All We Want for the Holidays Are Bigger, Thicker, Darker Lashes—For Everyone

Your guide to achieving bigger, thicker, and darker lashes

12/2/2021 11:31:00 PM

Your guide to achieving bigger, thicker, and darker lashes

A host of new eyelash and mascara launches and the dissolution of the gender binary in beauty are rewriting the rules of who\ngets to be glamorous.

, where they walked among a diverse cast that included comedians Lauren Servideo and Heidi Gardner, as well as the actor Rory Culkin. Vaid-Menon has also noticed the beginning of a dissolution of the gender binary in beauty without much fanfare or publicity, which, they note, is how it should be; lashes have simply offered themselves up as a way to emerge into the exotic and transformative visual excitement of this moment. “There’s a sense that these appendages are not separate from us; they’re part of us,” adds Vaid-Menon.

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Getting them to adhere to us is a different story. I have always dreamed of wearing big eyelashes, but I have never gotten them to stick—literally or figuratively. While some people swear by a glue-on-skin technique, Kendal likes to line the lash itself with

Velour’s Lash Adhesivebefore fitting it across the lid by hand. Jenna Lyons—who is enjoying a second act as the founder of LoveSeen, a line of user-friendly and customizable lashes that allow for interchangeable looks on a range of eye shapes—prefers to use her brand’s applicator tool, which resembles an eyelash curler and helps lift the lash into position and secure it in place. “There was nothing in between,” Lyons says of the impetus for


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