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Amid Pandemic, More U.S. Adults Say They Considered Suicide

Nearly 11% of American adults said they had seriously considered suicide in the previous 30 days, according to data released by the CDC

8/14/2020 12:30:00 PM

Nearly 11% of American adults said they had seriously considered suicide in the previous 30 days, according to data released by the CDC

Nearly 11% of adults said they had seriously considered suicide in the previous 30 days as the coronavirus pandemic takes a toll on Americans’ mental health, according to data released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That is more than double the 4.3% of adults who reported doing so in 2018, according to data from the Department of Health and Human Services. The new numbers, from a CDC survey of 5,412 adults conducted between June 24 and June 30, were even more striking for young people and minorities: Among those 18 to 24 years old, 25.5% reported having seriously considered suicide in the last 30 days. The numbers were 15.1% for Black Americans and 18.6% for Hispanic Americans.

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“Learning how to help cope with stressors and thinking about additional support systems to address mental health during Covid-19 is an urgent need,” said Rashon Lane, a behavioral scientist at the CDC and a co-author of the study.The new survey also found that substance use and symptoms of anxiety and depression have risen. Nearly 13.3% of participants said they had started or increased their use of alcohol or drugs to help cope with stress related to the pandemic. And about 31% reported symptoms of anxiety disorders or depression.

Mental-health problems often arise after disasters such as hurricanes and typhoons among some people, says Joshua Morganstein, a psychiatrist in Bethesda, Md., and chair of the American Psychiatric Association’s committee on the Psychiatric Dimensions of Disaster. But this isn’t a normal disaster, he says. “This is a disaster where the stressors have continued to mount and have been sort of unmitigated,” says Dr. Morganstein. “There isn’t any relief for people.”

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We need to stop the coverage of pandemic porn and give people hope again. This constantly scaring people has to stop. Reopen and give people their individual agency back. 11%.... Do you know how many millions and millions that is? Who polled all these people to come up with this stat? Feeling oppressed and depressed due to government interference in your daily life? Have no fear. The government will tell us the problem is white privilege & they can reduce suicides with more taxes for a new program & the obligatory bureaucracy to support the program.

That’s probably more due to the Biden/ Harris ticket than COVID related. Sad. Quarantine effects everyone, but especially those with mental illness. Children with IEP’s do not get services with schools closed. If we can delay the death of just one 90-year-old terminally ill nursing home patient, it will all be worth it.

Ridiculous! 🙄 What was it a year age? Five years ago? Thank you to the CDC for doing such important research showing social pressures. This creates humility and empathy, which is severely needed. That is because they have lost their faith and belief in God. Return to Church. 🙏✝️ Some perspective on death rates in America might help ease people’s fear from the virus. Go to this website you will see far more people die from pneumonia and many other causes. Since February 13,133 children have died 45 of those from Covid.

Either the data collection or responses are flawed or there are many mentally fragile Americans these days. Lord 15 days to slow the spread turns into more than 5 months will do that. So what you just go around asking people if they want to commit suicide Lmao wow Absolutely need to get back to living and open up now. Also need to stop the world is ending media narrative when discussing current events. Hysteria drives some to give up on life. Sadly I’ve experienced it first hand.

We believe in god but I’m tearless I don’t need to know ppl from across the country to feel the pain waking up with not hope,not job, not food,not plan, ppl died they have not money to paid for burial and the president is on tv everyday spreading propaganda.The senate is hiding Mental health is becoming more and more important.

あの明るいアメリカ人達が! The media really needs to be held accountable for this. n=1 wokester? n=some journo and their editor? n=world war over civil war? n=not much at all really? I’ve been there. There is always hope and things do get better. You are enough. You deserve happiness. feel free to DM me if anyone needs a sounding board

imyourmoderator yup let’s keep the CV panic porn going cause like lockdown-related deaths are going to exceed actual CV deaths so cost/benefit is really making sense here StayHomeSaveLives Just remember, this is just temporary. And Covid is what % of all deaths? 'We need a nationwide lockdown' The DNC narrative approves of this message...

Fucking bullshit. If true, where are the suicides? Can’t say I blame them. Time to stop the war on the people and come together as one race one species all of equal worth!

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