Tech, Amazon Ring Always Home Cam: A $250 İndoor Security Camera - Cnn

Tech, Amazon Ring Always Home Cam: A $250 İndoor Security Camera - Cnn

Amazon's Ring will sell a $250 security drone that flies around your home

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9/25/2020 6:23:00 AM

Ring, the Amazon-owned home security business, has introduced a flying camera. The $250 drone can automatically fly on preset paths to specific spots in your home, streaming video to your smartphone of what it sees along the way.

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Excuse me but it's alright for the Govt to sell me to death or the words from there books Cardi b lies through her teeth she's just like Sam riseupmelbourne coming to your home next. Here’s how you prevent this from being used: DON’T BUY IT? Pokemon Go 2.0 XD The cops will spy on ens My cats would love this.

This is terrible. Like home surveillance cameras, they can be hacked. So not only can cops see in your home when you're no home, they can go room to room. If you don't hear them say it's hack-proof, don't buy it. And this is here for “companionship.” ring really needs to provide the option to store recorded audio and video on local storage devices and not on Ring's remote cloud servers.

Hackers are going to love this feature. Ring spot light cam only last a year. You pay for what you get. Many times on with support and today she said oh it’s bad you need a new one. What a waste of time My guess is this would be loved by bosses when you are working from home and abusive partners so they can watch you while you are out. Way too intrusive.

Where is Lid sleepy Joe? Or criminals hack it to scan and survey/case the place they about to rob except for the drone that they will leave there... More privacy-less 1984 society coming right up. “Amazon owned” 🤢 In case you want something other than the dog to watch you have sex. Not creepy at all fowlks.

Hell to the fook no 🤬🤨🙄 No. Stay away. This wouldn't last one day with my dog The FBI has arrested the founder of a Black Lives Matter group in Atlanta on fraud and money laundering charges. Sir Maejor Page, 32, was accused Friday of misappropriating $200,000 in donations he solicited through Facebook on behalf of Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta,

Technology invading all my life? no thanks We offer the best signals and you will also get free course and 24/7 📲support Our forex strategy and signals are 75% winning rate and 95% of our customers are happy and making serious profits. Send DM today to join us. I was literally just thinking about using my Tellos for a similar purpose, good idea

i disagree Love to have this! I’m looking forward to purchasing this. Now if it could be connected to an intrusion alert of some kind, it could start itself up and fly around those breaking in while taking pictures and video. You get an alert on your phone and Alexa calls the police. Then I'd be impressed. Hell, I'd mount a mini gun on mine.

Now if they could just add an AR15 to it so it can shoot the intruders. I’d definitely back that shit! I'm sure cats won't mind it. No. No. AND HELL NO. Nope Sure. Let these people fly drones through your home. amazon out here solving problems 1% have. I need a drone flying around in my ~1000+ sq ft place.

This would be amazing if it weren’t made by Amazon The FBI likes this Tweet What a great way to hinder the trust between you and your significant other!!!! Cat proof ? What, to make sure we are wearing masks? Nope You all keep putting these devices in your homes...🤦🏾😂 smfh Hell yes, I am getting one Amazon comin out with Gundam’s next

Future headline: Cats destroy industry of indoor drones. What a boring unnecessary accessory that will likely become ubiquitous Great Idea if you don't have dogs living in your house I don't know if I want that. How about I just have it hover above the home and if it sees anyone break in it calls the new form of law enforcement we are going to get to replace the police?

Maybe we could just settle for something like the sky is made for birds making lovely chirping sounds in a spring morning instead of being bombarded with all manor of 'flying things' - noise pollution (and it's not the birds) When Amazon isn't satisfied with hearing your conversations in only one room, they've made a drone to follow you around and spy on you in ALL rooms. Thanks, Amazon. But no thanks.

Might be worth it just to see how my cats would react :-) Looks like the one I saw on YT earlier today, it can be used to take selfie pix (no sticks/hands) among many other uses, including security. Wow. Alien dreams? FAA nightmare? Bezos joke? My parade had me questioning many teamed efforts to deliver moohahahaha

Awesome, so I can watch my dog destroy my house chasing a drone in real-time? 😂 Fat chance. Gee, what could go wrong with this Say something about the Senate report on Hunter Biden. (reaches for crowbar...) Right as they introduced community surveillance and are linking devices... right.. I’ll pass Wake me up when they start arming these things, I’ll wait for the home security drones that produce the most carnage, safety first!

WTF you got going on at your house that you need this? FUCK NO. Taking helicopter parenting to the next level. 🚁

Amazon wants to put a Ring drone inside your home and LOL WTF?The Ring Always Home Cam is autonomous and Why would amazon let you decide what they see and hear in your house? Jeff Bezos

Amazon redesigns Echo, unveils car security, flying Ring indoor drone and Luna gaming serviceThe most radical of the products is an 'indoor only' $249 security drone, Ring Always Home Cam, which Amazon says will automatically fly to predetermined areas of the home. My new social media design. How is it? Looking for multiple design socialmedia branding corporate promotional professional Contact me Looking for flyer, logo, web site, brochure, apps, brand identity, UI/UX designer? contact Or, you could install a CCTV system and rest comfortably knowing employees and hackers aren’t watching you and your family.

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Amazon's newest Ring device is a flying security camera droneThe $250 autonomous security camera will be available next year. Fuck Amazon Will it carry a 12 gauge shotgun? I think it should be weaponize with 12 gauge shotgun.

Home Drone: Amazon’s Ring Will Offer An Indoor Flying Camera For Constant SurveillanceThe drone flies around consumers’ homes and records everything. Thanks I hate it. So when I wake up and this thing is staring into my soul can I get a refund

Times Square will hold a digital celebration to ring in 2021The celebration will feature a group of in-person honorees who will reflect the "themes, challenges and inspirations of 2020." Yahoo Lame.