America is plummeting down the global vaccination league table

Little can be done to change the minds of the 30% of American adults yet to get jabbed | Graphic detail

8/5/2021 7:06:00 AM

Although the country has met President Joe Biden’s target of giving at least one dose to 70% of its adult population, it did so a month late

Little can be done to change the minds of the 30% of American adults yet to get jabbed | Graphic detail

.Mr Biden told his fellow Americans that getting vaccinated was “the most patriotic thing you can do”, but they appearnot to be listening. Since the beginning of July vaccination rates in America have fallen markedly. The country has slipped down the global league table for vaccinations, to 28th on August 3rd. America has now given an average of 1.2 doses per person to its population aged 12 and over. But over the past 14 days it has administered on average 2.2 doses per 1,000 people per day, slower than the pace in 112 other countries. Granted, vaccination rates in most countries have slowed as more and more of their citizens are jabbed (see chart above). But neighbouring Canada—a country of similar wealth and geography—has already given 1.5 doses per person aged 12 and over, on average, and is still administering 8.4 per 1,000 people a day.

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Most unvaccinated Americans have been unmoved by the recent wave of hospitalisations. According to a poll conducted forThe Economistby YouGov from July 31st to August 2nd, the share of adults who remain opposed to vaccines has held steady at 18% even as the Delta variant ravages communities. That is despite ample evidence that cases are spreading among the unjabbed. According to North Carolina’s department of health, people who are not fully vaccinated account for 92% of recent covid-19 cases in the state.

What would it take for holdouts to change their minds? Our poll suggests: a lot. YouGov asked unvaccinated Americans to consider several possibilities. The most persuasive was the notion that vaccines might protect their families from covid-19. Even then, only 16% said they would get a jab. Full approval for vaccines from the Food and Drug Administration (they are currently approved for emergency use) would be the most effective government action: 13% say they would get jabbed in that case. Making travel and work conditional on vaccination would each convert roughly one in every ten holdouts. Official guidance from state governors, a personal doctor or Donald Trump, the former president, would persuade about one in 20.

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It is mass hysteria and disinformation propaganda like no other. It is purely to keep a certain segment of misinformed or ignorant conservatives in a place of being fearful or belligerent towards anything that is considered a liberal conspiracy. Not political, it is life or death The ability to sue the Pharma companies for liabilities. Put some skin in the game if your so compelled to jab everyone.

Maybe less adverse reactions. Or a higher risk of serious disease which changed the risk benefit analysis. If you infect anyone, it's 'Go Directly to Jail' Change of hearts, you mean, not minds; facts and logic have nothing to do with this. There is no possibility. I'm not changing my DNA on purpose. Getting vaccinated now has 'religious' implications by which I mean that doing it or not doing it is a foundational belief. So you are asking 'how do we get people to change religions?' This answer historically has been 'we can't'. Inquisitions don't work.

Near death experience from COVID. gelliottmorris We are vaulting UP the 'Personal Freedom to be Stupid' Scale USA!USA! American Exceptionalism Total US deaths exceed 616,000. VaccinesWork lies can kill

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Sufficient scientific information explained in such a way it leaves no doubt… Make them pay for their own treatment if they get sick. Vaccine hideouts changing their mind? I mean other than them dying, nothing will change their minds. What would it take for you to accept that some people aren't going to get the fucking injection? Instead it's all sick conversations about how to coerce people into compliance.

Lots of people have natural immunity, recent study from Israel showed that those who were vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the vaccine than those who had natural infection Release a vaccine that actually has actual FDA approval not emergency approval. Nothing... We are not subjecting ourselves to an Electro-Magnetic Substance... CASE CLOSED !!!

Stop inflating the numbers Socialized sex workers. Free sex for vax! Stupid is as stupid does, in the end

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Maybe get the unions involved POTUS , doing nothing else really, Elon’s busy Time to go to disincentives. Voluntarily UNvaccinated will not be allowed indoors at restaurants, salons, gyms, museums, stores and offices. NO unemployment insurance for those who are fired because they refuse the vaccine. Fines if unvaccinated are let in. Time to get serious.

This is why we need mandatory vaccination. good luck Messi vaccination doge LaLiga amazongiftcard Bangladesh Taliban Matic graphicdesigner designer businesscarddesign bannerdesign photoediting photorestoration Check: It has nothing to do with whether you are pro Vax or anti Vax, being told to take a Vax by the thickest of the thick does not make sense.

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If the delta variant continues to rage, people who oppose the vaccine will be the first to be hurt. They can try it I am willing to bet they wouldn't be opposed to being treated if they got Covid or one of the Variants though? This is what it looks like when people get their science from memes and Twitter

This is what happens when sizeable amount of people get their medical advice from fox news :( The virus mutated faster and continues to do so.

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