Alyssa Milano Reveals How Much Hair She’s Losing After Battling COVID-19 for Months

Alyssa Milano Reveals How Much Hair She’s Losing After Battling COVID-19 for Months

8/12/2020 12:16:00 AM

Alyssa Milano Reveals How Much Hair She’s Losing After Battling COVID-19 for Months

Alyssa Milano has been dealing with hair loss during her COVID-19 battle. The actress tested positive for coronavirus antibodies after falling ill in March.

Aug 5, 2020 at 12:42pm PDTThe actress said she was tested twice for COVID-19 and once for antibodies in March, but the three tests came back negative. It wasn’t until last week that she tested positive for novel coronavirus antibodies, months after she was initially sick.

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“After living the last 4 months with lingering symptoms like vertigo, stomach abnormalities, irregular periods, heart palpitations,shortness of breath, zero short term memory, and general malaise, I went and got an antibody test from a blood draw (not the finger prick) from a lab. I am POSITIVE for COVID antibodies,” she wrote. “It felt like I was dying.”

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It's rare for any virus to cause healthy challenges for months. the covid 19 responses are mass hysteria virologists are teaching. Cold/flu symptoms are not known to last for months in anyone. MM arr She needs blood work done. Covid 19 is a cold/flu. Coronaviruses are cold/flu viruses. There are many reasons someone can lose their hair. At her age; could be her hormones. Some months my hair falls out more than normal, too. I am near her age. MM arr

Alyssa Milano Shares COVID-19 Experience On Social Media: “This Illness Is Not A Hoax”Alyssa Milano revealed Saturday on Twitter that she “was acutely sick” with COVID-19 in April. The actress shared a photo of herself in the emergency room after she said she went to the… lol, but fuck Medicare for All, right Alyssa_Milano? No one said it was, but like you 99.6% are surviving this. It’s just a nastier flu But she always wears a mask, I’m so confused

Alyssa Milano Pulls Out Her Hair, Says It's Due to COVID-19'Thought I'd show you what Covid19 does to your hair. Please take this seriously.' TooFab TooFab I’m pulling my hair out just seeing her TooFab She isn't charmed

Alyssa Milano says she's losing her hair after battling Covid-19 for months'Thought I'd show you what Covid19 does to your hair... Please take this seriously.' Alyssa Milano revealed that she is dealing with hair loss after testing positive for Covid-19 antibodies. She is loosing her hair due to Old Age NoMaskers this could be you.. Girls this could be you.. We all LOVE our hair, So if you can’t wear a mask for your health, Please wear one for your hair!!! She’s on meth

After announcing COVID-19 diagnosis, Alyssa Milano says the virus is making her lose hair'I just wanted to show you the amount of hair that's coming out of my head as a result of COVID,' Milano said, imploring her followers to 'please take this seriously' and 'wear a damn mask.' Cloth masks don't stop viruses. Milano is not the brightest individual. WTF who cares

Watch Alyssa Milano Reveal The Hair Loss She's Had Since Her COVID-19 DiagnosisActress Alyssa Milano took to Instagram to show fans the hair loss she's been experiencing as a 'long-hauler' symptom since her COVID-19 diagnosis in April. Who cares Thank you for speaking out and telling your story, Alyssa_Milano. My mom was intubated for 14 days, lost feeling in both her feet for at least 1yr, and now - in a twisted added bit of torture - she is now losing her hair. At least she knows she is not alone. Thank you ❤️ It could be due to all the medications that were taken.

Alyssa Milano Experienced Hair Loss After COVID-19—And She’s Not the Only OneIn an Instagram post, Alyssa Milano says she's experiencing hair loss after having COVID-19 and testing positive for antibodies. That is the amount of hair I lose every time I wash my hair. I have not had, nor do I have COVID 19.