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12/1/2022 1:30:00 PM

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CLOSE CALL: Two U.S. Navy ships narrowly avoid collision while navigating the San Diego Bay in California. No injuries or damage reported to the ships, U.S. Navy spokesperson says.

ABC News Live Video

GMA3: What You Need to Know 7:00 pm ABCNL Prime with Linsey Davis 8:30 pm Viral: A World Without AIDS 9:00 pm ABCNL Prime with Linsey Davis 10:30 pm World News Tonight Prime with David Muir 11:00 pm ABCNL Prime with Linsey Davis Additional Live Streams.5:29PM ET Dia Dipasupil Married Co-anchors Holmes made for his wife, Marilee Fiebig, to celebrate a decade of marriage is…bleak.The incident between North Island's Ammunition Pier and the west end of Shelter Island was captured on webcam and prompted a Naval investigation.

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Taking cleaning to new heights 😂 She didn’t fall how is this news? Don’t you have more important stuff to cover? How about smoking Joe’s classified documents? The Southern Border just to name a few!!!! Some people have absolutely no fear of heights. using a chair as a step stool can be dangerous

Married ‘Good Morning America’ Co-Anchors Leave Partners for Each OtherThe affair began in March, with the two spotted “canoodling” at bars near ABC News as early as May, PageSix reported. 'GMA...Get More Ass' 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 This one paragraph has three grammar and spelling mistakes, Alex.

For God's sake, how does she come up with it? Safety harness? That is only for people scared of heights . It is fine How dare abc post how this upright walking individual identifies? Are you serious 😳 It aint a tiny ledge She must be a Virgo... When the cleaning spirit takes over. Migrants do the work that Americans don't want to pay other Americans to do it.

I have only one question for her. Is she single? Dangerous

Good Morning America Co-Hosts Appear to Be Having Very Good Mornings, IndeedAmy Robach and T.J. Holmes have reportedly taken their flirtatious on-camera banter straight to the bedroom, and now I may just have to watch this show. who cares

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Navy Ships Steer Last Minute to Avoid Head-On Crash in San Diego BayTwo US Navy ships — USS Momsen and USS Harpers Ferry — came a little too close for comfort Tuesday morning as they passed each other in San Diego Bay. Thanks for being about 24 hours late on this story

Don’t worry! WT😱 At least she is wearing bright pink and sandals 🩴 Wow ! Probably not the first she has done it. She works hard for the job and for the money It’s ok, she is not an employee. Had it been an employee, OSHA regulations apply… But did she die? The ledge is probably a foot wide She seems perfectly in control, what’s the problem? Why is this news? If you’re all worried about her falling then send a damn window cleaning crew over to her building and help.

The way my stomach is doing summersaults right now. 🤸🏽‍♀️🌀🥺

WATCH: Two Navy Ships Narrowly Avoid Head-On Crash in San Diego BayTwo US Navy ships — USS Momsen and USS Harpers Ferry — came a little too close for comfort Tuesday morning as they passed each other in San Diego Bay. USS Momsen & HarpersFerry Both at Fault? The More Context Version of Chicken in San Diego Channel H/T SanDiegoWebCam USNavy USPacificFleet That’s why you can’t all get high at once!!!

shes brave, because im not doing it even with safety equipment You could ride a bike on that ledge, not much of a safety hazard unless you’re off your nut. Cleanest windows in the building though! Honestly, can’t believe the windows open that much. It’s obvious she was not educated in America. We use ledges to jump off from.

May be she is a robot ! One heck of a cleaning lady....😲👍 Charge her boss for putting her life in danger. Nothing wrong with that, the world is getting to soft Why is this news?

Two Navy ships nearly collide in San Diego BayThe purported close call involved the guided-missile destroyer Momsen and the dock landing ship Harpers Ferry in the San Diego Bay. Wasn’t the first time 2 navy ships were bumpin lol No homo As long as they looked 'woke' doing it..

The person that posted this in Colombia yesterday said she alerted the lady in question, the security at the complex and left her phone number for the ppl that hired her to let them know. It was apparently the first day of this lady on the job. Workers that go above & beyond 🤷🏻‍♀️ All Brazilian cleaners are asked to do that. Before someone attack me, I don’t agree with that at all. It is just happens all time time there 😔

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH GOOD HOUSEKEEPING!!! (*CRAZY*) MAYBE BUT GOOD HOUSEKEEPING!!! She said she gon get it done by any means Blame it on the Adderall I'm upset watching this.If possible they need to alert the building and find her so that they warn her to give her a hefty fine if she ever does it again!It's so dangerous and I like to clean but its not that serious to endanger your life!!

This is a whole different level of OCD🫣 Relax people it's only a 10 story drop. She'll survive. 😆😆😆 No mask either which makes it worse.

Meet ‘Devotion’ star Christina Jackson, N.J. actor behind true story of trailblazing Navy pilotThe movie is a tribute to Jesse Brown, a pioneering Black fighter pilot in the Korean War.

That ledge is so wide...Come on man Naive or Spiderwoman. Maybe stop reporting nonsense with this headline? That’s not newsworthy. She missed a spot. It's a balcony. 😮 So this perv shares a video takes dedication. Cleaner of the year!!!😳 What could go wrong? LMAO. Just more proof that common sense is not common.

Well that is how they treat their second class workers and get away with it. She is probably Dominican, where homeowners make them do this OR they actually do this voluntarily in order to have a job. ElGeorgeHarris That feeling when it's time to wash those freakin'windows...😂🤣 “DO NOT try this at home!!!” Next scene: 🐋🦈🐋🦈🐋🦈🐋

Democrats exploiting illegal immigrants? PERSONALLY I THINK JOE BIDEN SHOULD BE IMPEACHED FROM OFFICE FOR HAVING DOCUMENTS THAT HE WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAVE!!!! Risking her life for minimum wage pay. My Mom would have done that!

Com n you strong woman, nothing is more important than your life If she had a squeegee she could have done all of that from inside. Someone send her a squeegee asap! Most of us are jealous of her 'no fear' of heights. In uk police would’ve been there already Trippin I don't think she believes in gravity She's high.

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Spidermaam? This is the type of dedicated maid I’m looking for Balkan mom energy Nobody should be out driving when these conditions exist Climate Change is gonna kill us all! What does the previous tweet have to do with the topic. The man is lucky somebody could get to him Biden and NATOs proxy war is getting out of hand. Are we still pretending the Ukraine isn’t the most corrupt nation in Europe?

Merry Xmas Why is a network reporting this? Not a good post trivialising a hazard that kills people every year

I’ve never witnessed anything so stupid in my life, really now? Was it a tad bit cold.?.......LOL If you google “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”, this video should be the first thing that pops up. It's 3 feet deep....OMG What did they think would happen? Death was so close! How did they manage to survive?

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Just a bunch of… Urgent relief is here before it's too late to save the girl It's astonishing humanity actually have ways of answering that. I could just imagine 200 car pileup, oh I guess we need a new bridge 😂 they forgot how to drive Too many humans, too many cars, too much chaos. STOP the insanity CCP about to delete the survivors for bad press

Politics but absolutely no coverage of the Twitter files and how the government pushed to silence it's on citizens. no talk of the censorship and deplatforming of conservatives? No talk of the government, FBI, CIA interfering in the election? PRIORITIES got it. 199 cars just came out of nowhere! They probably knew of the pile up a long distance away with brake lights on and still kept on speeding 👍

Thx for sharing God bless, hope no one is dead or seriously injured. Which vehicle caused it? I mean, they aren't good drivers Why it is brought directly! They are some drivers that's for sure I guess they all forgot how to drive after 2+ years of lockdown 这是哪里? 🧐😮😲Made in China 🤓👍

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Cops? Really? Ha,ha,ha, love it. D u m b lib How do you know that is a woman

Save this for americas funniest videos. Some journalism... hhmm did this really happen? 😅 Nice to see some top reporting from the esteemed ABC There's a slew of things to report such as FBI collusion with Tech and this is the crap they report on. Pathetic. You're still old enough to run the presidency. Can you run again and make America stronger?

He has always been a America But you wanna put guns in 18 year old kids hands while saying they can't smoke or drink until 21 because their brains arent developed to make those decisions while you offer them a scalpel for their genitals as they hit puberty... Why would anyone but Satan (or a very mean person for you Atheists) want me to carry anger around with me all day?

He lying.. I’m still angry that you (Obama) and Holder gave the Mexican Cartels 2000 AR15’s. One which killed a FBI agent. Remember that……

Those right-minded Gravy Seals don't want to give up those Military assault weapons. NRA pays those in Congress well. And what did Obama do to help prevent such tragedies during his 8 years as President? Nothing! Suck off Praying for Safety!! americansamoa samoa Tonga TongAquarium Prayer 😳 Really sounds like a train 😢

Wow! Guess Who Is Not Getting A Laptop For Christmas This Year You sure that wasn’t a slight breeze outside? 🙄

Every time I hear 'American Samoa' 👇🤭 Let me guess, I'm just an old Ret HTCS (SW) you're in Special sea and anchor detail both ships right , Bridge lookout , we are 30 yards from Head on !!! Recommend a full left turn now .......... USS Momsen & HarpersFerry Both at Fault? The More Context Version of Chicken in San Diego Channel H/T SanDiegoWebCam USNavy USPacificFleet

When you are playing chicken, size matters! just for fun, i'm watching this again in slow motion So what's the real story? Narrowly ain’t enough. Someone is in trouble. More likely than not it will be someone who has absolutely no power to prevent this. I'm sure all the people who are in control of the ship were in a diversity training session

Engine room! Engine room! Hard left rudder, hard left rudder!😱👀🚢🚢 Are they playing chicken or what

Someone is losing their job!The Navy doesn't mess around. Two captains with big problems now. Wonder how close they got without the zoom lense cranked in. Are there no fucking photographers working at ABC News? So it’s Tuesday. christ. Captain and pilot quite awake & aware of track!! Woke just in time?🤷🏽‍♂️

our woke navy asleep at the wheel They can just identify as widely avoiding collision and it's all good.

Just wonder who filmed this from WHERE ? Scared yet, America’s enemies? This is narrow Someones going to get their arse kicked. It’s only tax payers money they are risking.