All of Taylor Swift's Clues That the Re-Recorded 'Red' Album Was Coming Next

Didn't expect #RedTaylorsVersion to be the next re-recorded album from @TaylorSwift13? Here are the clues you might have missed...

6/21/2021 4:36:00 AM

Didn't expect RedTaylorsVersion to be the next re-recorded album from TaylorSwift13? Here are the clues you might have missed...

Taylor Swift fans were convinced'1989' was the next album she would be re-recording, but here are the signs that it was actually 'Red.'

RedWhile promoting theEvermorevinyl release earlier in June, Swift just so happened to make the most of an opportunity to reference the"like, ever" lyric fromRedsingle"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.""You guys went and did the nicest thing this week and broke the record for biggest vinyl sales week.. like ever?" she quipped.

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HerRed-Era Look at the BritsSwift's glam look at the 2021 Brit Awards in May was all long hair, bangs and red lips straight out of 2012. Plus, the snapshots she shared with fans had a feeling and filter reminiscent of that from her originalRedShe Sent Olivia Rodrigo a 'Red' Ring

Swift generously mailed aback in March, and what wasinthat package might have been one of the earliest indications thatRedwas on her mind:"Like 12 hours ago, I got a package from her with this like handwritten note," Rodrigo shared with SiriusXM Hits."And she gave me this ring because she said she wore one just like it when she wrote

Red and she wanted me to have one like it."Swift wore a"Love" ring for her originalRedalbum. ForRed (Taylor's Version), a custom version of that same ring design -- featuring the word"Red" instead -- is prominently shown on the album cover art.

Literally Winking at Swifties in This Clip"Musically and lyrically, Red resembled a heartbroken person," Swift said in her announcement ofRed (Taylor's Version). You could say that long story short, it was a bad time/the wrong guy/she survived -- and it turns out that in a short Spotify video accompanying

Evermore's"Long Story Short," Swift was actually wearing the same coat and cap that became her cover look forRed (Taylor's Version)And in that Spotify clip, Swift winks. Read more: billboard »

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meiklwagner ✌️💙🎶🖖 musicrules who cares Can u put my face please? But I expected...four hearts in her tweets...4 means..4 the album and her red hairstyle... Moreover , 19/11/ the date 19+11=30.. So 30 tracks on the album she fell off sadly taylorswift13 Taylor growing out her hair 'Red style' was THE BIGGEST FCKIN HINT THAT RED WAS COMING. WE SWIFTIES JUST DUMB AF.

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taylorswift13 Cute!

Taylor Swift Sets ‘Red’ as Next Re-Record, Out in NovemberTaylor Swift’s 2012 album “Red” is next in line in her series of album re-records. After much fan speculation, Swift announced on social media Friday that the re-recorded version … Red was alright but I’m pretty excited for 1989

taylorswift13 The way we all thought 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is the next rerecorded album and then Taylor Swift got tired of us Swifties clowning and surprise announced RED (Taylor’s Version) instead that is coming in 154 days! 😭(22wks) taylorswift13 taylorswift13 Actually we didn’t missed the clues because all we did is clowning for 1989

Taylor Swift confirms release date for re-recorded album Red with 11 extra songsThe award winning country-pop powerhouse decided to rerecord all of her chart-topping albums to regain control of her intellectual property after Scooter Braun sold the master recordings to an investment company in 2019

Taylor Swift Is Re-Releasing “Red” With 30 SongsIncluding the legendary 10-minute “All Too Well.” we want both taylorswift13 damn right, we are! kuku27 So charming

Taylor Swift's ‘Red (Taylor's Version)' Has 30 Songs: Our Track List PredictionsBillboard predicts what might be on TaylorSwift13's 30-track, re-recorded RedTaylorsVersion taylorswift13 You into divination now ? taylorswift13 why she re-recorded her all songs lately? it would have been good if she release new album instead.

Taylor Swift's Dad Says He Still Has Guitar Picks From 'Red' Tour 'If They're Needed'Scott Swift was trending on Twitter Sunday afternoon, thanks to Taylor Swift's Father's Day tweet about her dad -- and his guitar picks. Wow. looks like Papa Swift is fine after he fight with burglar🤣 Btw the headline about taylorswift13’s dad fights with burglar why is the article only mentioning him & TaylorSwift they don't mention Momma Swift at all in the article, Where is she🤔 they are still together right😏 Awwww

Is 'All Too Well' the 10-Minute Song on Taylor Swift's Re-Recorded 'Red'?Taylor Swift's announcement about her re-recorded 'Red' was wrapped with a big hint that die-hard fans might finally get a gift they've been wanting for years. taylorswift13 YESSS!!!!! taylorswift13 22 weeks , 3660 hours , 153 days 😔😔😔 taylorswift13 I don't think so i'll use the word 'only' infront of '22 weeks' 😗