Americans Can Order Free Rapid Covid-19 Tests from Website on Jan. 19

Americans can order free rapid Covid-19 tests from government website on Jan. 19

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1/14/2022 11:03:00 PM

Americans can order free rapid Covid-19 tests from government website on Jan. 19

Orders will be limited to four tests per residential address and will ship within 7-12 days after ordering, the White House says.

The tests will be mailed to Americans via the U.S. Postal Service. In the continental U.S., tests will be shipped via first-class mail. In Hawaii, Alaska and U.S. territories, they will be sent via priority mail, the officials said.Source: Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering

when purchased at pharmacies and retailers, with a limit of eight tests a month per individual. The administration has separately sent tests to community health centers and has opened federal testing sites in several some early U.S. hot spots, including New York and Chicago, sparking some optimism that the surge may be plateauing.

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Americans will be able to order free COVID-19 rapid tests starting WednesdayAmericans will be able to order free COVID-19 rapid tests starting Wednesday, though supplies will be limited to four free tests per home:

Ohio reports 20,093 more COVID-19 cases: daily coronavirus update for Wednesday, Jan. 12The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations is also up nearly 500 in the past 24 hours. You're still neglecting to state how many are hospitalized for COVID as opposed to with incidental COVID. metrohealthCLE your lack of COVID policy for non-medical workers in the hospital is validating the idea that it is fake. They're already talking about how the vaccine is fake, asking if it were real why'd you back down? How many cases do we need to start protecting our staff? 500 in the past 24hrs🤔 that vaccine doesn't stop. Does more harm than good.

Free at-home COVID tests available starting January 19; here's how to order yours500 million at-home COVID-19 rapid tests will be available to order starting on January 19, the White House said on Friday. 🛑 Watch HealthInsurance premiums skyrocket. Nothing is ever 'free'. Profits and💰drive our lives.

Federal COVID-19 testing website launches next week, 4 tests per homeStarting on Jan. 19, the website will provide tests at no cost, including no shipping fee, the White House announced Friday.

Federal COVID-19 Testing Website Launches Next Week, 4 Tests Per HomeFREE COVID TESTS: The federal website where Americans can request free COVID-19 tests will begin accepting orders on Wednesday as the White House looks to address nationwide shortages. Lol who the fuck cares ThePerezHilton Quite the pandemic when we don’t get tests for 2 years, then have to wait 3 days for the results.

Here’s how you can get free home Covid-19 testsStarting Saturday, many Americans can get home Covid-19 tests at no cost through their private insurance. They can obtain the tests from pharmacies, retailers and online vendors.