Live Updates: Amy Coney Barrett Senate Confirmation Vote

Live Updates: Amy Coney Barrett Senate Confirmation Vote

Amy Coney Barrett sworn in as Supreme Court justice

Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas as a Supreme Court justice. Follow live updates:

10/27/2020 4:22:00 AM

Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas as a Supreme Court justice. Follow live updates:

The Senate is expected to confirm President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett this evening. Follow here for the latest.

From CNN's Kevin LiptakPresident Donald Trump delivers remarks at a rally during the last full week of campaigning before the presidential election on October 26, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Spencer Platt/Getty ImagesEven as President Trump seeks to use Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation to the Supreme Court as a political win, the issue hasn't been as prominent during his rallies as some of his advisers had hoped.

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On Monday, it took Trump 51 minutes to mention Barrett during his rally in Allentown, Pennsylvania. It was a similar story in Lititz, where Trump didn't mention his third Supreme Court nomination until 54 minutes into his speech.Trump raised the issue earlier on in his speech in Martinsburg. But generally the Supreme Court nomination has taken a backseat in his campaign speech and his political messaging.

Trump raised the nomination more often when it was in the news, including in September when crowds chanted"fill that seat" at Trump's rallies.But since then it's been replaced by issues like Trump's gripes with the media, his attacks on Joe Biden and the litany of grievances against his opponents.

Some of the President's political allies wish he would use the nomination more to galvanize supporters. They see the issue as overwhelmingly positive for Trump and question why it's not being used more on the campaign trail.When she was nominated, some even suggested Barrett would act in appearances as another running mate for the President.

But on the campaign trail, Trump has made his rallies mostly about himself — leaving little room in the spotlight for anyone else. Read more: CNN Breaking News »

Trump plans to pardon former aide Michael Flynn: source

U.S. President Donald Trump has told allies he plans to pardon his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI during an investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, a source familiar with the situation...

Great news! Finally CNN reporting something positive!! MAGA Great It's all about the abortion debate. Guess one can say they finally won. I'm not going to believe this is the end of democracy because more than half my family and friends are for that issue and I love those people. Don’t they look happy In the event of the destruction of Roe v. Wade. Here's a new word to add to our collective psyche: aborcation. It is where folks take a 'vacation' to countries that practice legal abortions. It is a dirty secret that us Conservatives don't like to talk about. hypocrisy

My heart bleeds for USA 🇺🇸 so great full to live in Norway 🇳🇴 TRUMP VERSUS BIDEN We pray here for Trump. We hope that soon martial Law is comming and the Bidens, Clintons, Obahma's are gone be arrested. 🇱🇷🇵🇾🇱🇷🇵🇾🇱🇷🇵🇾 Netherlands ddale8 🤮 A good picture of the country finally going down the drain.

It is a sad day when a women does not support the rights of other women. Women’s rights died with RBG💔 I bet he loves that she thinks there is nothing wrong with the n word Constitutional sham...deplorable, shameful and corrupt! This will be short lived once the dark money from the federalist society is uncovered!

Disgusting More proof of trump tyranny, there is so much to repair in the US 😫😢😑🤬🤬🤬 Where are the masks? Boo! F k that stupid bitch! Boo! newscnnmissed not a mask in the house eh? ddale8 And of course not a mask to be seen. Shocking. Disgusting. Sad, so sad One idiot swearing in another idiot 🤬😥 RIP, RBG! So sad and sorry that we couldn't Honor Your Wish.

No masks? Amy have you giving your so called faith to criminal trump? Remember this 'ALMIGHTY GOD IS WATCHING, AND WE CAN FOOL HIM, WE CAN FOOL EACH OTHER, BUT NOT GOD, HE KNOWS OUR HEART'! BE CAREFUL, THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE, DON'T DESTROY YOUR CHARACTER FOR MAN. THANKS!!!! All wearing black clothes as if it was a funeral.

I guess everyone in their huddle already had COVID. No mask required. Can’t cover inner ugly with a mask anyway. Antifa members don't cry out loud please. Isn’t it too soon to put on a winter coat? Just wondering how he’s not drenched in sweat Cult religion Disgusting All this has proved is, quoting Elizabeth Warren, 'The Republican Party knows that the American people don't support them,' so they're trying to secure their power in the highest court in the country. All I'm wondering is when did POWER become more important than HUMAN RIGHTS?

Americans buy out the toilet paper while 1st world countries have a jet of water cleansing their assholes after they shit.... And you're surprised Trump is president? Another trump racist goes to the Supreme Court What do u know about bible ? Trump Guaranteed that Kavanough will give her a Supreme welcome .

ddale8 The expression on their faces says it all. Terrible times are coming republicans complain about how wrong it is to pack the court but then rush someone through who only appeals to them. Compared to Republicans we really are the 'do nothing Democrats.' I mean look how efficient they are when it benefits them. Who cares about using the American taxpayers' own money to aid us during an unprecedented pandemic? This was obviously more important. SUPREMECOURTSHAM

Amen! Won one for outside! Justice Clarence(Uncle)Tom-as. She is a witch hunter at the service of double standards religious groups An unbelievable obstruction of democracy. Shame on all actors of this act of this violent nomination. If she has a spark of justice and character she would resign immediately. This is hopefully the last dictation of trump. Vote, vote, vote

The Republicans didn’t do anything the Democrats wouldn’t have done if the shoe was on the other foot. Biden only talks about rotating Justices because it is a conservative court. Sworn in, in the dark. This is a sad, sad fate for a woman as accomplished as you. I am profoundly sorry for you, and for our country as you take your illegitimate, corrupted, forever asterisked seat on the Supreme Court.' Mic drop....

En G-TV puedes ver todos los videos y fotos sexuales sobre Hunter Biden, Biden se convirtió en presidente, Estados Unidos fue destruido y el Partido Comunista Chino ganó. This was a Campaign Event; at the WH for a SCOTUS. AmyConeyBarrett had an opportunity to show that she would be impartial and non-partisan. She didn’t. She threw away her independence and credibility the second she walked out with the TrumpCircus GOPShame

People shouldn't assume what we are thinking to do because that's what you would do. I;.m glad she's in, remember she is not changeable. Let's keep this Country the way we found it. :) Disgusting and vulgar!! And ALL 4 No Mask 😷. So nice to know they still set a image of what we should NOT DO. shameonallfour. disgusting

Trump just had to do it. He decided he wanted her as she supports his ideals particularly abortion. He knows he won’t get back in office. Normally so close to the election the incoming new President would have made their choice of who was most appropriate. No one with masks? Idiots! Didnt watch this lunacy...its a big fat NO for me

Also why swear a justice in on the bible. They should be sworn in on the Constitution. Why was it done at the white house? Normally it is done in capitol building. This screams of corruption. if my husband ever looked at me like that, He would be out the door ! disgraceful. Shitheads of a feather...... 5 of the 6 right-wing agenda justices on the court were nominated/appointed by Repub potus' that lost the popular vote, the vote of the people That's not letting the people speak They didn't want these men as pres. much less making SCOTUS appointments Democracies don't do this

Putin could'nt have done it any better...... Do you see how 45 is looking at her. If looks can kill. He is looking at her like bitch I own you don't forget who nominated you. And to make this unjust act even more of a slap in the face they chose the justice accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill. Bingo!🍾

ddale8 Resoundingly ironic unclemuley The biggest bafoon on the Supreme Court swears in A Coney B. There I fixed it. Probably the most Thomas has said since joining the court Not a mask between them , All because realDonaldTrump & senatemajldr made deals with the devil. It won’t last long because good always win over evil. No one has that much good fortune. No impeachment, no tax records, 3 justices, federal judges. This has a deal with the devil written allover it😡

No masks. No judgment. Disgusting. Disgusting!! Smiles all around. Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner, has come forward and claims Joe Biden is lying about his involvement in Hunter’s business deals with China...and he’s got PROOF. THIS IS NOT RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION!!! What a farce..another bad apple Interesting that she wasn’t sworn in by the head of the Supreme Court! realDonaldTrump she will never replace RBG!

So he TOTALLY denounced her dying wish?!! 😭 Good Nancy Pelosi deserves this. She's boo-hoo'ing over this Hahahahahahahaha Let’s see how this plays out...smoke and mirrors Still struggling with becoming A Profitable crypto trader? He can help you out, Make good daily profits in weeks, No need to pay for Signals, Learn how to invest and generate income all by yourself. Become a successful forex trader today📊💰. DM for more info Mark__Btc

If you looking for any Stationary Design then I am requesting you to please visit here Fantastic news. Well done Judge Amy Coney Barrett! president Trump I believe you and United state to have power in the World 🌎 I am US citizen I am Paying tax and now my country Armenian going to 2nd genocide the year of 2020we need help to Stop 🛑 Azeris and Turkish we need United state to stop this genocide god bless you.

History Travesty of Justice. Always blacks who have to work... dark and sinister scene... the Future in one view. Happy days... ddale8 Where’s Ginny? Fuc em Who invited George Hamilton to the ceremony? Trump and the Republicans can claim election fraud when Biden wins. Then this lady will be the deciding vote to rule on their behalf. Also kiss your health care goodbye. Once again the stupid Dems have been outsmarted. SenSchumer SpeakerPelosi CNN PoppyHarlowCNN jimsciutto

Where are your masks? And just like that, the Supreme court became the HOA over our nation. From one Rep. chosen conservative welcoming in another. Trump put the down payment on the power, now we’ve got the balance! Amy Coney Barrett will serve all Americans. netanyahu gantzbe Nazis and their house boy.

ProfJNMoyo Concrete mixers,Deckpans,Form work & scaffords both for hire and for sale! Whatsapp +263 7 84672784 Or Call +263 8677005445 Trump nominating women to the Supreme Court or any position in the White House is done for one reason only: Surround himself with women he can prey on kinda like Ms America or Ms Teen USA. Hope Hicks, Kayleigh McEnany, Kelly Anne, Ivanka, Coney Barrett.

Who cares She made it at the end. God help and keep her from the malicious Democrats and the devilish Nancy Pelosi. Long live President Donald Trump! God bless America! Liberals have been pushing gender equality and now they complain when a women is chosen lol Mr Biden is arrogant & already fails the United States Constitution. He fails to understand that the Supreme Court Justice acts independenty of his crimminal agenda. Obviously, he has no sense of Law & Justice! He is not worthy to be elected President! Vote Trump!

Ugh AmyConeyBarrettSCOTUS AmyConeyBarrettConfirmation bbcnews NYTimes WashingtonPost SupremeCourtConfirmation SupremeCourt realDonaldTrump This photo of Trump with Justice Clarence Thomas swearing in AmyConeyBarrett feels me with a sense of dread, fear & deep sadness One of the greatest photos in history. God Bless America.

Does this mean that she owes Trump a feel of her pussy or did she pay in advance? Asking for Stormy. No masks again. What a bunch of idiots Say googbye to healthcare, personal freedoms and decency in politics. This event is supposed to be all about the new Supreme Court Justice, but Trump is desperately trying to make it about him. He has absolutely no idea about protocol. Embarrassing.

That's disgusting 😒 A very big congregations to the people of U.S..... realDonaldTrump 4 more years we love you An absolute embarrassment for USA Likely to get more embarrassing with backward and out of date views. Everyone knows this was not an appointment based on merit. Shameful Well she‘s never getting rid of the stigma of being the most contested judge on the SC.

I saw the hearings. I see this. To all who facilitated her to be sworn in, where and when did you lose your morals? To all women who support her, leave the gender. Good night, America. It’s like witnessing a shotgun wedding. Nooooooo Barrett, A Dystopian with zero experience, sworn in by a man accused of sexual harassment as an accused rapist watches.

VOTE the republicans all out, their abuse of power is over with. Awesome! courtesy of the decisive President John Donald Trump. Others are perpetually seeking to 'look good', Trump decisively deals with the necessary. Love to see it 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Female empowerment 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 This is disgusting. Congrats 🎈

Ok covid is the party favor or what? Wear mask you stupid people FUCK THEM! Trump is HUGE. what a shame. no masks, no distance Avoid people looking at you like her husband looks at her or Trump looks at the justice 🤬🤬🤬 America is so doomed...for centuries to come And the Handmaid's Tale starts now Hang on to your bonnets ladies

Absolutely DISGUSTING GOD Bless Forever! Love 💕🌺🙏// ======= 🦸‍♂️🐶👍🇺🇸✍️💕🎈💰🙏// Awesome! The constitution is supreme! What a disgrace for the nation! We’re going backwards! Well I guess the fake president realDonaldTrump is getting wants he wants, no more rights for women! Hopefully she’s just a mole working against him in secret! But that’s doubtful.

👊👏 The unfairness and hypocrisy of it won’t be forever...truth and justice must prevail...we shall overcome someday... The USA is pretty much over as a leader of the world This new political Court will set the country back 50 years They are completely Political not judicial and the mindset will be like having the Scientologists or Jehovah Witnesses running your life

Trump extra orange face for this event God bless America.... Disgusting 😫😢😑🤬🤬🤬 That’s fantastic. She is a rock. Great for United States This is what's known in the business as 'twisting the knife.' How can a cult member be trusted on the Supreme Court? Their judgment is cloudy. But hey that's America. 🙄

This. Is. Such. A. Fail. America, welcome back to the 19th century ! Make sure it’s a real bible It's sad that they would rather kill the ACA than fix it! No matter what, it will still be Obama's legacy! I’m fine with the Democrats getting some payback for this. There’s no point playing nice anymore. This is a victory for America

A great day for American justice. Damn her and Clarence! Vote BidenHarris2020 because this SupremeCourtConfirmation of AmyConeyBarrettSCOTUS .... Grab her by the pussy! Disgusting Maskless Very 'mobster' scene Look who the Supreme Court chose to go to the Super Spreader event. Clarence Thomas. I guess he's expendable.

PackTheCourt Total Sham. Assholes! All of them. ddale8 America is so fucked She will forever be tainted in history ddale8 PackTheCourt worstpickever notmyjustice 🤮 ddale8 How appropriate that it’s Thomas... When I'm constipated I can't sleep. I wonder how these people sleep night. When they are so FULL of SHIT!

And where are their masks? Great news! Again, if religion and state are separate “powers”, why is religion so fully and obviously having the most influence and power in the “most democratic country on Earth”? Did she ask her husband if it was ok first? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Did forget to mention “8 days until end of election” in their title!? More than 60 Million of Americans have voted!

Total BS Such bullshit Trump really hates women this shows them that. He is wanting to control what a woman can or can’t do like he treats his wives, mistresses and victims. Sad day for women empowerment 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ The final nail in the United States of America’s coffin. There is nothing United or democratic left.

This is nice Gross The disgrace of the decade, women are not so innocent after all even after having a numerous family, a life of unrestrained sex. jmhansler Congratulations to AmyConeyBarrettSCOTUS Where are all the masks? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Finally justice.! sorry democrat’s presidents (bill, hillary, obama) staring their END

HappyBirthdayHillary Jim Jordan's disgusting tweet is an effort to pock the democratic bear. He wants to drum up protests across America so it will motivate republicans across the country to vote. We shouldn't play into their hands. ddale8 Sex abusers on the right, far right extremists on the left Disgraceful

👍 Ugh Ahhhhhh!!! Nooooooo!!!! This is a horrible setback for our movement This country is officially screwed even more so than it already has been. Doesn't seem possible, yet here we are. This is not the end of the matter. Trump has done enough for America. We need change. Please vote blue. RBG rolling over in her grave right now

Pack the court Absolute travesty Why is this news? There was never a doubt that it was not going to happen. ddale8 Perfect farce. Looks like somebody was in a hurry 🤔 I’ve been luck to live with the privilege I have. I’m very fortunate. It’s a hard concept to grasp that I may lose several of my rights because of one woman. Democracy is a bit messed up if a woman in her 90s was the only thing keeping you safe.

Sad day in America This man is the representation of us. We can’t do shit about it right now. Please people we gotta change this shit Trash The guy who sexually harrassed his swearing in ACB? Perfect. Love it! MAGA! 🇺🇸 Too bad! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Nightmare decision Trump is Not Flawed, He is Evil!

The new supreme court judge is: Amy Coney Barrett Life is good. A joke sworn in by another joke. This is quite poignant if you think about it. Clarence Thomas is a living reminder that a person can take up a SCOTUS seat and be absolutely ineffective and utterly useless, having nothing to actually offer the nation.

Masks anybody?! No masks ? The Senate took 38 days after a Supreme Court justice's death to replace her. It's been 215 days since the Senate approved a stimulus bill that gave us $1,200. In case there was any doubt left about where the priorities are. BidenHarris2020 MitchMustGo VoteHimOutandLockHimUp

Please point where in the constitution it says the president has to honor dying wishes. Don Lemon has to be 1 of the biggest racist in America. Disgusting Where are their masks? No one looks happy could it be cuZ the whole process was a sham or cuz she is infront of not one but two ALLEGED sexual predator 🤷🏽‍♀️

Field hospitals starting to open again. Guess congratulations are in order all around for Don the Con. So much for physical distancing. These people are morons. Did he leave a pubic hair on her bible? no masks. AmyConeyBarrettIsUnfit What’s done is done. It’s time to watch what she actually does. 👁. 👁

ddale8 45 doesn't even look like he wants to be there. Omfg. That’s all. And you asses didn’t cover it. Totally have lost respect for the media. You should do not get to pick and choose what the American public gets to see. Americans are smarter than you give us credit. If you don’t give us what we want we change the station.

Good. 😁😁😁😁😁😁 Can we start calling her another Trophy wife because she is just there to do what ever the 🤡🤡 wants PERIOD...... Brutal Sworn in by two rapist, what a honor. Totally unacceptable No mask. Watch out Clarence you may end up like Herman Cain. Utterly disgusting a week before the election I know I didn’t vote for her!!!

Excellent! 226,000 US citizens DEAD. But they got the supreme court puck to continue to kill Americans She promises to lie and cheat for Trump and his little republicans HELL YES!! Meanwhile covid is spreading, fires are burning and a lot of Americans are fighting to survive.. Have a fantastic dinner Mr. President.. I hope you’re all wearing a mask

Rotten dogs! We will pack the courts in return! If she was half the ethical woman and judge she promotes herself to be, she would have deferred until after the election was ratified. We need a plexiglass wall around the White House to protect people from coronavirus! Lots of irresponsible people! They are super spreader of coronavirus! Vote for them not to be elected!

And then he put his pubic hair on her Coke can Pathetic justice pathetic “president” and a PATHETIC joke of a Senate. KARMA is a real bitch come next week She’ll always be known as the tainted justice sham 🤮 The last president to nominate three new justices to the Supreme Court was Ronald Reagan and he was one of the best!!!!

Traditionally Supreme Court justices are sworn in at the Supreme Court. Except Gorsuch, Kavanaugh & Barrett. They were all sworn at the WH, so they know who their boss is, trump. He also has to hover and photobomb the swearing in. PackTheCourt At this point with 2 unacceptable & unimaginable moves by Republican to hijack the Supreme Court, we have the right to expand the Court for a more fair balance justice. Democrats should not be scare to openly & loudly state the SC will be set at 13, all new 4 liberal judges!

RGB Is rolling over in her grave and women’s rights are going to go down the drain! Look, no masks! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Roberts and Gorsuch do the right thing The majority of Americans did NOT approve of this. All three of his SCOTUS justices will forever have an asterisk by their name. They will FOREVER be known for being placed in their seat by the biggest mistake the US has ever made.

They got old soft shoe to swear her in! May she brings some decency to America. Congratulations Amy. Moscow Mitch and the worst POTUS ever, have succeeded in choosing three SCOTUS and hundreds of lower level judges.. Politicization of the court has never been so obvious and harmful to this country If circumstances were reversed,Dems would be putting their justice in. Dems you know this to be true.

Hope you sleep well, knowing that you’re an illegitimate nominee. Unworthy Gross. Headline: “Pro life justice sworn in at her second Coronavirus Superspreader event.” First one Trump insisted on having infected over 50 people. Let’s see if POTUS can break that record! Fill those hospital beds!! Sooo, she gets sworn in twice?

As in totalitarian governments, Express designation. Happy Birthday Hillary! Amy is a trump puppet The court is a theocracy. 226,000 Dead, it’s also an active crime scene. Neither of whom should’ve become SCOTUS members...🤬 Like thieves in the night ddale8 Wonderful! A person who will rule based on the written constitution. A revolutionary act!

ddale8 No one cares about the swearing in ceremony. Such a tragic day for Catholics... To be associated with a POTUS that represents the opposite of Christian values. Jesus would be so disappointed... ddale8 Fellow Americans, we have been railroaded. Worst news ever! ddale8 This picture makes me want to vomit.

Congrats to cnn for ignoring this all day but the last minute! Now you can talk about all the upcoming votes she will decide on! The GOP’s last power grab for a generation. The oligarchy prevails Religious beliefs have no place in politics. It’s not a democracy if it does. Looks like the “New Founding Fathers of America” party. For those who watched the USA Networks series The Purge, you will catch the resemblances.... ThePurge


Thinks proof that if Trump wins America will be a Nazi dictatorship As long as the senate Nazi have Control If the democrats own the senate and House, they need to pass a lot of laws to prevent another Nazi No masks. Awesome. trumpstupid No Masks, all that education and no masks, idiots. What irony! Seem fitting that it is mr wanna be white who attacked a black woman.

ddale8 Republicans have the rewards of their bargain. I think they have assured Democrats will now take a blood oath equal to that Hannibal Barca made to his father, to destroy Rome. Trump & the GOP have left a traitorous legacy against US Democracy that will haunt their families for generations to come. Future generations will change their surnames to avoid being associated with them.

More Than 70 Science and Climate Journalists Challenge Supreme Court Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett“Judge Coney Barrett has displayed a profound inability to understand the ecological crisis of our times, and in so doing she enables it.” No surprise. Journalists after somebody associated with Trump. Just because they use science and climate journalists, it’s somehow more credible? Like HillaryClinton, JoeBiden the Democrat’s choice that ensures FourMoreYears with realDonaldTrump

Senate Advances Supreme Court Nomination of Amy Coney BarrettThe Senate cleared a key procedural hurdle on Sunday, voting largely along party lines to advance the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, as Republicans race to confirm President Trump’s pick before Election Day Hurdle? Lol, there was never any! The process is completely broken Disastro ‘Merica is beyond broken...

Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court Nomination Clears Last Procedural Hurdle, Final Vote Expected MondayJudge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court will likely be finalized Monday night after it cleared its last procedural hurdle today. The Senate vote today was split 51-48 along … SO WRONG! shame on you, republicans, shame on you! She is going to get confirmed and Trump qill be reelected ...enjoy Gilead 🤣🤣🤣

Senate Likely To Confirm Amy Coney Barrett To Supreme Court, Cementing Conservative MajorityThe rush to confirm Barrett has bitterly divided Democrats and Republicans, who are expected to split along party lines on the final vote. Cementing a fraudulent conservative majority* 🔥 Check It Out 🔥 W Barrett

Senate Republicans poised to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme CourtFor the first time in U.S. history, the Senate moved a nominee for the nation's highest court toward certain confirmation just eight days before a presidential election. Republicans made the move in a rare weekend session without the support of a single Democrat. 'We've made an important were here for those that are angy. Biden needs to correct this....13 Justices will dillute the importance and impact of a single justice. Simple.... This headline obviously was written by an angry Democrat.

Amy Coney Barrett set to be confirmed to Supreme Court on MondaySenate Republicans appear to have the 51 votes needed to approve Judge Barrett to the US Supreme Court on Monday. The final vote is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. ET. Boo Abuse of power. UtahGov is devastated by COVID19 but SenateGOP SenatorRomney SenMikeLee are busy packing the courts while their white/supporters don’t have hospital beds to get care from coronavirus VoteOutEveryRepublican VoteOutTheGOP gop consumed with power MoscowMitch CNN DrFauci