Amy Schneider ties Matt Amodio's second-place 'Jeopardy!' record for consecutive games won

JUST IN: Amy Schneider ties Matt Amodio's second-place 'Jeopardy!' record for consecutive games won

Winning Streak, Ken Jennings

1/22/2022 4:02:00 AM

JUST IN: Amy Schneider ties Matt Amodio's second-place ' Jeopardy !' record for consecutive games won

Schneider, the first woman to break $1 million in winnings on the quiz show, has now won 38 games and $1,307,200.

By Victoria AlbertJanuary 21, 2022 / 7:35 PM/ CBS NewsAmy Schneider continued her climb up the"Jeopardy!" leaderboard on Friday, tying Matt Amodio's second-place record for consecutive wins. Schneider, thefirst womanto break $1 million in winnings on the quiz show, has now won 38 games and $1,307,200. 

To win her 38th game, she beat out an office manager from Georgia and a PhD student from Wisconsin. She found and correctly answered two Daily Doubles, and cruised into"Final Jeopardy" nearly $29,000 ahead of her second-place competitor. A correct answer about"Mountains" gave her another $20,000, bringing her winnings for the day to $54,000. 

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Barf! This person is still there!? That’s fascinating, they have to be intimidating to new contestants. This man is doing well Amy, if the opportunity occurs, please mention your Dad's name on the air....(Uncle Rick) Congratulations 🎉 from nd He'll be the top earning man soon. Break a leg on Monday Amy....!!!!!!You deserve it !!!!

Enablers and attention seekers are in abundance. I hope he finds the happiness we all deserve. She cleaned up last night. Nobody cares about this dude. Biologically still a male

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Bravo Amy 🙏🏽💙✊🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Another man rising through the ranks!! Congratulations!! Keep it going!! There’s no point in watching “Jeopardy” anymore. The show is suppose to be about average people and not these trivia masters I really enjoy Amy. She doesn’t gloat and is gracious. Good luck 🤞 A role model for women. Goes to show you don't need a penis to do well on Jeopardy .

OMG I see why traditional news channels like CBS,NBC, ABC are dying!! Is this your death throe? She's doing Amyazing

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