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Allegations fly as recall vote looms for California’s Newsom

In a blitz of TV ads and a last-minute rally, California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom urged voters to turn back a recall vote that could remove him from office. Republican Larry Elder slammed the media for what he called double standards favoring Newsom.

9/13/2021 5:32:00 AM

In a blitz of TV ads and a last-minute rally, California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom urged voters to turn back a recall vote that could remove him from office. Republican Larry Elder slammed the media for what he called double standards favoring Newsom.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — In a blitz of TV ads and a last-minute rally, California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom urged voters Sunday to turn back a looming recall vote that could remove him from office, while leading Republican Larry Elder broadly criticized the media for what he described as double standards that insulated Newsom from criticism and scrutiny throughout the contest.

Newsom — who is expecting President Joe Biden on Monday for a capstone get-out-the-vote rally in Long Beach — was in a largely Hispanic area on the northern edge of Los Angeles, where he sought to drive up turnout with the key voting bloc.Elder also was in Los Angeles, where he was joined by activist and former actress Rose McGowan, who repeated her claims from recent days that Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, attempted to persuade her in 2017 not to go public with her allegations of sexual misconduct against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

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ADVERTISEMENTSiebel Newsom’s office described the allegations as a “complete fabrication.” In a brief interview with The Associated Press, Newsom characterized McGowan’s claims as a “last-minute classic hit piece” from one of Elder’s supporters.The governor called Elder desperate and grasping, saying McGowan’s claims about his wife “just shows you how low things go in campaigns these days.”

He echoed his earlier criticism of Elder, saying the conservative talk show host and lawyer “doesn’t believe that women have the right to their own reproductive freedoms, he’s devoutly opposed to Roe v. Wade, doesn’t believe there’s a glass ceiling, doesn’t believe in pay equity laws.”

During her appearance, McGowan spoke warmly of Elder and lambasted Hollywood Democrats who she said traumatized her life. She now lives in Mexico.“Do I agree with him on all points? No,” McGowan said. “So what. He is the better candidate. He is the better man.”

The last-minute exchange highlighted growing tensions in the election, which largely grew out frustration with Newsom’s pandemic orders that shuttered schools and businesses during the pandemic. Voting concludes Tuesday. Recent polling shows Newsom is likely to hold his job.

As Newsom’s “first partner,” Siebel Newsom, an actress turned documentary filmmaker, has championed gender equality and society’s treatment of women and families.McGowan, 48, who is known for her role in the “Scream” movie franchise, was one of the earliest of dozens of women to accuse Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct, making her a major figure in the #MeToo movement.

ADVERTISEMENTElder, who could become the state’s first Black governor, targeted some of his sharpest remarks at what he described as skewed media coverage.Earlier this week, his walking tour of homeless encampments in LA’s Venice Beach neighborhood was cut short after a woman bicyclist wearing a gorilla mask threw an egg toward Elder and then took a swing at a member of his entourage. The confrontation set off strong reactions on Twitter, with conservatives charging the incident wasn’t immediately branded a racist attack because Elder is a conservative.

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If he was a Democrat “it would have been a major story,” Elder said. He also said McGowan’s accusations largely have been ignored by the media, but argued that if similar charges had been made about him “that’s all you guys would be talking about.”“This is a double standard,” he said. “I’m sick of it.”

Emails posted on Twitter by McGowan showed she had contact with Newsom’s wife, which her office confirmed but said their communication was “as fellow survivors of sexual assault and in Jennifer’s former capacity leading the Representation Project, an organization that fights limiting gender stereotypes and norms.”

One of McGowan’s key claims is that during a 2017 phone conversation, Newsom’s wife referenced a law firm that was working with Weinstein and asked her what the firm could do “to make you happy.”McGowan said Sunday she didn’t recognize the firm’s name at the time. “I had no idea who that was. So, I just said nothing and hung up on her. That was my last contact with her,” she said.

The election will determine whether Newsom can complete his first term or will be tossed out of office more than a year early. Voters are being asked two questions: Should Newsom be recalled and, if so, who should replace him? If he gets a majority vote on the first question, the second question with the names of 46 replacement candidate is irrelevant. Otherwise, the highest vote-getter among the replacement candidates would become governor.

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Larry Elder loves 'free speech' except when it's used to point out what a jersey he is. “Elder, who could become the state’s first Black governor, targeted some of his sharpest remarks at…skewed media coverage…his walking tour of homeless encampments in LA’s Venice Beach neighborhood was cut short after a woman bicyclist wearing a gorilla mask threw an egg” Media

Why is rosemcgowan there? They only need one set of standards to favor Newsom, they favor people capable of rational thought, or compassion, or logic, etc. any one of those favors Newsom. “When the media quotes idiotic things I say, it favors Newsom, and that’s unfair to me!” If Newsom is not recalled the Republicans will complain about voter fraud. They’re already setting it up!

larryelder is another trump: -White supremacist -Climate change hoax -Pro fracking and offshore drilling -Misogynist. Women don’t have the right to choose -No minimum wage -Antivax Antimask -Against programs for BIPOC -GOP tool VoteNoOnRecall American politics have so degraded that one party always blames fraud for their loss in elections regardless to a lack of fact to support it. It’s pathetic.

Taking a page from the GOP playbook, Elder already making excuses There are many Dems who will not vote for the recall but are not happy with this Governor and his positions. Hope he will get the message

Where Gavin Newsom stands in polls two days ahead of California recall electionIf under half of voters back him, the challenger with the highest number of votes becomes the next governor.

So, republicans can't win an election with 50%+1 as democratic process requires. What's wrong with this picture? BIDEN IS PRACTICING MEDICINE WITHOUT A LICENSE!!!! 100% Racist media and a Racist Used Car Salesman/ Televangelist governor want to ruin a good man. Want to see Jim Crow 2021? Alive and well in California.

Poor Larry. If he loses he is ready to blame the media and non existent voter fraud. How about his ineptitude and platform? He’s right, I haven’t seen one liberal media source raise hell about the monkey bitch throwing an egg or assaulting the security officer. Where is the fbi investigation? Of course, it's no longer acceptable to lose... for the republican party. I'm sure they will create some wild story, once this 'recall' falls flat on it's face.

The choice for Californians is clear,end up with a banana republic & a dead-end agenda if they chose Elder or reject the recall & continue to build & enjoy Newsom’s modern progressive agenda for all Californians! It’s time for all Californians to wake up from their deep slumber! Nothing to do with “The People”

The left uses name-calling vs facts. Newsom's racist name-calling says Elder is 'A black face on white supremacy'. The left and the media are ok with a white woman in a gorilla mask attacking Elder. Newsom/Pelosi, etc have rules for some but not for them. Why move the vote up? 🤔 MSM doesn't favor Newsom. They just don't support fascism and ending democracy . The GOP is at war with voting.

Larry Elder's chances of replacing Gavin Newsom in California recall electionThe Republican candidate is facing an uphill battle as Newsom seems likely to beat the effort to remove him. Get up early to VOTE YES. Change is good. Can't get any worse. He won’t enforce masks or vaccinations. He believes that slave owners are entitled to reparations. He wants to cut taxes only on the wealthy. He supports Trump’s policies. His ads claim he will put the people first. Republicans put the wealthy & corporations first. There is just no way Californians will want to replace Newson with this guy!

Californians are enjoying the best social assistance programs let’s see how they will work for Newsom The Republicans have done everything they can to undermine the majority vote. The Republicans are attacking our Democracy in order to replace it with a theocracy. No, we just favor Newsom and do not want a crazy person to replace him!

LarryTheLoser says what? While UK & USA are delivering a new country called Tigray Tigrayans caused Famine in Wollo. The western 'humanitarian' agencies are mute ! amnesty FAO WFP hrw eu_echo UNOCHA UNICEF UNReliefChief BBCWorld CNNAfrica Reuters NothingToCelebrate UrgentHelptoWollo

Black_Action The California RecallElection is so symbolic. Voters deserve political discourse that has substantial impacts for their communities. We must always vote for our collective interests no matter the stakes. RaceIsNotCrayola LineageMatters ReparationsNow cryborg Of course it's the media's fault for favoring Newsom. It couldn't possibly be Elder's heinous ideology.

Lol he just knew, he won’t win 😆 Isn’t Elder the one who says to stop helping the disabled people? Just saw a post on Twitter about it. If that dude gets elected California will come unglued.

Newsom, GOP rivals seek votes in recall's final weekendDemocratic allies of California Gov. Gavin Newsom continued to express confidence Saturday in his chances of beating back a recall but warned his supporters not to let up on urging people to vote as they seek a decisive win, while Republicans said the contest is far from settled. Newsom joined the Oakland rally as his Republican rivals made their cases up and down the state and both major parties sent volunteers out to knock on doors and urge their supporters to vote. “Decisive” 👀 Don't worry.. the Captain will go down with his ship. No on recall!!

The fake news media is doing Larry Elder the same as they done Trump. That is CNBC and CNN keeps low tele television ratings. Now America isn’t stupid they know you can’t believe nothing that comes from CNBC or CNN. S O R E L O S E R She's so ridiculous. Where’s Chachi? A double standard? Noo how could it be?

Uncle Tom doing the GOP 's bidding. Ffs, man, they support the Klan and Proud Boys. I mean, I think a hyperbolic AM radio host with no political experience and an outlook that's contrary to the spirit of California is exactly what California needs. Lets ship Larry to Kabul Elder is a gross bird VoteNoOnTheRecall

Elder's polling at what? 20%?! 🤷🏻‍♂️

Gavin Newsom y republicanos instan al voto en elección revocatoriaLos aliados demócratas de Gavin Newsom reiteran que confían que el gobernador de California librará un intento de revocación, aunque piden a sus partidarios seguir instando al electorado a darle una victoria decisiva a través del voto Yes✅ on The Recall horrible

The media has treated Elder awful. They are now in full attack mode to keep leftist Newsom in power. Call elder a racist ? ReAlly. People leaving California , it’s over regulated. Over shut down. Crime. With the criminals protected. Homeless. Drugs. But 1 party state Vote no on this dude for Govt Magats: omg Newsom went to a restaurant once. He had fish! Also Magats: so Elder is a drug user, gf abuser and completely unqualified but hey he never dined at that restaurant. He’s one of us, a brother from another mother, yay!

Lolol and yet the woman hater is featured on AP. 🤷‍♀️ Interesting: Elder owned(s) 2 properties ($2.3m/$4.7m) in the Hlywd Hills & defaulted on both. The 1st was seized & sold at auction. He rescued the 2nd at the last minute w/ a 40 year refi. Sure. Put this guy in charge of the 6th largest economy in the world

Omg…Now the loser narrative begins.🙄 They both look insane. They just can’t stop whining.

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No recall Not needed at this time Go recall elsewhere that is red Is it true that they are turning away voters tonight that haven’t voted? What does Larry Elder say about FOX and other far right news and social media that favors him? Is he slamming them for their double standards? Larry Elder has become desperate. The media has the right to favor candidates and many in the media favor Elder. Newsom's not perfect, but Elder is a disaster.

Just when you thought Rose McGowan could not get any crazier she does. MeToo was so important for many of us but it turned into 💩 once she sucked the oxygen out of the movement. VoteNoOnCaliforniaRecall Throw this trash where it belongs Cali we are watching you He’s a radio host who doesn’t believe in the minimum wage. VoteNoOnTheRecall

Elder would be a disaster for California. 🤣😂😂😂😂 Kick ass Gavin 💙🙋🏼‍♀️💙 VOTE NO California Perhaps victims of sexual assault are lashing out against the hypocrisy of the MeToo movement. It's definitely justified.

Endorsement: The many reasons to vote no on recalling Gov. Gavin NewsomNone of the recall candidates would do a better job than Newsom has done. In fact, they would be a whole lot worse. opinion wow opinion A paper that recently published an a racist article about his rival! That’s all you need to know about this article☝️ opinion How much did they pay you to release this article? Lmfao it’s funny because liberals literally telling their supporters that they are an idiotttttttt did you read your article? Lmfao what cost?

This is tough Gavin RecallNewsom with destructive policies that hurt even those in LGBT community, vs LarryElders, who admitedly is a bigot, yet who's policies if enacted would actually make life easier for those in LGBTQ community and other communities as well. VoteNoOnRecall Hilarious Considering Even 52% Of Republicans Are Voting NoOnRecall According To The Rasmussen. 😂😂😂

Who is that 🤡 standing next to Elder VOTE NO! give the finger to the trumpers 🖕! Polling shows Newsom hovering above 50%, Elder below 20%. Why does Elder deserve anything? all this shows is McGowan has a price Elder is correct.