence showed total Disrespect.


Strange that the media forgets to show these socks.

And trump called him a SOB. Pence walked out of game because players kneeled. Could have dealt with the subject of police brutality in 2016 but the POTUS and VP decided taking a knee to protest was unacceptable.

Floyd's death was a tragedy, and probabal murder which led to a greater tragedy as his death is being disrespected by the riots around the world. Global riots are evidence that agitators are disrespecting his death.

ABC, Yet we have a President that only Criticized Kaepernick for protesting. Now our President only wants to Escalate the Race Riots with more Violence... “The World is Watching”

Taking a knee is a historical symbol of the racial injustice first used by the slavery abolishonist movement.

Where's your story on this brutality? Indianapolis 3 dead Minneapolis 2 dead Oakland 1 dead Philadelphia 7 dead Michigan 1 dead Missouri 1 dead Iowa 2 dead

Kaepernick7 is an EXTRAORDINARY man. Thank you, Colin. For living your conviction when no one else did/would. For kneeling in order to stand for what was right. For not waivering. For tuning out a racist president. For risking your livelihood and using your platform to educate.

This was the first in Olympics.

Kaepernick knew all along but of course the belittled him million dollars industry cried foul kicked him out they're words are worthless they can go to hell !!! Morons anyway !!!

It's called foreboding!

9 names of people killed as a result of these riots. ItaliaMarieKelly Iowa JamesScurlock Nebraska DorianMurrell Indianapolis ChrisBeaty Indianapolis JavarHarrell Detroit PatrickUnderwood Oakland CalvinHortonJr Minneapolis DavidDorn St. Louis DavidMcAtee Kentucky

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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