All-out search for Gabby Petito reveals glaring disparity for Wyoming’s Indigenous people

A report says 710 Indigenous people were reported missing in the state over the past decade.

9/24/2021 5:57:00 PM

All-out search, media attention for Gabby Petito reveals glaring disparity for Wyoming's Indigenous people. 710 Indigenous people were reported missing in Wyoming in the past decade.

A report says 710 Indigenous people were reported missing in the state over the past decade.

Tianna Wagon said these realities hurt.“I was brought up to believe no life is greater or less than anybody,” she said.Tianna Wagon said she wishes the compassion extended to victims like Petito was extended to people like her sisters. Instead, she said, people often voice their opinions with no understanding of what her family and community are experiencing. People have told her to give up, grieve and move on, and that she is playing the “race card” when she mentions disparities in treatment.

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“I loved my sister, my mom did, these kids love their mom,” she said of her sister, Jade, who had two children. “My sisters' lives count and matter then when they were alive and even more so now when they are gone and their cases are unsolved.”Cara Chambers, director of victims services at the Wyoming attorney general’s office, commissioned the report and said the Petito case “absolutely” validates the findings.

The speed with which authorities were able to find Petito’s remains was astonishing for the region, in part because so many eyes were on the case, she said. Some Indigenous families in the state are going on 20 or 30 years with no leads or answers from authorities on their missing family members.

Still, she emphasized this is not a zero-sum game and expressed her deep condolences for the Petito family.“The media will move on from the Petito case, but the work here in Wyoming, boots on the ground, continues because it has to,” Chambers said. Her office and the report are not saying that cases like Petito’s deserve less attention, but rather that those of Indigenous people deserve more, she said.

“This isn’t a pie,” she said.Tianna Wagon said she wonders if authorities “had tried a little harder or cared a little harder, would my sister have been found alive?”Jade Wagon loved to draw and write and enjoyed the outdoors. She had been a stay-at-home mom, raising her two children, MaeLeah and Raphael.

“She loved laughing around and terrorizing her younger sisters. Jade was known to have a one-of-a-kind sense of humor. You can find her cute silly laugh in the largest crow,” her obituary read.Jocelyn Watt.Courtesy Nicole WagonAfter Jocelyn Watt's death, Jade Wagon had become an active voice in the movement to bring more attention to missing and murdered Indigenous women.

Jocelyn Watt lived just a few blocks from Tianna Wagon and was well-known in Riverton. She worked at the Wind River Casino and had a beautiful singing voice, according to her sister. She was a massive New England Patriots fan and always wanted to pursue a career in optometry.

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Their mother, Nicole Wagon, 51, said she will not give up trying to find justice for her daughters."I advocate for justice, not just for my own daughters but for the many families, because they have lives, they have stories. They aren’t numbers," she said.

Petito's death was a tragedy, she said, but she is grateful to the family for"shedding light on the state of Wyoming." Read more: NBC News »

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More evidence of double standardism is the mildest way I can call it without being deleted. Include all other races while you’re at it. Did they have a large online following? Her online following is what made it go viral. Don't look for racism when there is none! Thats part of the problem!!! And they actually found the dead white girl but it's still top news. Unfuckingbelievable.

Then the media should get it's shit together. There go the slaves of the CCP playing the race card in the face of a murder? Woke = Broke LeslieMarshall Then report on those stories but don’t shit on the effort for Gabby either. So why didn’t you cover any of those missing women, ? And it’s not just confined to Wyoming.

Like NBC really cares... In 2018 over 612,000 people went missing, do you want to highlight all of them? Is this the definition of self reflection?

Brian Laundrie Indicted For Bank Fraud As Petito Investigation ContinuesOfficials are still searching for the boyfriend of Gabby Petito, whose body was found at a national park in Wyoming after a cross country trip with him. And, America is still in a pandemic

Being a Native American an actual Native American not one of the people who say they had a ancestor that was an Indian. this bothers me because people forget that native Americans were here 1st we are an important people but yet we get pushed to the side so sad no a days

Brian Laundrie Indicted For Bank Fraud As Petito Investigation ContinuesOfficials are still searching for the boyfriend of Gabby Petito, whose body was found at a national park in Wyoming after a cross country trip with him.

New details emerge about one of last known sightings of Gabby Petito and fiancéGabby Petito and fiancé Brian Laundrie were last seen together at a Wyoming restaurant Aug. 27, a manager told NBC News. G. Petito was murdered on aug 27th after coming back from Jackson hole restaurant. The Bethune's saw the van on aug27th around 18h30 Laundrie could have left on aug28th ( by what means?) to go north to colder bay in order to build an alibi and came back hichiking to take thecar What are the new details 🤔 Hey, Today show -- how about also including media coverage on the hundreds of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls? MMIWG

Search for Gabby Petito's fiance in Florida wilderness enters sixth dayThe exhaustive search for slain travel blogger Gabby Petito's fiance in a vast Florida wilderness entered a sixth day on Thursday as the mystery deepened around a case that has engrossed Americans. Why is this story such big news? Women all over the world go missing and/or are murdered. Why does this individual case get singled out for high rates of news coverage. Why do you ignore all the other ones? He is her murderer. He is not a fiancé. She is dead. He killed her. Anybody considered the possibility that someone lied about him going hiking?

Maybe Cops Shouldn’t Handle Domestic Violence CallsGabby Petito needed help. Instead, police dismissed her. quasimado writes on why cops are not the best people to intervene in domestic-violence incidents quasimado Police are you. Police are us. They can only be. quasimado She needed to be arrested. quasimado Police are equal parts misogynist / racist and 100% dangerous.

Gabby Petito case example of 'missing white woman syndrome,' experts sayGabby Petito's disappearance on a cross-country trip with her boyfriend has attracted national attention. The same reason that every police officer killed in the line of duty doesn’t get this coverage. Media cares about ratings. That’s it you are cute and white? Excuse me, GMA, are you not perpetuating the “missing white woman” narrative since your producers determine what the public sees (or doesn’t)?