Amy Mcgrath Wins Kentucky Senate Democratic Primary, Cnn Projects - Cnnpolitics

Amy Mcgrath Wins Kentucky Senate Democratic Primary, Cnn Projects - Cnnpolitics

Amy McGrath wins Kentucky Senate Democratic primary, CNN projects

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6/30/2020 7:46:00 PM

Former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath wins Kentucky's surprisingly close Senate Democratic primary and will face off against Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in November, CNN projects

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People, I hope you understand the truth about why the Dems are adamant about removing the history of slavery. Because, it was the Dems that owned the slaves and the Republican that freed the slaves. No history no proof. Think people think!!! Let's go Amy!! Go amy Go. Take Mitchey. Boy down. Flush him down the drain. Time to drain the republican swamp.

YOU GOT MY VOTE. GO GET MITCH! BobAaronWCHS How white of you, Kentucky! AmyMcGrathKY All The Best Amy lets take back the Senate and create history in Kentucky in KentuckyPrimary Nov2020 JoeBiden The entire country is rooting for you!! Congratulations! Lock on! Let’s clean the swamp Amy! If i lived in Kentucky you'd have my vote

Beat him! Please Go Marines! She will win..... Twitchy going down? My grandfather was a former Seaman, my uncle is a former Airman & I am a former Soldier but there never has been & never will be a 'FORMER' Marine. Congratulations. That’s wonderful. Full speed ahead. Mitch Has got to go!! I am behind Amy 100%

Go get him!! Time for the trouble maker to retire. This just in, Mitch McConnell just won reelection. Time to go MoscowMitch I hate mitch McConnell.... Goodbye Moscow Mitch. I am a Democrat but I sure hope she beat him in the fall good luck. 👍👍 Go Amy!!!!! Horseshit All of Louisville having one polling place had nothing to do with that primary outcome, huh?

Okay lets get Mitch outta there. He's a cancer and must be cut out Mitch couldn't pilot a bathtub toy!!! Moscow Mitch must go!!!! Yeah ok. Now that’s a “mug” She should step down. She knows the DNC cheated. Good for her ! Him ! How does one wish to be identified ? Congrats! Go all the way. We ALL need to support her in this fight.

Kick that old thiefs arse. Time to clean house and senate. McConnell sucks Get that POS out please... Congrats! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 good luck Amy roybelly Boooooooooo Kick his a$$, AmyMcGrathKY This will be an easy win for MConnell. We will all get the 10,000th reminder from Amy that she was a fighter pilot. The Dems have no one to blame but themselves for electing another poor candidate.

Mitch mcconnell is an 80 year old dinosaur Good kick his ass May she win it all. Go Mitch Charles Booker was better Progressive candidate, & energized people to come out & vote who might have stayed home. Amy McGrath is great too. Here's hoping they can team up & beat Moscow Mitch! VoteHimOut MoscowMitch AmyMcGrath CharlesBooker BookerMcGrath Kentucky Democrat

Great news! May the force be with you. Get rid of that most evil man from American politics. Go Amy!!!! Good Luck, won't win. And Mitch will be reelected. YES! Get him out She could press her face in dough and make gorilla cookies! roybelly You go girl! Now, go and kick Mitch’s ass. Time for career diplomats to be ousted...

Yes you can. 👍 Lotta ballot printin' and mailin' goin' to be goin' on. Watch. Goid luck Amy! I wish you all the best - win, win, win one for the home team - AMERICA I wish her all the BEST ! Mitch McConnell has been a threat to America for too long. How many bills did this horrible man block or not bring to the Senate floor for voting? Literally not doing the job he's paid to do! From gun control, health care, immigration. He's got to GO!!

YAY, we need more just like her! Why can't we win... I wanted Booker! But either way Mitch has got to go! Good luck, I hope you win! Amy... we are with you! Come on Kentucky, dump McConnell AWESOME!!!! CONGRATS, AMY!!!!! Creepy Creature against Real, distinguished Person. yeah! Amy I will pray for you! 🙏🙏America needs Mitch out of the Senate so trump/far right radicals don’t control every law that gets passed in our country. He refuses to work with others and only does trump’s bidding including covering up his crimes ! 👿☠️moscowmitchmustgo

Hell Yes! KENTUCKY NOW IN PLAY You know what to do,Kentucky. Time to Vote Out Mitch. VoteForMcGrath Burn it all down. The Democratic establishment needs to be ousted! They're useless for the working-class! There will be one in every state that has a primary.. no big whoop. Early congratulations to McConnell on his victory - the Democratic establishment will never learn.

Ok If it had been a guy...blowout, not even close because she's got all the cred's. hope she buries our esteemed Comrade in the Senate. Recount. Regardless of whether you wanted her or Booker, stay the course and vote out McConnell in November. disgusting Let's go AMY!!!! Mitch is gone He looks like a tough dude.

Not happy, but if she can beat 45's henchman McConnell in November then VOTE like crazy Kentucky! ☹️ She about to lose because the DNC stacked the deck against Booker4KY Bye bye Booker !!! Congratulations to Ms. McGrath. We need to support you to the next victory in November whoooo hooo!!!!!! Up and down the ballot Republican all the way if Obama did such a great job Hillary would have won America wanted a change that is why Trump won. And will win again come November

Mitch McConnell reelected. You should make Booker your Lieutenant, Either Way Congratulations and Take Out Moscow Mitch I donated, did you? Not another communist and lost 2020. Change will only come if you vote for it. America needs to elect JoeBiden as President, keep SpeakerPelosi as speaker & kick senatemajldr out of the US Senate. VOTE DNC IN NOVEMBER!

The race isn't even over, and local Kentucky press still shows Booker in the lead, with legal action pending regarding tossed ballots. Why are you calling this race before it's done, and against the current leader? Mitch2020

Charles Booker, Amy McGrath neck-and-neck in Kentucky Senate Democratic primary raceUPDATE: In the Kentucky Senate Democratic primary race, Booker trails McGrath by a margin of just over 2,400 votes, with 81% of the state's precincts reporting Tuesday morning. I am supporting Amy McGrath! Count was probably rigged

Amy McGrath Defeats Charles Booker and Will Face McConnell in KentuckyMs. McGrath, who raised over $40 million, won the Democratic primary by narrowly holding off a candidate who had harnessed energy from the protests over racial injustice. She won't beat Mitch! I’m sending every positive wave ur way! Fingers and toes crossed Damn. Welp. Looks like McConnell is going to win again because the establishment democrats backed an awful candidate.

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