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Capitol Riot, Covid-19

American Unity is a Fantasy

National harmony is impossible without true accountability, especially when a major political party enables sedition and white-supremacist terrorism

1/16/2021 6:16:00 PM

National harmony is impossible without true accountability, especially when a major political party enables sedition and white-supremacist terrorism.

National harmony is impossible without true accountability, especially when a major political party enables sedition and white-supremacist terrorism

However, while it would clearly be ridiculous and immoral to let Snyder and his cronies escape accountability in the name of “unity,” that’s exactly the approach Republicans are demanding we take to the white-supremacist mob that attacked the Capitol — and to the white-supremacist politicians who encouraged them.

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Many a Republican this past week brushed away the seditious January 6th attacks as they sought to keep their president from being impeached by the Housefor a second time. The word “unity” may seem newly robbed of meaning when wielded by people who have themselves been, very recently, trying to overturn an election. In our current dystopian politics, these words are now opiates for the masses, intoxicating us daily with notions of American exceptionalism even as scourges of our nation grow more dangerous.

As violent extremists retreat to the deepest recesses of the internet to plantheir next eruptions of entitlement, their elected representatives tell us that “unity” is in our collective best interests. It will surely work out well for the politicians and terrorists alike, helping both escape accountability, repentance, and remedies for their actions, as well as preventing any work necessary to reverse damage wrought upon our social fabric.

If we want to stop the next wave of white-supremacist violence — and root out the people and power structures that made the current one possible — we need to hold white supremacists accountable for their actions. Read more: Rolling Stone »

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We always will have to fight for something , and we don't have to be in Unity. But still together we can Change Everything ! With all our Colors , and Imagination for a better World and living together ! Believing in Our Values and Freedom. And all the People ,who Died for it !🗽 US = North Korea with a better marketing campaign and more funding.

If we’re just skipping over the overthrowing the government part or admitting you lost part save your fucking breath. American unity is within reach ! 2021 🇺🇸 Unity with people that can't admit defeat? Absurd. Tighten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride, now that the socialist are about to take over our country!!

Sure.....we have been united for decades! This is true at the moment! But,in the end his followers gave Trump enough rope to proverbially hang himself! So, you see, the Hunter got caught by the game!!! It was years ago get over it there are no slaves in the U.S or Slave owners Unity can happen once all the white identifying people acknowledge their privilege and are aware of how it affects all of the people around them. This country was built on slave labor and white male privilege, but we have grown and aspired to be more inclusive. It can happen.

Ignoring cancer has consequences. It must be contained, killed, or removed to prevent it from spreading. Well done. The mere fact that the people which support Trump don't think a noose hanging on federal grounds is a horrible idea tells me everything I need to know about them. -ONE. Wow something political we agree on

jamil It's over, you'll get your TYBURN TREE dress apporiately. The CALVARY is coming jamil Rolling Stone, continuing it’s slide into the abyss of irrelevance like a ROCKSTAR! jamil The noose is as realistic as this guillotine The ONLY ennobling possibility remaining is ending famine, starvation and global policy in earth's poorest nations first, with everything we've got, and playing for intelligence and maturity. Dua Lipa really has six lips at least. It's time we become honest and intelligent. AP

Yeah. Don'tcha Hate Supporters of Terrorism that hide behind their narrative ? So were the BLM riots called a Black supremacy insurrection? Or would that be too racist? Following The War for Independence (1775-1782), the biggest obstacle to national unity was that each State held their sovereign rights to be more 'sovereign' than any other. The States continue to argue and debate their differences to this day. A country founded on dissension...

JamilSmith Instead of the pledge of allegiance, maybe government schools should be teaching how elections work starting K-12. I agree- We Should disband the DNC for these things ... Trumpism is Facism, Racism, WhiteNationalists,Sedition,Insurection, Coup,ignorance, & they’re TreasonousTraitors!

Very pleased with early Biden actions. Building a cabinet and staff of subject matter experts. Not a crony or relative among them. Prioritizations are spot on. I am elated and optimistic! We need to bring public hangings back. Most of this shit that happens in the world wouldn't happen anymore. I like that you’re thinking about it, but it’s Biden and his people you need to convince that unity isn’t going to happen if seditious public servants get off free. Biden can change that. Republicans are easy targets but Democratic cowardice is the real elephant in the room.

Fortunately, no major political party has done that, but stay deranged. Truth always precedes reconciliation. Chief Keef sister Husband *New* Music Video Agreed💯 As a veteran who served our country, I want to thank every American who did not vote for tRump... for YOUR service to our country.