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American Airlines emphasizes mask rules after photo of Texas senator emerges

American Airlines emphasizes mask rules after photo of Texas senator emerges

7/14/2020 2:10:00 AM

American Airlines emphasizes mask rules after photo of Texas senator emerges

American Airlines said on Monday it had reached out to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz after a photo of the Texas Republican without a mask aboard an airplane was posted on a social media site.

FILE PHOTO: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) asks a question during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing titled"Police Use of Force and Community Relations" in Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C., U.S., June 16, 2020. Tom Williams/Pool via REUTERS

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - American Airlines (AAL.O) said on Monday it had reached out to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz after a photo of the Texas Republican without a mask aboard an airplane was posted on a social media site.Cruz, who chairs the Senate Commerce subcommittee on Aviation and Space, is seen in the photo posted on Twitter holding a cup of coffee without wearing a mask aboard an airplane.

Fort Worth-based American, which requires all passengers to wear masks onboard but allows them to remove them while eating or drinking, said in a statement it had “reached out to Sen. Cruz to affirm the importance of this policy as part of our commitment to protecting the health and safety of the traveling public.”

A spokeswoman for Cruz, Lauren Aronson, said the senator “wears a mask when traveling, and practices social distancing where possible. Consistent with airline policy, he temporarily removes the mask while eating or drinking.” She added he removed his mask to drink and put it back on afterward.

The photo of Cruz was posted by an official with a Democratic party organization. Another social media account posted a photo of Cruz on a separate flight wearing a mask.Reporting by David Shepardson and Tracy Rucinski; Editing by Tom Brown Read more: Reuters Top News »

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tedcruz is an ass for refusing to mask up. It’s a sacrifice for everyone’s benefit and the privileged wealthy Senator felt himself excused from the burden of wearing a mask. Pride is no good. You are a bad boy. Fly American Airlines ...but don't be a Ted Fly American Airlines but don't be a Ted Rules are for us serfs, not the elite like Cruz

BanTedCruz Wolverine is impervious to cuckhold viruses If they didn’t want people to take their mask off to drink 94 wat then maybe they should have food or drink on planes. What do you expect? Can’t drink the coffee through a mask Let’s not fall back on the “he was drinking his coffee” defense. Here he is in the terminal, also maskless. BanTedCruz just thinks he’s better than everyone else, and AmericanAir let him get away with it. That’s the story here.

If they don’t ban him then they don’t have a policy. An idiot RonBrownstein Jerk RonBrownstein So, let me get this straight. Cruz doesn't want to wear the mask for political reasons, ostensibly to save the economy. But people won't much return to flying if they think people on the plane aren't wearing masks, thus hurting the economy. Did I miss anything?

GOPGenocide TrumpVirus .tedcruz you’re an embarassment to the fine people of Texas you represent Hey American Airlines - fire the people who didn't force him to wear a mask. The hypocritical double standard clown. OMG! that's an adult rule for adults we're talking about tedcruz for god sake . he's clearly exempt under the toddler exemption.

This guy is so damn ugly but, but, thousands of protesters out in the streets doesn't seem to be an issue. fck off is this news? Rafael es muy macho. /s Should tossed him off, don’t care who he is I think the Republicans are trying to kill themselves. AmericanAir so all I’ve got to do to avoid wearing a mask is hold a cup of coffee in my hand? This is exactly why I won’t be flying anytime soon. WearAMaskSaveALife

Hold him accountable. These trump puppets think they are above the law. So the rule...depends on who you are and not everyone pR shit BoycottAmericanAirlines NoMasks TedCruz Cruz should’ve gotten a Big Gulp at 7/11, he could have spent the entire flight sipping on his beverage with his mask off. Creep Fake covid no mask Trump 2020

Shame shame shame on American Airlines americanairlnes ByeDonJr Did they take away his status though? Bc that would really make it worthwhile. Will they ban him? He doesn't need to be in front of them to announce a ban? It's not hard to do. He needs to be banned from the Senate, too. “ emphasizes“ Remember don’t get distracted and focus on the future of the politics in this country, instead of wasting time with this kind of stuff over and over 💡

TBF, he was drinking coffee & from the picture I saw, it appeared he was sitting beside anyone. Plus, I'd bet he's tested frequently. RonBrownstein Something about horses and barn doors... Ted Cruz should be banned from flying with AA again. Hahahahaha. Bullshit. Like closing the barn door after the horses are out, AmericanAir. 🤦‍♀️

Like 45, he’s too impotent.. have them printed on a baseball bat! TyphoidTed Just pull the bottom of the mask up, sip, pull the mask down. Finally, recognized the mask is important. Great. Just flew on AA Saturday. Best believe they continually asked people to put on masks. the face that cancelled a thousand flights

the Mask Nazis Crack Down He was drinking coffee. Show me a way to drink with masks on huh Since when did 'Texas Senator' become code for 'Tosser'? Ted Cruz is quite obviously Incapable of leadership By now we all should know that the water is murky from the top about covid 19 This do as I say not as I do bullshit is why this country never took this seriously, and why tens of thousands of people are dying.

Some of us would’ve volunteered to tell him off. Put him in his place. Perfect opportunity. Were the flight attendants lacking confidence or what? Trump called Cruz’ wife ugly and Cruz still licks his boots. Pathetic. Meanwhile, in Houston, 1 in 4 people have tested positive for the virus. So why doesn’t raphael care about his constituents?

Are you kidding me? A mask would have totally ruined his I'm-not-a-man-but-I-play-one-on-TV beard!! Not the best advertising for American Airlines that is to the Texas Senator If America Airlines gives a rip they will ban him from flying. He is a traitor and a big part of the problem. Again American Airlines fails its customers. Cruz should be on no fly list!

What a putz. New rule, no mask, ride on the wing of your choice - seatbelts optional. That man has no spine what embarrassment to Texas and Harvard я б поиграл , но беда не приходит одна , я про пидарастов . They should have threw him off that plane. He is a disgrace and has shown that he doesn't care about anyone.

Too late. You have to catch him in the act. Please make an example out of him $$$$$$ But then ... this guy (pictured) is unstable. He’s just not normal. TedCruz Too late AA Don’t understand why this is posted as newsworthy. No fan of Sen Cruz, but he was following AA rules. AE can go directly to hell with THAT shit.

He was busy preparing for this event in Texas; it must have slipped his mind. Zika baby face He is stupid. Lying Ted 😂

Face masks vs. face shields: What should we be wearing?As Americans “mask up” to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a new trend is emerging with more people wearing clear plastic face shields. But are they the best choice? Wear both! I am not wearing either. And if you want to try and make me, pack a lunch and bring a few friends Shields are an addition to masks to protect the eyes.

Ted Cruz caught on commercial flight without a maskTexas senator Ted Cruz appeared to contravene an airline’s mandate on masks this weekend when he was pictured without one.In a picture shared online on Sunday, Mr Cruz was onboard an American Airlines departure when he was seen unmasked. Always concerned about the well being of others. What a guy. Caught holding a beverage that is likely intended to be drank without a mask Because SenTedCruz is NOT pro-life like he claims. He is pro-death of his fellow Americans!

American Airlines to warn staff this week about potential furloughsAmerican Airlines is planning to warn pilots this week about potential furloughs, the latest carrier to prepare employees for job cuts as the coronavirus pandemic roils the airline business. umarwaqar4 Guess where we’re returning So much for the pilot shortage, hopefully that's the end of 20 year olds in the captains seat. SoWestTexas_

American Airlines reaches out to remind Sen. Ted Cruz about face mask use amid COVID-19 pandemicTed Cruz's spokesperson says he took off his face mask while he was eating or drinking. American Airlines has reminded the senator about its rules. Why they didn’t tell him to comply or get off the plane blows my mind. Selfish Dudley-Do-Good the Moron! Add to the list of FAKE NEWS publications

Man threatens violence against fellow Alaska Airlines passengers on recent Seattle flightVideo of the incident, provided by a passenger, in which you can hear him say he will kill everyone on the plane and to 'die in the name of Jesus.' Probably Covid... He was distraught. Bwahaha. Oh look. They're trying to make it seem like Christian's are the fanatics. Not the religious demographic that is the wealthiest in the country. Not the ones actually hijacking plans and murdering people. Christian's are bad. Because this guy. In the name of Jesus? Fake. Has to be Muslim.

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