Amy Schumer's Mom Saves All Of Her Daughter's Bad Press, Which Is Just Peak Mom

It doesn't matter what it says, Sandra Schumer will save it.

5/20/2020 11:53:00 PM

It doesn't matter what it says, Sandra Schumer will save it.

It doesn't matter what it says, Sandra Schumer will save it.

,”that her mom, Sandra Schumer, has a penchant for saving any and all write-ups about her daughter. Whether it’s good or bad makes absolutely no difference.“She cuts it all out,” Schumer said to her co-hosts on Tuesday.“Amy’s mom makes scrapbooks of everything she’s done, including like negative press,” Rachel Feinstein quipped.

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“Yeah, someone’s like writing that I’m fat. And she cuts it out and glues it in a book,” Schumer joked. “She was like, ‘Did you know they were calling you fat in Us Weekly?’ I’m like, ‘No, I didn’t know. Thank you, mom.’”Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images

Amy Schumer and her mother, Sandra Schumer, at the New York premiere of the 2017 film"Snatched."While the Emmy-winner has an envy-inducing list of accomplishments ― including numerous stand-up specials, hit movies, a successful Comedy Central show, a book and much more ― nothing makes her mom more proud than when she’s featured in the local news outlet.

“My mom did, she wrote a list of like all my accomplishments. They were haunting, but she’s still like, there’s nothing that gets her more fired up than me being in, which is the Long Island newspaper. You know, she’s like, ‘You’re in Newsday, you know?’”

Peak parenting.Steven Ferdman via Getty ImagesSchumer at the Africa Outreach Project fundraiser hosted by Charlize Theron last November in New York.Schumer has spoken candidly aboutshe’s faced in her relationship with her mom. The entertainer admitted that their relationship took another turn after the comedian welcomed gave birth to her son, Gene, last year.

“I’m just nicer to my mom,” the actor toldEntertainment Tonightwhile at the Africa Outreach Project fundraiser in New York last year. Read more: HuffPost »

I would do the same! She must have a massive archive/garage. Her daughter sucks at comedy. you mean the material Amy uses in her act---describing her sex life? Stuff I never want to hear or read about thanks

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