All the Celebrity Couples Who've Called It Quits During Quarantine

Quarantining with your spouse can be hard.

9/20/2020 7:50:00 AM

All the Celebrity Couples Who've Called It Quits During Quarantine

Quarantining with your spouse can be hard.

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🤣Anyone know the percentage of divorces during quarantine compared to other times? Asking for a friend...🤣 At this point are we surprised TMZ is going to crumble. No one gives a shit about Hollywood anymore. Lmaooooo Now do Joe Biden and his criminal son hunter in Ukraine and China. WheresHunter so u gon pretend cardi b and offset didn't happen

Can’t spell Divorce without COVID I guess they don’t have that WAP either 😩 none of them really look compatible anyway Normal people: This COVID19 is bad Celebrities: How can we get the focus back on us? Hey let's call it quits during this virus. That should get more people looking back on us. It will be rough, but I will figure a way to recover from all these breakups

Thank god this article exists

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