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Ambulance hijacked at gunpoint with patient, medical worker in the back

Officers located the vehicle with GPS and the suspect was taken into custody without incident.

7/23/2021 4:13:00 PM

Officers located the vehicle with GPS and the suspect was taken into custody without incident.

Officers located the vehicle with GPS and the suspect was taken into custody without incident.

Houston police said the incident happened shortly before 4 a.m Friday.Police said Houston Fire Department (HFD) workers were transporting a patient when they were forced off the road near 610 South and Beechnut. The suspect fired multiple shots and took the ambulance at gunpoint, leaving the firefighter who was originally driving the vehicle behind on the side of the road. However, a medical worker for the HFD and a patient were still in the back of the ambulance.

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Delta Flight Diverted After Hijacking Suspect Storms CockpitRead moreDelta Flight Diverted After Hijacking Suspect Storms Cockpit"Southwest and Southeast officers just recovered a stolen HFD Ambulance at Southwest Freeway and Weslayan. HFD was transporting a patient to the hospital when a car ran the ambulance off the road and took the ambulance at gunpoint. One firefighter was left on the side of the road," a statement from Houston police said.

KHOU11 reported that the hijacker pointed a gun at the medical worker and then went back to driving on the freeway for about 15 minutes. The medical worker was then able to alert the fire department, which alerted the police.Officers then located the vehicle via GPS and apprehended the armed suspect. headtopics.com

The suspect was then taken into custody without incident along the Southwest Freeway near Weslayan.Police said the patient and firefighters were not hurt in the hijacking. Another ambulance arrived at the scene and continued to transport the patient.Police told KHOU11 that the suspect may have been on drugs at the time of hijacking.

Newsweekhas contacted the police for more comment. Read more: Newsweek »

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Maybe he was trying to stop a terrorist? Hopefully when this ambulance got to the ER at the local hospital there were two patients

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Armed person steals ambulance with a patient inside, Houston police sayThe Houston Fire Department was taking the patient to a hospital when the suspect ran the ambulance off the road and took it at gunpoint Friday morning, according to police. Sounds like a typical Democratic run city.

Police: Armed person stole ambulance with patient inside Houston police say an armed suspect stole an ambulance early Friday while a patient and a firefighter were inside nice Life imitating art.. on an episode of Chicago Fire Same thing happened. What about the boarder crisis you guys are not covering. You only want to cuddle the present admin you guys are disgraceful. I’m making sure I do everything to expose your poor reporting

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