America on trial—Kyle Rittenhouse, guns and race

Our weekly podcast on democracy in America

11/21/2021 2:00:00 PM

Both sets of lawyers used Kyle Rittenhouse’s gun to try and make their case—“a very striking moment in the trial”, says The Economist’s dlknowles. Hear more on our “Checks and Balance” podcast

Our weekly podcast on democracy in America

are not disputed. In August 2020 he shot dead two people, and injured a third, during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. But to the right the teenager is an American hero and to the left he’s a reckless vigilante. What does the case tell us about gun culture and race in America?

We hear how the media on the left and right told the Rittenhouse story and go back to the origins of a notorious self-defence law.

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dlknowles Calling in from Belgium. As an ex vp for great US companies, with the utmost admiration in those days for what the US represented across the board...pls don't make yr country look so bad..painful who gets air time. Are you giving up on your global leadership ? What a sad downfall dlknowles I mean this involved four white males, so...

dlknowles Race hustling paper dlknowles Stop separating by race. dlknowles Media painted the story from the start based on his skin colour even though there was videos of the incident. Media lied for a year to get Biden elected, disgusting to see 17 year old kid used as a tool in politics. dlknowles Where does race come into this story again?

dlknowles Hope he explains why guns never divide sane countries. They don't have them for teenagers to go around murdering with. dlknowles I always hated bitcoin and thought it was a scam, till I met AMBREY__MARCUS_, I made my first successful withdrawal of $70,000 thanks to AMBREY__MARCUS_ now am financially stable..

It tells you nothing but such kind thing will happen again. I'm not divided.. I don't care Dear European citizens, pls Cancel your holidays in the USA if you want to live longer

'Heartbroken': Parents of Rittenhouse victim react to not guilty verdictKyle Rittenhouse victim Anthony Huber's parents were 'heartbroken' after the jury acquitted Rittenhouse of all charges brought against him in the Kenosha trial. morgfair amerikkka morgfair Seditious right-wing radical congressman Madison Cawthorn offers Kyle Rittenhouse--who is seen on the video below repeatedly sucker-punching a young lady--an internship following his wrongful acquittal of multiple murders via MailOnline tweet_stamp stamp

And the jury system This case had nothing to do with race. The fact that you keep using this word in this context shows what broken human beings you lot are. I mean it. You are the dividers, exploiting peoples want to be good people from different religions and upbringings. You are the racists. 😡 Race In a healthy society, when the facts aren’t disputed, the country should not be divided on such a matter. Politicians and media are exploiting every single story and as a result our country is more divided every day.

I am a structural engineer and i have many ideas but i do not have enough money to implement them. I also have a small technology and innovation company in Iran. Does anyone want to collaborate and invest in my company and my ideas? So If a Black Kid the same age Walked up to a Cop with a Gun that he shouldn't have had, That Black Kid wouldn't have been detained and or Arrested?

I was introduced into his platform by a friend I met online Dennismayson9. I thought it was a scam company as well.... But I was moved to try once again with Dennismayson9 I just wanna share this with my people, it was a WIN and i am GREATFUL.🙏🙏🙏🙏 GRATITUDES. In US, whites have licence to kill colored people. White Jury & White judges will protect them.

Nothing as race was not a factor in the case he disposed of white guys in self defence.

'Heartbroken': Parents of Rittenhouse victim Anthony Huber react to not guilty verdictThe parents of Anthony Huber, one of two men killed by Kyle Rittenhouse, are 'heartbroken' that the jury acquitted him of all charges. 'There was no justice today,' Karen Bloom and John Huber said in a statement. Can’t say I care… Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

CNN only explained the facts of the case accurately after they were terrified of getting sued It tells us that lots of people get their information from organizations acting in their own self interest, and are not attempting to fully inform the public Better yet, check out the RekietaMedia livestream where actual lawyers share their views on the case

Lol have you read what these idiots on Twitter think about this case? most don't even understand the facts let alone know what to do with them. He said its NOT ABOUT RACE, but you say it is good luck Guns and race in America 🤔 I think we all the answer to that! dlknowles It tells us nothing. Because the national fake news media will not cover the murder rates in big leftist run democrat cities.

dlknowles Notorious self-defence law? Next time if you face any life threatening attack, do not defend yourself, let them kill you straightaway. Media could be bias, but be such bias is absurd or stupid or misleading. dlknowles Guns don't divide America, media outlets like yours do. Shame on all of you.

Rittenhouse victim’s family member speaks out following acquittalSusan Hughes, a great-aunt of one of the men killed by Kyle Rittenhouse, spoke about her great-nephew on Weekend TODAY, a day after a verdict was announced in Rittenhouse's trial. Condolences to you and your family. Prayers of comfort to all of you. I feel for their families but did she speak to her nephews victims too? We shouldn't look at Kyle as the source of this horror. It was Rosenbaum. pursuing! acting strange and wild and being a bully... he is a definative pedaphile... a violent mean... killer he didn't kill that we knew... the energy does! the way he lived... what's the story on it?

dlknowles No black, 17 year old male can be driven across state lines, to a protest march by his mother, shoot and kill 2 people and get acquitted. AND his mother was not charged. Sounds about white! dlknowles What does it say about race and the MEDIA that they ignore DAILY murders in Chicago while covering the Rittenhouse trial (four white males involved) non-stop?

dlknowles nice jonfasman Please could you HUST STOP RUNNING ANYTHING WITH THIS IMAGE. America is begotten of the gun. American justice is skewed & has always favored who it has always favored. So plz can we just move on. jonfasman They also see protesting differently. Some see it as an opportunity to burn down your average citizens business. Because small business owners are to blame for police shootings?

jonfasman jonfasman Would they offer the benefit of the doubt if the boy were black? And what if it was a young black man, weeping in court right after killing two people with an AR15, would he be acquitted? jonfasman Interesting black and white photo, with some throwback symbolism using the US flag ...

Are intentions facts, because those are very much in dispute. For example, if you purposely insert yourself into a situation to antagonize a person or group, it's difficult to claim self defense when you have to shoot those you are purposely antagonizing because you scared them.

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: News and Updates | AP NewsKyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges after testifying he acted in self-defense in the deadly Kenosha, Wisconsin, shootings that became a flashpoint in the nation’s debate over guns, vigilantism and racial injustice. Find AP's key stories here: He's a Double MURDERER who's Soul is Hell Bound! 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾 Thank goodness! Self-defence is the corner stone of our legal system. God bless Kenosha. So much for intent… if you carry a loaded military style weapon, you clearly came to the party with the intent to kill.

Poor zealots can’t handle ‘facts’ Why does this guy look like Kim Jong Un’s long lost American brother? Fact that over 50% of all violant crime are committed by a group that makes up 13% of the us population. Also a fact. Placed with the least gun restrictions have less crime. Placed with the strictest gun laws have the highest crime rates.

“The facts of the case aren’t disputed” WRONG! Visit the comments section on any left-leaning posts and you’ll see. Grave grave grave Si el que matara en defensa propia a un blanco Fuera negro, o latino o asiatico, que pasaria entonces!! Lo enviarian a la camara de gases dlknowles For me it is amazing to see Biden taking side... against justice. Thread:

Biden reacts to Rittenhouse verdict: 'The jury system works, and we have to abide by it'President Joe Biden said Friday he stands by the not-guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, saying the jury system of trial in the United States works and must be respected. JUSTICE SYSTEM AIN'T SHIT AND NEITHER IS BIDEN Oh please😖 So in America, white people are allowed to do whatever they want. I'm sure a lot of kids will copy what he did.

Kyle Rittenhouse awarded AR-15 for 'defense of gun rights' following acquittalAlmost immediately after the shooting, Rittenhouse became an icon for gun groups and gun rights advocates. F’ing gross Newsweek is trash usa, “we” is something that will not happen even here. Get out!