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Amy Klobuchar, Mike Bloomberg

Amy Klobuchar says she'd support Bloomberg for president and he 'should be on' the debate stage

Amy Klobuchar says she'd support Bloomberg for president and he 'should be on' the debate stage


Amy Klobuchar says she'd support Bloomberg for president and he 'should be on' the debate stage

'I still do not think he is the best candidate for our country,' the Democratic presidential candidate noted.

As Bloomberg has recently donated a sizable sum to the DNC, many raised concerns that he had attempted to buy his way onto the debate stage. But the DNC has insisted this was not the case. Thus far, Bloomberg has not reached the polling requirements or won any delegates to qualify for the debates.

, referring to the hundreds of millions Bloomberg has spent on television ads."Of course, I think he should be on that debate stage, which eventually he will be, because I can't beat him on the airwaves. But I can beat him on the debate stage."

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Idiot That’s what her controllers told her! And this is why she is my least preferred candidate 🤦 I also support Bloomberg because Trump is a disgrace for the World. Klobuchar needs to wait a bit before standing up for Bloomberg. He's not the best nominee to lead us out of the Terrible Trumps.

In interview, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer can't name Mexico's presidentDemocratic presidential hopefuls Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer were stumped when asked during a televised interview in Nevada to name the Mexican president. They could at least guess. I'm going to go with Pablo Escobar. Trump doesn’t even know where Kansas City is so please STFU with this ...immediately googles Mexican President in case someone asks me...

Watch Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer Get Stumped on Name of Mexico's PresidentWatch Amy Klobuchar , Tom Steyer get stumped on name of Mexico’s president Y Bad advance work prepping the candidates Like Gary Johnson & Allepo. Unacceptable.

Amy Klobuchar says campaign has raised over $12 million online since New Hampshire debateKlobuchar, who performed well on the debate stage, said she looked forward to going head-to-head with Mike Bloomberg as he dominates the airwaves with ad-spend. s55_robert Boooom. Amy2020 FLAWED DEMOCRACY Run by $$ Not ideas Fuck her. She isn’t a moderate at all and calls for an income tax of anyone who has a million dollars in savings with a 30% income tax no matter what the persons income happens to be

Amy Klobuchar's mission in Nevada: 'I have to get people to know me' Amy Klobuchar 's success has come so suddenly that her campaign appears to be somewhat unprepared for the Nevada caucuses. I liked her for about a day. I still can’t believe she ate salad with a dirty fork then beat her intern Sounds like she was expecting to lose and never planned on being relevant.

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