American activism is best hope to save U.S. democracy from Trump

'If you're not protesting now, this would be a good time to start.' — Yale historian Timothy Snyder, author of 'On Tyranny'

7/25/2020 7:32:00 PM

'If you're not protesting now, this would be a good time to start.' — Yale historian Timothy Snyder, author of 'On Tyranny'

Timothy Snyder, author of 'On Tyranny,' talks with Rachel Maddow about how Donald Trump's actions echo the behavior of governments that slip away from democracy and into authoritarianism.

Share this -copiedTimothy Snyder, author of "On Tyranny," talks with Rachel Maddow about how Donald Trump's actions echo the behavior of governments that slip away from democracy and into authoritarianism. Read more: MSNBC »

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german041977 Yes! He must be on Sorro’s payroll We need a revolution. Not a protest. The American people see whats going on as an attack on democracy by socialists with lawlessness and anarchy! And the president will win in a landslide! Most Americans do not want socialism! You fool rise. Rise. RISE. ✌🏽

Who is this helping? But wear a mask!!! Right? Historian? Tyranny? Hahahaha Until they 'protest' outside your home, pal... The left attacks the 1st, 2nd , 4th , 5th, 7th , and 14th consistently. They don’t believe in due process anymore. What would they protest? So they could open gulags back up? Crazy it’s time for rest of us to stand up and stand with trump

Great, we’ll never get Covid under control. Sigh There it is liberal thinking that has created a generational hate for the way of life .There seems to be no pride in being American today. ayeletw Nope. And if you're not engaging in civil disobedience against tyrannical/treasonous failed city/state Democrat mayors and governors insanity this is the time to start

They will then come after You , To serve the governments freinds and industrialists to use your Labour FREE while he and his Circle are paid for your work. You in turn will be allowed LIVE. We have seen it all before in Germany Poland and surrounding Countries .The New REICH . Pandemic prevention be damned, say fommentor of tyranny from Yale.

No it should be ending There's always a laxative. That could work too! Very true, the only time our government responds to the will of our people is when we take to the streets in large numbers and become a threat. We must show republicans how much we want to keep our democracy! I am protesting. Protesting racist professional sports leagues, protesting democrats, protesting people who destroy property and disrupt the lives of others. I woke

Hey Timothy. If you’re finished with those five books on your bookshelf....could I read them? MSNBC is the enemy to the people. Either both sides are armed or not. Fair is fair. Do we want a civil war? Doesn’t this result in coronavirus super spreaders? If not, the hell with masks and social distancing. I protest the rioters, Marxists and the protests. Liberal Democrat mayors and governors would have me arrested for this. So, how would this egghead have me avoid this? 🗽🇺🇸

Let's start by protesting at TimothySnyder home anyone know the address If you're not protesting, you're a racist. News media activists promoting riots. FakeNews Riots DemocratsTheEnemyWithin Trump2020 MAGA Well MSNBC which is it.....stay inside for the coronavirus or go outside and protest? Can’t have it both ways.

still_liberty we need to save our democracy from corporate owned dems too. They are just republicans disguising themselves as democrats. USA Constitutional Republic first, democracy grows from that. Trump is Awesome ! Says the professor with empty bookshelves neeratanden PEACEFUL protesting is key. Engaging in violence with Trump’s unidentified soldiers is giving him precisely the footage he desires for his re-election campaign to depict America as out-of-control and in need of a “law & order president.” Don’t take his bait! STAY PEACEFUL.

Right now with the covid pandemic? 😂😂😂😂 Moron MSNBC why are you promoting mass assembling during a pandemic? Are you trying to encourage the spread of COVID ? idiotic Please keep protesting. We welcome all democrats sick of this lawlessness to the republican side. Plus protesters spread Covid. I believe my protest will be the same as the vote I pass on election day

'Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God' — Benjamin Franklin With Biden and Sanders AOC the squad Pelosi Schummer Warren welcome Socialism No one should be out protesting at all. They protesting over lies and fault information. perfect for your narrative. BUT AMERICA is wise and waking up Now is the time!!!! protest BLMprotest BlackTwitter Vote VoteLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt BidenPride JoeBiden JoeBidenJob AmericaOrTrump USA MondayMotivation mondaythoughts racist FacistTrump Congress TrumpThreatensAmerica TrumpMeltdown

I guess that means everyone? I'm a Trump supporter. You want me out in the streets? Say when. I'll match up with Antifa, BLM, NFAC, and anyone else and stand beside LEOs. Also, I don't accidentally shoot my friends like a fucking moron. Say when. A missive from Austria, no less. He kind of looks like an older version of the brownshirt that ratted out Van Trapps when they were hiding int he convent.

This is a paranoid fanatical statement with little basis in fact If you’re trying to destroy property, hurts others, you should be in jail. Real America willfight back The only thing you should all be protesting is against the radical marxists who are burning down our cities. No Another 'expert' and free advertising courtesy of MSNBC. Enough said.

Are you fn kidding me, can't wait for you to be held responsible! Yes left wing protest is literally the only activity not frowned upon or banned these days which seems very healthy What's his address? Government should shut down this station . Do governments depend on OUR gullibility? Antifa doesn’t believe in democracy

That’s a very bad idea dude. So should we stay home, or riot MSNBC? MSBC is the exact same level of journalism as teen vogue! 'REPUBLICAN PARTY' HAS SPIRALED DOWNWARD to a 'TRUMP REPUBLICAN PARTY' NOW VERGES on a 'TRUMP REPUBLICAN 'NAZI' PARTY'; 'MOSCOW MITCH' & OTHERS REFUSE to ENGAGE as TRUMP GATHERS his 'GESTAPO ENFORCERS' to ADD to their DEPRAVITY!

And institute what you really want, Marxism. Let's do this people!!! I don’t think he could be a leader utterly with no victims but at least he doesn’t mind making it obvious. Everybody was a victim in the previous years without even knowing it. I would keep it calm so that I don’t get blended in with those who rush to scream out with no fruits.

What about the virus, is it safe? Agree Idiot Rioting is what he really means...He is despicable So desperate! Lol everyone is to happy with Trump saving them $5,000 yr on prescrptions or School choice allowing the fed money to follow there child so they can send them to good private or charter schools. Really happy that the vote matters and foreigners aren't choosing reps

This is what’s wrong with America. People with a platform encouraging people to burn things and violently protest. Democrats can't handle losing elections Thomas Paine would be writing full-time. If you're not protesting against msm propaganda and lies, or agianst Blm and antifa terrorists you're protesting the wrong things truly are enemyofthepeople This is a man America should listen to. I really don't see protestor anymore. Just rioters who could care less about anything political. Just frustrated with crappy self induced lives and want to break shit or hurt people. There it is all you sheeple. Listen to your master and flock to the streets to destroy what others have built. Break the law. Disregard order. You people are idiots. It's riots with no cause. Your destroying peoples lives and way of living.

If you’re thinking about going out to cause destruction and threat innocent lives, hey, play stupid games win stupid prizes... CivilRights Democracy facts GoodTrouble vote Rioting does not equal protest, Tweets like this will strengthen Trump voters. The activists want an alternate form of government and they want to eliminate the free market. So, if you hate America and are to stupid to realize what the free market has produced and can produce, go protest.

MSNBC, why are you not reporting live from the streets of Portland where violent criminal anarchists are attempting to destroy a federal courthouse and have been every night for the past 8 weeks. Report the facts! According to useless liberals. Violent protests are okay as it will not spread the Coronavirus. But it isn't okay for schools to re open. As schools are a breeding ground for Covid 19. Lunatics.

Oh some dude said something and because he worked for a school, you should listen to him and do everything he’s telling you to do Will these protesters support Trump if he launches and wins a war with communist China? I agree 100% if it's PEACEFUL protest, as MOST have been before being assaulted or before outside agitators 'helped'. BlackLivesMatter AmericansTogether

Nah I’d rather continue to watch the terrorist aka protestors, get their asses handed to them by law enforcement Yea . Just want I want to do . Being in a high risk group getting into crowds of thousands that may or may not have masks I read this book right when this president was elected. It is a must-read, and if people want to save our country, they would do well to read it and heed the advice of this author.

There not protesting, and you could get killed by one of these criminals you decide to hang with. Use court systems to get what you want , not animal type violence. Wtf are you talking about. What is going on are not “protests.” What we are seeing on our city streets is coordinated Leftists violence & destruction. If you wanna get your head blown off, be my guest. Quit hiding the truth MSDNC.

Is it? I mean people in large groups do stupid things; which maybe exactly what the tyrant craves; inciting and provoking more chaos to suspend democracy. Virus says NO. Stay at home for 100 days of discipline, find others waysen of creative action! Just avoid crowds, period. Wait, what about quarantine? It is one or the other. Viruses don't discriminate.

Can someone explain to me why far right are calling protesters Antifa and does that by context mean they admit Trump is a fascist? Does America not ride on antifascism This is bad advice. jilliancyork Tyranny of Trump, Tyranny of Biden, what do you prefer pugnaciouskvz1 reading the book now DSa38 ❤️ this breaks down what is happening and why protests are important right now.

Timothy doing his best to cause further civil unrest to stop the news about the pedophilia, child trafficking and child sacrifice coming out. Wonder what Timothy has to hide? msnbc, the people that say it is a crime to go outside because covid, then tell you to go outside and protest _katiesaurus_ Strong concur.

CarolofAZ With the 'Federal troops' in our cities is it better to protest or better to stay home and not contribute to the false narrative of chaos in our cities? Your book 'On Tyranny' is great, so needed these days. I hope many others pick up your book and read it carefully. Yes sir! Our family marching peacefully in Nashville and Brooklyn and Colorado!

Why are you not reporting this? Wasn’t his university named after a slaveholder? great book, 'Tyranny', short read with a lot of info and impact At his house. I just bought his book. Easy read. These two are clueless to what’s really going on!! How about going to work TimothyDSnyder prophetic observances in unstable America// Americans who believe in the rule of law, lift your voices be heard, stand up and make a difference

Vaw511 If Timothy Snyder says we are in trouble, then we are in trouble. Take to the streets today, folks. There may not be another chance tomorrow. I’m protesting against Thugs, Looters & Rioters. AllLivesMatter Keep in mind the laws these people are breaking were written by Nancy Pelosi and Congress If she didn't want them enforced why did she write & pass them? Then, she berates the police for enforcing the laws she wrote & passed

Please cover the Wall of Vets and Wall of Nurses in Portland, thanks!! Protesting and activism are outstanding. Love it! But, the ULTIMATE protest is at the voting booth! Don't shout for change & justice on the street then sit your ass at home November 3rd. What's the point? VoteForOurLives His segment on Maddow last night scared the sh*t out of me. ..gotta get his book!!

Excellent segments on maddow You guys are good at your job! Where’s his protest? I’m feeling a huge walk on Washington

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Trump cancels GOP convention set for next month in Jacksonville, Fla.: 'I have to protect the American people'President Donald Trump on Thursday said that he would cancel the Republican National Convention set for late August in Jacksonville, Fla., as COVID-19 cases... Lol Should have just held it in a school where it’s safe. Too dangerous for a convention, not too dangerous for schools.

Trump cancels Republican convention in Florida after coronavirus spikePresident Donald Trump on Thursday said he would no longer hold part of the Republican Party's nominating convention in Florida in August because of a spike in coronavirus cases in the state. Roy Cooper has been vindicated. So it’s too dangerous for the convention but we should send kids back to school? Was he afraid he would not be the winner?

Trump cancels Jacksonville portion of Republican convention planned for August due to COVIDTrump held a briefing for the third time in as many days after he abruptly announced this week he would restart coronavirus daily briefings. 4 million out of 328 million.... let’s cancel everything!!!! Confirmed but not necessarily sick! TrumpKillingAmericans