Amazon, Target and Apple scale back business in cities hit hard by protests

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Some major retailers closed hundreds of stores as protests against police violence rolled on this weekend.

-owned Whole Foods are among the retailers that announced they would shutter locations temporarily or adjust store hours around citywide curfews. Some Apple, Target and Whole Foods stores were damaged by looting, as demonstrations turned violent in several cities across the U.S.

Whole Foods' stores near Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Chicago all remain closed. The company's Bryant Park store in New York City has only been open for grocery delivery for several weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak, but the store is ending online orders early as a result of protests, a Whole Foods spokesperson told CNBC.

Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Cheeseman told CNBC in a statement: "We are monitoring the situation closely and in a handful of cities we've adjusted routes or scaled back typical delivery operations to ensure the safety of our teams."Flex drivers are independent contractors of Amazon that use a mobile app to find package delivery jobs in their area.

Some cities also showed fewer blocks in the Flex app to accommodate citywide curfews. For example, in Miami, drivers were able to select blocks up until 7:30 p.m., ahead of the city's 8 p.m. curfew, according to a separate document viewed by CNBC.Target announced late Saturday that it's temporarily closing 175 stores across the country as a result of ongoing protests.

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I knew it, these are the businesses that were not affected by covid19. Now they are affected by the hooligans. Let’s watch Quantum fund and see what they’re shorting and see if OSF ANTIFA thugs made them few millions !!

Won’t be temporary. Think about the fallout from covid and now this.

I mean...

Clearly your editor has failed. “Protests” should be replaced with looting and rioting.

You mean every major city in the US?

Democrats didn’t want people to return to work anyway, citing their [bogus] concerns over COVID19. They’re happy about the looting and destruction that will help keep state economies from re-opening promptly. 😑 mondaythoughts

Notional gaurd time

They are not closing their stores because of the protesters, they are closing their stores because of the rioting Biden supporters. These Biden supporters that are burning our cities need to be stopped. The protesters are not the problem.

ALL Need to know about coronavirus !!! What is the coronavirus?

Looks like democratic areas gonna stay closed for a while. Oh well.

14 trillion. Lol.

Your extreme far left reporting is what's wrong with this nation. With every article you're instigating violence and racial tension. Perhaps the rioters will soon realize that you've been playing them for fools and and go after your buildings and employees.

If you're not going to talk about the actual issue, shut up. It's fine though because we know you won't mention it because you're controlled. The second you speak out to speak truth to power you get fired and never hired anywhere because your bosses are the power being spoken to.

Call for the arrest of Donald Trump. Evidence has surfaced on how he has raped children. We can not allow him to walk among us when he is a direct threat to our children's safety. OpDeathEaters

I think we found what the next protest will be about.

greta More store closings coming cities

greta That’s horrible for the residents and understandable. I bet new small businesses will be Scared putting their life’s investments there. Every action has a price.

wallyr17 Bullish, DOW 40,000 on deck here

Every time you see a video or picture of people being brutally beaten or killed in these riots. Remember these celebrities encourage violence by offering to pay $millions to anyone arrested. SteveCarell JanelleMonae CynthiaNixon Sethrogen jtimberlake chrissyteigen

This are not protesters , I was protesting lest week to open the state . We did NOT burned any thing , WE did not hit any one . THIS ARE CRIMINALS ! So please stop calling this mafia gangs paid by Soros to do this , a protesters OK !!!!

Add to the unemployment numbers. Add to companies/franchises not wanting to have a place of business in certain 'communities.'

greta Good idea

greta Funny how rioters ruin their own community

It’s ok. If they lose their jobs they’ll expect government to send to more aid. It’s always the government fault, they’re 100% innocent. They might as well just move to the communist China. Government will feed them for life, sound great yes? Try it.

These jerks are doing what Coronavirus couldn't.

It is necessary to stop violence, and cruelty. During a pandemic, this will exacerbate everything. Protesters must stay at home because they distract police attention from truly dangerous provocateurs. The provocateurs aim to weaken the United States.

They prefer being the Looters as to being the Lootees.

Bullish for their stocks, loss of sale revenue means revenue will increase in future. BULLISH

so many businesses were going to go under anyway, i think the democrats have made sure the cities they run will be in complete decline as companies up and leave

I can understand why they would. It is sad this has to happen during an already terrible financial situation for many Americans. More people out of jobs that have been devastated by the destruction.

Tragic! Companies will start doing online only, what a shame.

Eventually, doctors will find a coronavirus vaccine, but black people will continue to wait, despite the futility of hope, for a cure for racism.

No money to shop anyway. I am not rich enough to own stocks


Ya think?

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